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Transit of Ketu In Pisces (July 12, 2014) - Unveil The Effects Of Shadowy Planet!

Ketu, the shadowy planet, will transit into Pisces on July 12, 2014. Recognized as the malefic planet, Ketu influence us all, every time it undergoes transition. But how will it affect our lives this time? To know the answer, read our article on Ketu transit in Pisces written by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’.

Transit of  Ketu In Pisces and its effects on all zodiac signs.

According to Astrology, Ketu is the ninth planet. This planet is known as shadowy as well as malefic. Ketu has a major influence on the life of every individual. Ketu is transiting in zodiac sign Pisces on July 12, 2014. 

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:

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For the natives of zodiac sign Aries, Ketu may act as hurdle in the way of fruitful results. You may develop interest in illegal activities. You may also take some wrong decisions. Therefore, it would be good to stay away from taking wrong decisions. Make sure to listen to others advice. During this period, take care of your health. As a result of Ketu transit, you may feel inclined toward occult science. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh and maintain a clean image.


For the natives of Taurus, Ketu will produce favorable situations. You will get support from friends and well wishers. Fame and pride will rise on social front. You will enjoy contented family life. Servicemen are likely to get promotion. While businessmen may get any profitable deal. Possibility of going on long distance journey is also there. 

Remedy: Pet a black dog.


Ketu may prove fruitful for Gemini natives. Contacts with important people will increase. Some new change is likely to happen. Strong possibilities of expansion in business are foreseen. Things will improve at work front. You may make any new plan, as a result of Ketu transit. However, before beginning anything new, it would be good to analyze the pros and cons. This is the time to give attention to domestic matters. 

Remedy: Keep honey in a silver utensil at home. 


Due to transit of Ketu, you may go for some important journeys. Family life will blossom; however, take care of elder members of family. Your reputation will increase along with rise in fame. You will be honored as a highly reputed person. You may feel inclined toward religion and spirituality. You may come in contact with an important person of organization. 

Remedy: Wear gold earrings and keep gold at home.


Lions, you will keep on getting results of your efforts; however, patience and caution are needed. Take care of your health, everything else seems favorable. You will take interest in religious activities. Family life will remain affectionate. Your fame will rise and reputation will also improve. Gain of unexpected wealth is also there. You will get opportunities of some really interesting journeys. 

Remedy: Donate white blanket in temple. 


Mixed results are foreseen for the Virgo natives. Social circle will increase further. Lack of harmony is possible in conjugal life. This time is not favorable for love and romance. However, you will successfully plan your activities. During this time, avoid taking risk and take care of your health. 

Remedy: Worship Lord Ganesh. 


Due to Ketu transit, you will get success in competitions. Health will remain good. Unplanned journey will prove fortunate. You will gain victory over enemies. During this time, you will do extremely well in business. For the servicemen, things will improve at work front. Fame will chase you from every corner. Behavior of relatives will remain good. 

Remedy: Wear gold ring in left hand.


People with the sign Scorpio, needs to put an end on their habit of taking risks. Enemies may try to harm your image. Therefore, be careful from them. During this time, take care of your health and refrain from unwanted journeys. You may try to undertake many activities at once. However, it would be good to do everything patiently, one after another. 

Remedy: Apply Kesar (saffron) Tilak (mark on forehead). 


Sagittarians, your domestic life may lack harmony, due to Ketu’s transit. Decline in business and lack of contentment is foreseen in work front. You are required to take care of your health. Lack in clarity of thoughts is also possible. You may feel concerned for relatives. At this time, you will feel inclined toward religious deeds. Possibility of going on pilgrimage is also foreseen. 

Remedy: Float yellow lemons in running water. 


Hike in salary of the people belonging to this sign is assured due to Ketu’s transit. Family life will go smooth and prosperous. If promotion is expected, it might be according to your wish. You will remain hopeful in this phase. Journeys will prove beneficial. Good news through communication is also on the cards. Inclination toward spiritualism is also possible. However, this is the time to accomplish everything with intelligence. 

Remedy: Wear gold earrings and maintain cordial relations with siblings. 


Ketu transit may decline your level of confidence. Your health may also get affected. During this time, stay at bay from unnecessary journeys. Also, avoid beginning of any new business. This is the time to prevent familial relations from getting spoiled. Keep control on your words, else unpleasant situations may arise. 

Remedy: Keep a clean image and apply Kesar (saffron) Tilak on forehead. 


For the natives born under the sign Pisces, staying away from overconfidence is a must, during this time. It would be good to remain self-dependent, as friends and well wishers might not fulfill their promises. During this time, try to be organized. Try to stay away from unnecessary activities. Coming to financial aspects, this time doesn’t seems favorable. At this time, it would be good to avoid useless journeys. 

Remedy: Serve jaggery to monkeys. 

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