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Transit of Venus In Cancer (August 07, 2014) - Explore Your Future Possibilities

Venus, the planet of beauty, love, and romance, will transit into zodiac sign Cancer on August 7, 2014. This planetary change of Venus will bring alterations in lives of everyone. Know about these changes with expert astrologer ‘Rekha Kalpdev’.

Transit of  Venus In Cancer and its effects on all zodiac signs.

After residing in zodiac sign Gemini from July 13 till August 7, planetVenus will enter in zodiac sign Cancer on August 7 at 16:05 P.M. After spending around 27 days in Gemini, Venus will conjugate with Jupiter, Sun, and Mercury. Among all the nine planets, Venus is known as the significator of love, luxury & comfort, worldly pleasures, and life partner. In medical science, Venus is associated with health issues related to sex, bladder, and skin.

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Transit of Venus in Cancer in the month of August holds an immense importance because on the same day, three benefic planets after residing in zodiac sign Cancer, will conjugate with Sun. Also on this day, other than Saturn, these planets are not aspecting any other planet.

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With Venus transiting into sign Cancer, following will be the planetary positions of other planets:
Venus, if posited in an auspicious position in birth chart (Kundali), gives creative and artistic skills. Benefic Venus gives success in streams like writing, music, and singing. It blesses the native with vehicle, excellent food, house, clothes, and blissful married life. On the other hand, if Venus occupies unfavorable place in the birth chart, it creates troubles in married life. Looking at these four planets, it seems like four saints are discussing something important.

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:

With transit of Venus in watery sign, Cancer, your material comforts and luxuries will increase. You will get love and affection from your mother or any other women of same dignity. Your plan of purchasing new vehicle may come true. However, it would be good to use the old vehicle with caution, in this phase. After the mid of the month, you may get to hear some good news.

This period of transit may result in short trips. Health wise, you may feel a bit low. Making arrangements prior to journeys, will reduce physical troubles and will increase mental peace. Venus transit in Cancer will provide opportunities for accomplishing things of your interest and habits. During this time, you may meet new as well as old friends, which will raise your energy level.

Health will improve further. Health issues troubling from quite some time will come to an end. Also, you will get relief in long term health problems. There would be a hike in salary and expenses will reduce. Auspicious tasks will get accomplish in family after some hurdles. Your friend circle may decrease. You may give house or property on rent, which will become a source of earning more income. Possibilities of earning through foreign land is also there.

Venus transit will cause an impact on your health. You may suffer from headache and may get irritated. Responsibilities will increase on work front. Unsatisfactory hike in salary may make your feel restless. In this particular phase, you may face problems in getting stable income. Without decreasing your efforts, work hard. You will accumulate more wealth by controlling unnecessary expenses. You may get interested in non traditional or non classical things.

Venus transit in Cancer will take place in the twelfth house from your zodiac sign. As a result, you may get opportunities to travel abroad due to your profession. You can also go outside the country for training or for tourism. Auspiciousness of this time will help in this matter. Taking care of your health along with work is equally important, during this period. Work load might affect your health. For expansion of business, this time is quite favorable.

Aspirations related to business will increase; thereby, leading to increase rise in responsibilities. Lack of sleep will make you feel tired. During this transit period, your luck will also play an important role along with your skills, hard work, and efforts in matter related to earnings. To increase the fortune further, follow advice of elders. Indications of earning are foreseen but slowly and steadily. In this phase, take care of your mother’s health.

Venus transit may bring troubles at work front. As result, delay in taking decisions and degradation of rights are possible. By keeping self control, you will successfully emerge out from this situation. Before making big investment, think wisely. Situation of losing money might occur. Unexpected hurdles will lead to delay in tasks; thereby, decreasing saved wealth and income. However, you will get destiny’s support too.

Venus will transit in your ninth house, which will be helpful in expanding your business. For the married couples, Venus will bring bliss in marital happiness. Your efforts to change job will become successful. During this transit period, you may easily get a new job with increased salary. Health may get affected and you may easily come under the influence of diseases. You can recover your health with complete rest and treatment. For the students, this time is very favorable.

Transit of Venus in Cancer is expected to give unfavorable results. Positioning of four planets in 8th house, may cause hurdles in the tasks likely to happen in this phase. More than usual ups and downs at workfront will increase mental worries. Luck will not support much; thus, keep a positive attitude. Eating balanced diet will help you to deal with health issues that may occur during this period. Taking ayurvedic remedies at times of need, would be excellent. Unexpected profits are possible. This time is good for the students.

From August 7, Venus will occupy your 7th house (house of marriage). Your love affair may turn into marriage, as you will soon get approval from family. Hike in your father’s salary is foreseen. If you are planning to begin your own business, don’t delay. To overcome bad luck, give some time to religious deeds, in early morning. Try to deal with business rivals through conversation and stay away from taking it to court. This time may give some troubles to the married people.

Investing money will serve as a source of increase in income. You might get involved in more than one love affair. Profit from lottery or share market is expected, provided you keep caution. You will make a new friend, Possibilities of going on journeys are also there. Businessmen will get profits with a slow pace. You will get support from maternal aunt and uncle. Avoid letting family tiffs go public. Lack of happiness in familial life may give stress. People trying for government jobs, need to increase their efforts.

During this time, you may face incidents related to your child’s health or your education. Friendship is likely to convert in love. You might get interested in learning about law. Try to maintain balance in your thoughts with life partner to enhance the harmony and love of conjugal life. Accumulation of wealth will increase. Matters related to paternal property may come up. You may go somewhere for recreation with your spouse. Concern about father’s health may give you stress.

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