Thursday, July 17, 2014

India Vs England 2nd Test: Will We Be Able To Capture The Englishmen?

India is touring England and it’s our chance to revive the gentleman glory once again after four years. Stay tuned with us and check who’s going to win the second test of India Vs England. We at AstroSage, bring you the match predictions for India Vs England series with predictions from expert astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha

Match predictions for 2nd test of India Vs England

India might have not been successful in capturing the British kingdom once again, after 8 years; although, individual performances had definitely been able to capture the million hearts during the first test between India and England.

The second test is going to be held at the Mecca of cricket i.e. Lords. Here, one would surely expect the teams to get indulged in gentlemanship and display cricket that would be lacking immoral ethics. Want to know who is going to win the second test of the Investec series? Then, do not wait and scroll your eyes to foresee the excitement, hours before the match start. 

Question: Whether India will win this match or not?

Horary no: 249
Time of Judgment: 16th July 2014
Time: 17:10
Place: Ahmedabad, India
Ayanamsa: KP New, 
Rahu Position: Mean

1st Cuspal Sub lord is Saturn 7,11,12 and placed in star of Mars 1, 4,10.
6th Cuspal Sub lord is Rahu 7 and placed in star of Mars 7,8,9. 
11th Cuspal Sub lord is 7,11,12 and placed in star of Mars 1, 4,10.


As per planetary indication India can win the match or it may be draw. Day 1st ,2nd and 5th can be in favour of India and Day 3rd and 4th can be in favour of England.

May the best team wins! Cheers...

Note: These predictions are for astrological researches and practice, do not use for personal gain like betting etc. Success of an astrological prediction depends on fate of the astrologer too.

By: Mrityunjai Ojha

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