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Transit of Mercury in Virgo (August 29, 2014) - Influence of Mercury on your Zodiac

Mercury is about to enter Virgo on August 29, 2014. Let us know the effect of the transit in Mercury and the changes that will be seen because of it. Read the article written by Rekha Kalpdev to know what kind of influence it will have in our personal and professional lives. 

Rise of Mercury in Virgo on August 29, 2014 and its influence in our life.

Mercury is the only planet which is exalted in its own zodiac sign. All the other planets remain in exalted state in enemy zodiacs signs. Mercury is the lord of Virgo and Gemini both. Virgo is the exalted zodiac sign of Mercury. Mercury will be entering in Virgo on August 29, 2014 at 15: 39 i.e. during the noon time and in the presence of Uttara Phalguni Nakshatra (constellation). Mercury will stay there till 20th September.

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The results of a planet gets affected with its transition from one sign to another. Along with that, the impact of other planets also change itself. The change in results of planets is because of their nature of forming relations between one another of position, conjunction and vision. According to Astrology, Mercury is the significator of , mind, speech, astrology, maths, business, writers, teachers, cashiers, and communicative devices. The transit of Mercury will surely leave its impact on the people who are associated with these fields. It is believed that for some people the influence of Mercury will be favorable and for others, it might bring problems. The effects of Mercury in Virgo will now be known to you. Here, we will guide you with the changes of this transit. 

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The influence of Mercury in the sixth house reflects positive results. There is a conjunction of Mercury with Rahu in this house. You will use your mind and right approach to resist your competitors. Your intelligence will be appreciated even by enemies. This time will empower your understanding. You won’t have any difficulty in taking decisions. The efforts of people related to communication and media will produce fruitful results, during this time. You will achieve success in your endeavours. There is a possibility of purchasing a new vehicle and increase in luxury.


The influence of transit in not favorable in the fifth house. A new relation can hurt you. Make sure that you do not fall for someone in a haste, take your time. There might be some loss in business due to decisions taken emotionally. Be aware of your competitors. The increase in expenses can affect you financially. You should take care in decision making if you are dealing in share market or involved in Bank related issues. Your domestic life will be favorable. It is good if you start making efforts rather than relying on destiny.


Mercury yields good results in the sixth house. The coming together of Mercury and Sun will be good for family. Those who are associated with Bank and education sector, might get promotion. The time period will improve your financial condition. You will get recognition in society. Also, the time is favorable for family matters and career. There is possibility of a business trip with the superiors because of the position of Sun in the third house. You will build strong relations with your superiors. The govt, related matters will be done easily. The time period is fine for the married people. 


There is a possibility of failure in the work done with great effort. It will be better to postpone business trips. There is a possibility that you might not get support from your friends. You will not get satisfaction with your income as the efforts are more compared to the work done. Friends might come up with excuse at the time of work. Your health might get affected but the condition won’t deteriorate. Improve your relations with parents. Maintain a positive approach and do not get affected with less amount of income. 


The transit of Mercury in the second house will reduce the animosity among the family members. You will get relieved from the difficulty which you were facing while collecting money. Increase in income will enhance your wealth. You need to reduce your lethargic behavior in order to get the desired results in academics. You need to bring humility and control your speech. Destiny will favor you in your work, this month. There are chances of business trips. 


Mercury transit is not favorable for the moon sign Virgo. There will be problems in decision making due to conjunction of Mercury and Rahu. You will have confusion in doing several things. It is required that you take advice from your elders. The credit for success will be given to you during this period of time. You can accomplish your tasks without any support and recommendation. The time is good for giving or taking money on credit. There is a possibility of mishappening if you engage yourself into travelling or anything which requires a lot of strength. Try to be careful.


The position in Mercury will diminish your understanding ability. An increase in unnecessary expenses can hinder your business plannings. There is a possibility of increase in income during this time period. However, you will be required to put in more efforts. You should take an opinion of your team in calculative and significant issues. Be aware of your competitors. Enemies might be a reason of distress for sometime. People will not support you. Seniors will provide their support for getting the work done. Take care of your married life during this time period.


The time is very favorable from the perspective of income and some gains. The time is good for businessmen. Your financial condition will improve as there might be an increase in income. The sources for incurring wealth will increase during this period. You won’t get enough time to relax due to overburden of work. This might also affect your health. The time is favorable for those related to medical and technical areas. Your love life will experience intimacy. There might be some ups and downs but things will be fine after sometime. You will get success in the work where you have put in a lot of efforts. This time is good for competitive exams.


You will get favorable results at workplace as the present position of planets are good. In general, the time period is fortunate for you. However, you will be concerned with your recognition. You might get caught up in some awkward situation where you will face false accusations at workplace. Your alertness will be helpful in avoiding this kind of situation. There might be a beginning of new chapter in your love life. The time is favorable for business expansion. Keep a check on your health. Appreciation from father will boost your self -confidence. 


You will be required to work harder at workplace. There might be some troubles related to health like joint ailments. You might face problems in decision making. Someone will hurt your sentiments and trust. You will have to work carefully and put in your efforts in right direction to attain maximum results. This might lead to increase of income. You will meet some interesting people and friends and travelling is also on the cards. Your love life will flourish. The time is good for making a proposal to your lover. The time is good for investing in some property.


Mercury will be in your eighth house. This will yield favourable results for you. You might get relief from any prevailing disease or health problem. Gains will be there but at a steady rate. You will have strong will power. Do not lose your enthusiasm, confidence and energy level while completing your tasks. Make sure that you eat healthy and hygienic food. Your experience and capabilities will prove to be helpful in completing tasks. You might think of changing your job.


This transit of Mercury will not prove favorable for you. Still, the time period won’t prove to be that stressful. Your married life is likely to suffer. You will get hurt by your spouse’s negligence. In the work involving partnerships, there is a possibility of troubles. Therefore, maintain patience and self control during this time. You will have to make efforts to attain peace of mind. Also, there are chances of mishappenings while travelling. You will face problems in your love life. Financial condition will be good. However, find solutions if you face any problems.

In order to remove the harmful influence and achieving of better results, it is required to adapt some remedies. If Mercury is positioned in an unfavorable position in the birth chart, it is advisable to indulge in some kind of charity. Also, it is suggested that one should follow Mantra chanting or worship Mercury Yantra to avoid any negative results of this transit. To know the position of Mercury in your birth chart, click here:


Charity- Offer any five green vegetables, 1.25 metre of green cloth, green fruits, 1.25 kg of green Dal to the needy.

Chant Mantra- Chant the mantra “ऊँ नमो भगवते वासुदेवाय नम:" (“Om Namo Bhagavate Vasudevaya Namah”) 108 times. You can also chant ऊँ ब्रां ब्रीं ब्रौं सः बुधाय नमः(Om Bram Breem Brom Sah Budhaya Namah).

By Rekha Kalpdev

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