Friday, July 11, 2014

FIFA World Cup 2014 Final: The Latin Charmers Vs The European Diplomats!

As football has reached its zenith with FIFA World Cup final approaching soon this weekend, we bring you the prediction of its winner. With expert predictions of our astrologer, Mrityunjay Ojha, get to know the FIFA 2014 winner.

FIFA World Cup 2014 has reached the finals.

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The Final of FIFA has ultimately arrived and much to everyone’s delight, a Latin American team will be playing its European contemporary. Germany, the strongest contender will be playing against the stylish Latin team, Argentina. Now, let’s take a look at their journey to the finals.

Germany: Road To Final

Match 1: Win Vs Portugal 4-0
Match 2: Draw Vs Ghana 2-2
Match 3: Win Vs United States 1-0
Match 4: Win Vs Algeria 1-0
Quarter-Final: Win Vs France 1-0
Semi-Final: Win Vs Brazil 7-1

Argentina: Road To Final

Match 1: Win Vs Bosnia & Herzegovina 2-1
Match 2: Win Vs Iran 1-0
Match 3: Win Vs Nigeria 3-2
Match 4: Win Vs Switzerland 1-0
Quarter-Final: Win Vs Belgium 1-0
Semi-Final: Win Vs Netherlands (4-2: penalties)

Talking of statistics, Argentina has previously won 2 FIFA World Cup titles, while Germany has won 3, however, it was West Germany that presided over the tournament. We can easily say that it is going to be a tough task for both these teams to break into the Mecca of football on Sunday and look forward to hold the golden trophy. Before going into the match, let’s take a look at the strategy that should be put up by the teams on field.

This is the perfect combination that should be employed by both teams during the FIFA World Cup 2015 final. Beside this, here, we are going to give you another delight by letting you know who’s going to win the FIFA World Cup in 2015. Let’s proceed with the predictions of FIFA final.

Head to Head

Matches: 20

Germany Wins: 6 Argentina Wins: 9 Draws: 5

Question: Whether Argentina will win this match or not?

Horary no: 10
Time of Judgment: July 11, 2014
Time: 13:49
Place: Ahmedabad, India
Ayanamsa: KP New,
Rahu Position: Mean

1st cuspal sub-lord is Venus 2,7, and placed in star of Mars 1,6,8.
6th cuspal sub-lord is Saturn 7,10,11 and placed in star of Jupiter 4,9,12.
11th cuspal sub-lord is Mercury 2,3,6 and placed in star of Mars 1,6,8.


As per planetary indication, Argentina can win the match.

We hope that the fiercest form of competition will take place in the final in a fair spirit of the game.

Note: These predictions are for astrological researches and practice, do not use for personal gain like betting etc. Success of an astrological prediction depends on fate of the astrologer too.

By Mrityunjay Ojha

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