Saturday, July 26, 2014

Astrological Day Planner (26.07.2014)

What will be the auspicious Muhurats for today? How you will be able to gain the maximum auspiciousness from time? Know all the astrological aspects of the day. All this at one place, AstroSage! Check everything along with today’s Panchang in detail.


Auspiciousness Of The Day!

Today, it is Saturday and also Amavasya. But above all, Pushya Nakshatra (Pushya Constellation) is also prevailing today. This is a very auspicious Yoga (conjunction). These kinds of promising conjunctions rarely form. Worship Shani Dev (Lord Saturn), Peepal (Ficus religiosa) tree for getting favorable results, and perform Shradha (Pitru Tarpan) to relieve the departed souls of your ancestors. Performing the above mentioned rituals may eliminate all the troubles of life.

The time of today’s sunrise in Delhi is 05:39 and for sunset it is 19:16. 

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Let’s now take a look at today’s Panchang. Specialities of today’s Panchang are as follows:

  1. The day is under Krishna Paksha (dark fortnight) of Shravan month in Shree Samvat 2071; Shak Samvat 1936.
  2. Sun is is transiting into Dakshinayana and monsoon season is going on. 
  3. Today is Amavasya Tithi and Pushya Nakshatra (Pushya constellation) is prevailing.
  4. Moon is transiting into Cancer sign from 08:28.

Today’s Rahu Kaal

Everyday there is a period of around 10 minutes in which the effect of Rahu is maximum. For avoiding the malefic effects of Rahu, new works should not be started during Rahukaal. As per the beliefs, Rahu affects the auspiciousness of the work started during this period of time. As a result, the one suffers from useless hindrances. So, it is advisable not to start any new work during this period. Your alertness is always helpful in avoiding such situations.

Today, in Delhi, Rahukala will begin from 09:03 and end at 10:45. 

If you don’t live in Delhi, check Rahu Kaal by clicking here: Check Rahu Kaal Of Your City Here

Puja & Fast Of The Day

Bathing, charity, and Shraddh rituals can be performed today for ancestors. Worshiping Shani Dev (Lord Saturn), offering water to the roots of Peepal tree early morning, and lighting a lamp of mustard oil at Peepal tree in the evening are helpful remedies in getting special favors from Shani Dev (Lord Saturn). Amavasya that falls in the month of Sawan is also having a special significance.

Today is Shani Amavasya and Pushya Nakshatra (constellation) is also prevailing. Pushya Nakshatra is the constellation of Lord Saturn. Therefore, worshiping Lord Saturn today is helpful in getting rid of the effects of Shani Sade Sati and Shani Dhaiyya. For getting relief from the bad effects of Shani Dev (Lord Saturn) in your birth chart, you can observe the fast of Lord Saturn.

The lord of today’s Amavasya Tithi is Pitra Dev. Get relief from any kind of Pitru Dosha by worshiping for the peace of your ancestors on Shanaishchari Amavasya and Pushya Nakshatra.

Best Trading Time

According to astrology, there are certain time periods in a day that are full of auspiciousness. One can benefit the most by the auspiciousness of this time by starting a new task. It not only helps in accomplishing the task smoothly, but also increases the auspiciousness of related tasks. These time periods are known by the name of Muhurats.

In Muhurats, there comes another sub-category, which is known as Chaughadia. All individuals can gain benefit from the auspiciousness of these Chaughadia Muhurats in their daily life, in some or the other way. For example, Labh and Amrit Chaughadia are best for businessmen whereas Shubh Choghadiyas are best for gaining auspiciousness in domestic matters. Traders, stock brokers, and wholesalers can also gain profit from this.

In Delhi, auspicious Chaughadia is as follows: 

07:21 - 09:03
12:27 - 14:09
14:09 - 15:51
15:51 - 17:34

Auspicious Chaughadia for evening for sale and purchase is as follows:

19:16 - 20:34
21:51 - 23:09

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Above mentioned timings are good for engaging in wholesale market. 

Important Muhurat

A special conjunction is forming today i.e. of Saturday, Pushya Nakshatra, and Amavasya. You must take advantage of this very auspicious Yoga. It’s time duration is given below:

Pushya Amrit Yoga: 15:10 - Sunrise of next day

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