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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (June 2 - June 8) - Forecast Of Stars For Your Zodiac Signs!

AstroSage unfolds the weekly horoscope predictions from June 2 - June 8. Thinking how would this week treat you? Don’t think too much, as Pt. Hanumman Mishra tells you about the position of the stars for your zodiac sign, during this week. Read on to know more...

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from June 2 to June 8 for all the Sun Signs.

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At the beginning of the week, you are committed toward the well being of your family. You may feel tensed due to elder brother/sister or your parents. Give your acceptance on the plan of relocating to some other place as it will be a beneficial decision. During midweek, if you plan to gift something to someone then check your budget first! This weekend, your hard work will bring you the desired results. You will also gain success in majority of the tasks.


This week is the time to leave your comfort zone and work hard in your professional life or business. All this will bring positive results! During the midweek, keep working hard as it will culminate in livelihood. Thus, this attainment will prove to be beneficial later. If you are facing challenges in your business, try to clean your office space. However, if it doesn’t work, consult a specialist. The weekend brings peace and happiness! So relax and enjoy it.


As you are trying very hard in this week, you will get expected results. But, are you sure that you will be able to do so much hard-work on daily basis? It is important to understand the value of money. So, do not spend unnecessarily! During midweek, stay enthusiastic in order to complete your tasks which will bring good yield. After some time you may find a better and recurring source of income. It is extremely important to listen to the advice given by others.


During the beginning of the week, you may get a bit emotional. It is important to maintain a cordial relationship with your spouse. Take out time for your personal life. Some essential tasks need your attention, this week. It seems that you are not able to connect with your family members. Hence, try to communicate your thoughts. Think about your economic conditions! Weekend will bring that ray of hope which will show you the right path and will help you in accomplishing your tasks!


At the beginning of the week you may feel tensed about unnecessary issues. Involvement in some social activity may result in lots of criticism. But with courage and brains, you can have a healthy discussion with your critics, on any topic. You may feel tensed due to indifferent attitude of a family member. During the midweek, try to be soft and humble in order to resolve the tensions and quarrels occurring in your domestic life. Some economic tensions may occur, over the weekend.


You seem to be doing a lot of multitasking, during this week. So, the tasks which you have performed in the last few days will bring positive results at the start of the week. During the middle of week, you may be delegated with some risky work. Try to work on it very patiently and tactfully. By the end of the week, you will successfully complete the task. Your hard work and efforts will be appreciated & you will be rewarded for the same.


With start of the week you may be assigned work as per your wish. You will be so engrossed, that you will not come to know about passage of time. Seniors and colleagues will support you. Work stuck in the past will reach its goal, this week. During the midweek, winning over a legal dispute or litigation could bring joy and happiness. success will knock at your door, if planning is good. Do not indulge in any argument over the weekend. Live a simple life!


At the beginning of the week you will get happiness and peace from all corners of life. Family members will also stay happy. During the midweek, the pending transactions may get finalised; thus, bringing happiness and relief. Over the weekend, you will witness some peaceful and happy events in the family. Simultaneously, you will get adequate money. As per the advice given by everyone, try to safeguard this money otherwise you may spend it on the some luxury items.


The beginning of the week is not so favorable. Majority of the efforts will go waste. But, by the middle of the week, you will gain relief from your tensions. Luck will be in your favor! You will gain comfort in relation to economic conditions. New avenues of earning will turn up. You will be able to easily take out time for your business or part time work. Some short distance journey is expected. A well wisher may offer some financial help.


Since long you have been doing a lot of labor and efforts in your work. Soon positive results will be seen. It will be good to take out time for family and personal life from your busy schedule. During the midweek, there may be some personal problems. If you feel some kind of weakness or illness, immediately consult a doctor. Your precautions will cure the ailments, easily. Restrain on food will be beneficial for health. Weekend seems good!


If you are planning for some religious or auspicious event in the house, a positive outcome can be expected at the beginning of the week. During the middle of the week, in order to improve your lifestyle try to invest only in the day to day items. If you are working on some task, don’t leave it in between seeing the current results. Don’t worry! Soon the things will change and luck will be in your favor. Bringing positive results!


People around you are astonished to see your pace, energy, and enthusiasm. But, it is very important that you should not neglect your family and near ones. So, take out time from your busy schedule! By the midweek, you may attain success but remember that if you don’t perform in the same manner, your prestige or respect may get hampered. It is better to focus on your work instead of celebrating your past success. Your pace will increase over the weekend.

By: Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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