Thursday, July 17, 2014

British Open Championship 2014: Will ‘Tiger’ Get Out Of The Dark ‘Woods’?

Tiger Woods is all set to make a comeback in British Open Championship to commence today. All his fans as well as critics are awaiting for the champion golfer to exhibit his skills at the grand slam. Will he be able to get out of the woods with a win, this time? Find the answer to this question with predictions from our astrologer Mrityunjai Ojha.

iger Woods comeback is the most awaited event in British Open Championship in 2014

Tiger Woods is no more the person to be cheered up for sportsmanship or achievements; however, these are his scandals and a wounded career that have turned up to be the prime focus of media and fans. In response to his dismal records not matching his talent, one may surely say that Tiger Woods have been hiding from gaining negative attention. But, the champion golfer is back once again and this time it’s the British Open Championship 2014. 

British Open 2014: Sshh! Silence For The Critics...

This time, British Championship is going to take place at Royal Liverpool, after 7 years; adding to its delight, the last time it was held at Royal Liverpool, guess who won it? Yes, you’re right! So, we may easily say that Tiger Woods might not be the defending champion of the championship, but he’s definitely the defending champion of British Open to be held at Royal Liverpool, starting from today. 

Despite winning 79 PGA tour events and 14 majors, Tiger is now under the scanner. Or, we can also say that his personal life has taken over his profession. Tiger Woods is facing the worst patch in his career span. So what does the British Open bring in for him? Will it be a win, or will he be tasting dust, once again? We have the answers to all these questions. All you need to do is to stay back to your seat and scroll your eyes carefully to the astrological predictions of Tiger Woods for the British Open Championship of 2014. 

Date of Birth: December 30, 1975
Time of Birth: 22:50 Hrs.
Place of Birth: Cypress, California, USA
Information source:

Analysis done based on KP and Vedic Astrology

As per his birth chart, Virgo Ascendant is rising. 10th cuspal sub-lord is Mercury and currently, Moon-Jupiter-Rahu period is going on up to 08th September 2014. Moon, the lord of 11th house occupies 3rd house in cuspal chart and is in star of Mercury 1,2,4,10 and sub Saturn 5,6,11, so overall, Moon is promising for good results to him. Bhukti Lord Jupiter 4,7,8 is placed in star of Mercury 1,2,4,10 and sub of Sun 4,12. 

So here, Jupiter is also promising good results, but as sub-lord of Jupiter. Sun is signifying 4,12, so ultimately, loss will be there for him

In KP astrology, we know that sub-lord tells whether the event will be good or bad and here, Sun is showing loss. 3rd level Dasha of Rahu, who occupied 2nd house in cuspal chart, is in star of Jupiter.

Jupiter is found in current RP, so Jupiter is the strong significator for this horoscope. As per transit analysis, Rahu is in Ascendant and Jupiter in 11th house. Sun-Mercury hitting his 10th house.

Hence, we can derive that he will show good fight and his performance will be better than last sessions, but he may lose at the end. We wish him all the best.

Anyways, this is going to be a huge tournament for Tiger’s fans when the champion golfer will exhibit his lost skills, once again. We really hope that this performance will at least help him get out of the dark woods.

By Mrityunjai Ojha

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