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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (July 14 - July 20) - View your stars!

Here is the weekly horoscope from July 14 to July 20. Have a look at your predictions to know what is planned for you in this week. The information provided by Pt. Hanumman Mishra will help you analyse the positives and negatives which may influence your work this week.

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from July 14  to July 20 for all the Zodiac Signs

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The beginning of the week will be good as you will not face any difficulty in completing your work. This period will bring you respect and appreciation. There will be scope for some gains and your wishes might get fulfilled in the mid week. During the week, some days might be very hectic and you will have some unnecessary expenses. However, there is a possibility of favourable results in the weekend.


The week will begin with favourable results for you. During this period you will be able to take out sometime for religion and society. The time is also good for financial matters. In the middle of the week, people will favor you and you will get success in your work. You will get appreciation by a person or an organisation. The weekend can provide you with unnecessary expenses. You might get indulge in long distance travelling which will not prove to be beneficial. Therefore, be careful regarding it.


You will be required to work hard during the initial period of the week. It is advisable for you to be careful while driving. Important equipments can get defected but soon your problems will get resolved. The mid week will bring better results for you. During this period, your work will get success. If you are required to travel to long distances for some work, you will achieve success there. The weekend will be favorable for you.


The week will give mixed results. In the beginning of the week, you may take some important decision related to your love life or marriage. Your personal life will be good in general. In case you get a chance of an outing with your lover, make sure you go with him/her. In the mid-week, you will be required to do your work with care. Also, there is a possibility of long distance travelling. In the weekend, you will take some good decisions related to work.


Initially, you will be filled with enthusiasm. You will be able to control contradictory situations. There will be an increase in luxury. The execution of your plannings will be successful. You will get opportunities to spend time with your friends or lover. Take care of the domestic matters in the mid-week. Make sure that you do not hurt your lover. This weekend, do not spoil your mood and avoid unnecessary travelling.


Most of the week will be favourable for you but you might get some stress because of your own or your child’s education in the middle of the week. Though, these problems will get resolve eventually. The mid-week will provide you success. The conditions will favor you. You are likely to rejoice the company of your lover or life partner. However, you might get caught up with some controversial event.


The initial period of the week will be fine but you have to maintain your patience in domestic matters. During this period if you are thinking of helping others, make sure your own work does not get affected. The mid-week will be better for you. The differences which were prevailing related to your lover, will get resolved. Also, you will get some good news concerning your education or child. You will get success in the things you do. The weekend will also provide favourable results.


The initial days of the week will be favorable for you. During this period, you will take an initiative to improve your health. You will get support from your friends and siblings. Also, the differences with your neighbors will get resolved. Short trips will benefit you. You might get stressed due to domestic matters in the mid-week. However, the weekend will bring you better results. You might get to spend quality time with a close friend or someone special.


This week will give you mixed results but you have to keep a control on your words. It is likely that you will gain some wealth but you might end up spending it in some purchasing. Although, there is a stability in income but you will have to control your expenditure. The mid-week will be favorable for you. There might be some trips which will prove to be beneficial for you. However, you might feel a little stressed this weekend.


In general, the week will be good for you. In the beginning you will get success in most of your work. You will be able to avail the facilities and privileges. However, you will have to keep a check on your eating habits. In the middle of the week, it is essential to think over your financial condition. Make sure that you will not take any decision anxiously. During the weekend you might get stressed which could be resolved with some kind of entertainment.


In general the week will be good for you but the initial days might not be that favourable. At this time, you should not get emotional while spending money otherwise you will get stressed. You are likely to get some good news in the middle of the week. Also, you will be in a mood to relax and travel around. The weekend will witness a lot of enthusiasm in you as you will get some time for entertainment.


The initial period will provide you some gains. A trip will prove to be beneficial for you. You will be rewarded for your hard work. However, you will have to take care about things in the mid-week. Keep a check on your expenses. Also, it is advisable to control the matters related to heart. Read religious books as you will get help from them. You will have to maintain your patience during the weekend.

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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