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Dasha Analysis - Undermine Your Stars With An Illustration!

18th part of 2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial has come to increase your knowledge in Astrology. In our previous part, we learned about ‘Secret Of Timing Events’. Today we will throw light on ‘Dasha Analysis’ . Learn Astrology with ‘2 Minutes Astrology Tutorial’ for FREE.

How To Analyze Dasha?

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We’ve talked about Dasha in the last episode. Today, we’ll explore how to analyze Dasha using an illustration. Suppose, we have to find out when this person is going to get married using this chart.

First, we need to find out if there are any chances of marriage at all. If you remember the episode about signification of houses, you may recall that 7th house is considered for marriage. Also, you know that Venus is significator of marriage, if you have watched the episode related to signification of planets. Therefore, we need to analyze 7th house, the lord of 7th house and Venus in birth-chart. If these planets are well placed in birth-chart, it indicates that the person is going to get married on the right time, and will enjoy a happy married life.

To pinpoint the time of marriage, we’ll have to find out those planets that may give marriage in their Maha Dasha, AntarDasha and Pratyantar Dasha. The planets associated with Venus will give marriage in their Dasha. Also, as we discussed in previous episode, those planets that are posited in stars of the planets associated with 7th house give results of 7th house.

Let’s have a look at illustration:

Sun is the lord of 7th house.
Saturn, Sun and Mercury are posited in 7th house.
Venus is conjoining with Rahu.

Sun, being the lord of 7th, is posited in 7th house. Therefore, it has the strength to give results of 7th house. Sun is also posited with Mercury. We know that Mercury, Rahu and Ketu give results of those planets that they conjoin. So, Mercury is also strong enough to give results of 7th house. Rahu is posited with Venus, significator of marriage, and therefore, can give the result of 7th. The planets that are posited in stars of Sun, Mercury and Rahu, may equally give the result of 7th. Therefore, whenever Dasha of Sun, Mercury and Rahu along with Dasha of those planets posited in their stars occur around the possible age of marriage, the person will get married in that Dasha.

This is all for today, Namaste.

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By Astrologer Punit Pandey

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