Monday, June 30, 2014

Weekly Horoscope 2014 (June 30 - July 4) - This week’s Predictions For Zodiac Signs!

Weekly predictions from June 30 - July 4 are here. Know about your week, through your expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra. Read on to know more as to how will your seven days be! Find out more...

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from June 30 to July 4 for all the Sun Signs.

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At the beginning of the week, you will be worried about the purchase and selling of the goods. During this time, it is important not to help someone unnecessarily and take any decision emotionally. Think twice before performing any task. However, the middle of the week, will be favorable. You may visit the place of your choice. Along with this, weekend will be in your favor and things will be at your side.


The initial days of the week, will be favorable. This time you will be full of energy. Your enthusiasm is the sole factor behind your success. But, maintain a good relationship with your loved one’s. During this time you will try to find out ways in order to stay healthy and fit. In the middle of the week, you may face some domestic tensions. You may also think about your parents. Weekend will bring mental peace.


This is a mixed week for Geminis. As the time is favorable for financial matters. Money lended in the past will return to you. Your domestic life will be at peace. The middle of the week is appropriate for some outing or for online shopping. Short distance trips are also expected. You will gain support from friends and subordinates. Some profitable journeys are anticipated over the weekend. However, refrain from being angry on any family member.


The week in general will be good for you. You will gain comfort along with success at work. Take care of your health! Some unexpected expenditures are expected during the middle of the week. Restrain your speech and be polite! Avoid non- vegetarian food and alcohol. You may go for an entertaining movie. You may also catch up with some old friends over the weekend which will bring happiness and peace!


The seven days of the week are extremely good and pleasing. But, there may be some unnecessary expenditures. You may face sleep disorder, or you will stay awake till late at night. Some unavoidable expense may cause some mental tensions. You will receive a good news in the middle of the week. You will get an opportunity for recreation over the weekend. Family affairs will make you happy and delighted!


At the beginning of the week, there's a strong possibility of gaining profits. Friends and subordinate will be supportive. You will gain positive results for your efforts made in the past. There's a possibility that you will meet some relatives. But, take care of any unnecessary expenditure during the midweek. Before going for any trip, take in account its advantageous and disadvantageous. Things will be in your favor but, it is important to maintain your patience over the weekend!


The beginning of the week, will bring favorable results for you. Majority of the tasks will bring positive results. You will gain support from your subordinates. Your colleagues will appreciate your work. During the middle of the week, you will do some experimentation in your professional life, which will prove beneficial. You may face some hassles in traveling to faraway places. So avoid them! There can be some interruptions in your sleep!


The starting of the week, brings good times for you. Moon is in your ninth house; hence, you will associate yourself with some religious and spiritual work. The week seems to be favorable for money related matters. During the middle of the week, your work will attain success and your efforts will be appreciated by the people around you. You will stay happy and delighted over the weekend.So just relax and enjoy this weekend!


As per our expert astrologer, the beginning of the week, is not so favorable. During these days your health might deteriorate resulting in bad performance of your work and daily tasks. Restrain your food habits! Middle of the week seems favorable. You may go for some long distance journey. You will feel inclined toward religious matters. By the end of the week, you will gain success in your past works and your respect in the society will increase.


This week will bring mixed results for you. At the beginning of the week, your domestic life will be at peace. Partnership deals will prove to be beneficial. Some improvement is expected in your day to day tasks. During the middle of the week, some things may get messed up. Restrain your eating habits! Do not indulge in any kind of argument with anyone, over the past issues. Work smartly and avoid any controversy! Weekend will bring favorable results!


At the start of the week your passion for work will be commendable. But, in your passion do not ignore your health. You will win over your competitors. Your plans will turn successful. Your comfort level and amenities will increase. You need to take out time, during the middle of the week, for your personal life and your spouse. However, on the other hand it is important to adopt a moderate lifestyle over the weekend.


Majority of this week seems favorable for you. The time is suitable for love! Tensions related to children or education will wipe off. The middle of the week, will remain favorable. Your efforts made in the past will bring positive results. Domestic tensions will get resolved! But, take good care of your parents health. Weekend will bring a pleasurable time for you, as you will spend some quality time with your spouse or lover.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra.

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