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Saturn Turn Directs in Libra (July 21, 2014) - Know Its Effects On You

Saturn is turning direct in Libra on July 21, 2014. Being an important planet, Saturn rules our lives in one or the other way. Read this article by ‘Pt.Hanumman Mishra’ and unveil the effects of Saturn direct on your zodiac sign.

According to astrology, the positioning of Saturn holds a significant importance. When Saturn undergoes retrogression or turns direct, it not only affects the nature but affects our lives as well. On July 21, 2014, Saturn will turn direct into the zodiac sign, Libra. As a result, rainfall will resume in many areas of the country. Adequate rainfall is possible in the south-west regions. However, natural calamities are also possible in particular areas. North-eastern regions will also get sufficient rainfall. Gaining control over inflation will become difficult for the government. Prices of seeds may rise up. Crops and grains may get affected by the attack of pests. Alterations in power of some states could be witnessed at this time. Also, some leaders may lose their position or may face changes in it. Religious feelings will propagate among the people. Religious deeds and activities would be organized. During this time, disputed related to any religious matter is also possible.

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Let's see the effects of Saturn direct on all the zodiac signs-


Arians, Saturn’s turning direct is very favorable for you. Problems of life will reduce to great extent. Improvement would be witnessed at work front and daily livelihood. Unemployed Arians will get employed.

Remedy: Recite Hanuman Chalisa.


With Saturn turning direct, you may feel some health issues. It would be good to follow a healthy and planned routine. Try to maintain harmony in family. Some changes may occur as per your expectations.

Remedy: Offer water to Peepal tree on Saturdays and revolve around it 7 times.


With Saturn turning direct, you may get sudden profits. Also you will get profits which got delayed in the last few days. This is the time when you will get appreciation from senior authorities.

Remedy: Donate black colored blanket to someone needy.


Cancerians, your efforts of relocating to a different place may become true and you may shift to your desired place. However, there might be some delay in fulfilment of your endeavors.

Remedy: Donate black Urad to the needy.


Saturn’s turning direct will bring profits to the business of Lions, along with an increase in fame. You will get happiness and support from your children. Any major contract which got hampered due to some reason, will get accomplished.

Remedy: On Saturday, fill mustard oil in a bowl and see your face in it. Donate this oil later.


Decline in familial happiness may come up, during this time. It would be good to refrain from making any investment at this time. Drive your vehicle carefully.

Remedy: On every Tuesday and Saturday, apply Sindoor Tilak (vermilion Tilak) on forehead taken from idol of Lord Hanuman’s feet.


With Saturn turning direct, you have to prevent yourself from going against your closed ones. Also, make sure not to undertake any activity which is beyond your authority.

Remedy: Visit Lord Shani’s temple on every Saturday and offer blue colored flowers.


As a result of Saturn turning direct, hurdles in routine works of Scorpions may be possible. You may also face disturbance in sleeping. Difference with colleagues and family members are also possible. It would be good to keep a check on expenses.

Remedy: Offer water to Shivalingam regularly and respect elders.


Sagittarians, maintaining cordial relations with seniors and brothers will be very fruitful. Before indulging in any investment, lending and taking of debts, think carefully. During this time, carelessness in health matters should be avoided.

Remedy: Offer blue colored flowers to Lord Shani on every Saturday.


You may feel disappointed due to job or business or you may take decisions in a hurry, which may lead to losses. However, keeping calm and composed will yield fruitful results. Stay alert from strangers.

Remedy: Offer Sindoor (vermilion) and jasmine oil to Lord Hanuman.


Aquarians, your new plans will result in success. You will feel good after accomplishment of any important task. Transfer and promotion is also possible. If get a chance, participate in religious deeds and support the needy.

Remedy: Offer grass to a cow, especially black cow on Saturday.


Saturn turning direct demands serious caution from the natives of Pisces. Patience is needed in every endeavor. During this time, drive carefully. Hard work will result in success.

Remedy: Donation of black Urad against the idol of Lord Shani will give auspicious results.

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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