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Sun Transit In Cancer 2014 - How Much Is The Transit Favorable For You?

Sun will transit into Cancer on July 16, 2014. Be it your love life, professional life, health or your financial life, the transit will affect them all. Read predictions given by expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra and plan your actions with a more cautious and matured approach.

AstroSage presents you horoscopes during Sun transit in Cancer in 2014.

Sun is transiting into Cancer on July 16, 2014 at 21:52 P.M. It will reside here till August 17, 2014. Sun entering in Cancer marks its movement from northern hemisphere to southern hemisphere. This period is known as Karka Sankranti or Shravan Sankranti. Due to this transit, judicial system will improve and crime graph will go down. There will also be a decrement in terrorism and naxalism related issues. Due to the influence of this transit, less attacks will be seen on parties in power, by their opponents. People involved in protests will get directed toward a better perspective of life. This will ease government’s situation. However, incidents of irrelevant statements may come up. Prices of commodities are likely to get decreased. However, incidents related to robbery may get increased. Any reputed leader may face some problem or may even resign.

During this period, as Sun is transiting into Cancer, which is a watery sign, so there are high possibilities of heavy rains. Due to sufficient amount of rainfall, crop production will be quite favorable. However, south-western regions will not receive optimum rainfall, or we can also say that there might be a rain-deficit situation in such areas. This will also affect farming in an adverse way. Although, other areas will witness a good amount of rain. Peace might not be very stable in northern areas and there are likely to be problems related to politics. However, there will be a peaceful atmosphere in eastern regions and prosperity is likely to be established in such areas. There is possibility of ups and downs in prices of goods; although, things will remain stable, overall.

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Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:


Sun is transiting in your 4th house, hence, your mind is likely to be surrounded by immoral thoughts. It is suggested not to indulge in illegal deeds. This transit period will make you work more in office, which may result in fatigue. It is advised to stay alert while driving. You are likely to be concerned with health issues related to your parents. If you are thinking to invest in real estate or vehicle, its good to hold your plan for a few more days.


Transit of Sun is taking place in your 3rd house in 2014. As a result, you will get opportunities to tour different places. Short trips will prove to be favorable and prosperous. During this transit period, you may buy an expensive smartphone. However, you are suggested to spend money according to your budget. Familial desires will get fulfilled and desired wishes will get accomplished. Health is also expected to remain satisfactory. Relations with family acquaintances and relatives will be pleasant.


Sun is in your 2nd house during the transit; hence, you may suffer from eye or face related ailments. This transit may also influence your domestic life. This is not a very favorable time for financial matters, therefore, you should remain very cautious while dealing with monetary issues. Your computing device, a laptop, computer, or mobile might face some technical faults and may also require spending of money for repairing issues.


Sun is in your 1st house during the transit. Hence, you are likely to be full of fury during the period. During this period, you might suffer from fever or ailments caused due to extreme heat. If you use spectacles and have been thinking for a transformation, now is the suitable time. Short trips are on the cards. You are likely to be benefited by public arena and governmental matters. You will get fruitful results of your efforts.


Sun is in your 12th house during this transit; hence, expenses will rise. You need to take decisions business matters very smartly, in order to avoid any loss. Don’t take any decision in a state of sudden aggression, as wrong decision taken at this time, may harm you. You may face troubles by traffic issues while travelling. Refrain from betting, else, you may suffer to a great extent. Try to maintain good relations with relatives and friends, to avoid any kind of familial tension.


Sun is in your 11th house, hence, deals made during this time, will prove to be successful. You will get immense profits from contracts and deals. If there had been a possibility of an increment in your salary in the recent past, it is likely to get materialized. Your wishes and aspirations will be fulfilled during this period. You might go for shopping with your nearer ones. This is predicted to be a favorable time for you and your beloved. Long trips will turn out to be pleasant and fruitful.


Sun transit is occurring in your 10th house. In this regime, you are likely to be active and busy in your tasks. The is the time for hard work. You are also likely to gain success in job or business. Talking about a professional increment, you might be awarded with a promotion at your workplace. Overall, Sun transit will be highly satisfactory for you.You are likely to get relieved from the every financial crisis. Favors will be received from reputed authorities. Business trips will gain you profits.


Sun is in your 9th house, hence, this will bring you mixed results. You are also likely to go on a pilgrimage. During this time, take care of your parents’ health. There might also be a professional trip, related to job. However, long trips will not be very successful. You will get lots of opportunities due to your reputation. If we talk about financial matters, this will be a good time for you. You are likely to get in contact with prestigious persons and you will be benefited with their favors.


Sun will occupy your 8th house, which is not considered good. As a result, you may face sudden troubles. It would be good to stay at bay from illegal activities and suspicious deals. There is a need to take an investigative look before signing any paperwork. Try to maintain good relations with relatives, during this period. Also, you need to take care of your health. You are also likely to face traffic hurdles while travelling. Be careful with your vehicle to avoid any mishappening.


Sun is in your 7th house, the house of your daily wages and familial life. As positioning of Sun is not considered favorable here; thus, avoid conflicting with your spouse. You are predicted to be mentally stressed during this period. Therefore, you should take utmost care of your health. Hard work may not produce favorable results. Business may bring you loss or may turn up into some troubles.


Sun is transiting in your 6th house, hence, your efforts are likely to be fruitful for you. Success in endeavors is assured and things will improve at work front. You will gain promotion and prestige. Controversies will come to an end and you will emerge as a winner. Problems will get solved, during this Sun transit. You are likely to add on feathers to your reputation. We can say that you will be having a favorable time ahead, during this transit period.


Sun is in your 5th house. This states that this transit period will not very favorable for you. Hence, you are suggested to get out from pondering over a single point, as this can be harmful. Before stepping into something very important, consult someone experienced. There is likely to be an unexpected journey during this cycle. You will be welcoming enthusiasm and zeal into your life, however, love-life will not be very creditable.

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