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Venus Transits In Gemini (July 13, 2014) - See The Effects On You

Venus will be transiting into zodiac sign Gemini on July 13, 2014. Known as the planet of beauty, love, and romance, transit of Venus will affect all the 12 signs of zodiac. Unveil the effects of this transit on your sign with the help of this article by Pt. Hanumman Mishra. 

Transit of Venus in Gemini and its effects on all zodiac signs.
On July 13, 2014, Venus will step out from zodiac sign Taurus and will transit into Gemini at 21:12 P.M. This transit of Venus will prove to be a source of relief for those states who are facing extreme summer. Because, transit of Venus in Gemini may result in strong breeze along with rain. Though there won’t be continuous rain, still it will provide relief from intense summer. Inflation in grains is highly possible.

Now, let's read that what effects will it going to produce on different zodiac signs:


Arians, your level of generosity and self confidence will rise up with transit of Venus. However, your spouse may feel that you are getting inclined toward someone else, which may create differences. Profit in business is assured for you. Also, you will get benefits through investment. It would be good to act patiently and wisely. Accomplish every task with calmness.


For the people belonging to zodiac sign Taurus, profits are foreseen in business; however, expenses may rise up. It is possible that you do these expenses for your own self. This means that Venus transit will bestow you with excellent results. However, to get the best from it, try to keep a control on your habit of spending lavishly on beauty and show off stuffs.


Possibilities of going on journeys is foreseen, as a result of Venus transit. Probably these journeys will be to distant places. You may also get unexpected money. If your business is paternal, profits are foreseen in it. In matters of business, you will get benefits from external sources as well. For the people in service, this could be a great time.


With transit of Venus, expenses may rise for the Cancerians. At this time, don’t take risk in business, as it may lead to loss. You will work hard, but may get less result. However, this time is fortunate for distant journeys. If you are trying to go abroad, Venus transit will help.


Lions, you may get success from business endeavours. Hard work done in past few days may give fruitful results now. Journeys will lead to accomplishment of planned tasks. This time is good for financial prospects too. Gain of wealth from partnership is also on your cards. Your spouse will support you. Whether it’s a matter of property or purchase of vehicle, fruitful results will come to your way.


With positioning of Lord of 9th house in your 10th house, your pending tasks will get fulfilled. If you are awaiting success in any endeavour due to some journey, positive result is assured. You may also get a deal which prove to give you huge benefit. It would be good not to talk unnecessarily with boss. Matters related to debts may get accomplished.


For the people of this sign, Venus transit will prove auspicious. If you were dealing with any health issues since few days, recovery from it is assured. Venus will give fruitful results to the students. For the lovebirds, this time will prove helpful in getting married.


For the Scorpions, this time period is less fortunate. Though expenses will remain under control, but sudden expenses may trouble you. During this time, avoid lending money to anyone. Also, refrain from investing in matters related to land and property. Keep your plans under wrap or you may not get success in accomplishing the desired goals. Patience is needed in matters of comforts and luxuries.


Sagittarians, you will get results as per your hard work. This is the time when you should stay at bay from falling in unnecessary quarrel. Friends will give you support and happiness and will help you in accomplishing your goals. This time is good for personal life too. You will cherish beautiful moments with spouse or lover. Planned new endeavours will get fulfilled and you will get best results as well.


Venus transit does not give favorable results in this sign. As a result, caution and concern is needed in personal life. Also, you need to pay attention toward your familial life. Don’t let overconfidence and over excitement harm you during this phase of life. Keeping control over words will definitely help. People associated with share market need to take decisions very smartly and carefully.


Venus will transit in your 5th house and will give you positive results. Love life will keep you happy. If you are facing any issues related to your children or education, you will get solution for it. For the natives who are planning for a job change, it would be good to know every detail about the new work front. As far as financial matters are concern, highly favourable time is witnessed.


For the people born under the sign Pisces, this duration of time is quite favourable. Possibilities of gaining property or vehicle are foreseen; however, invest carefully. It is suggested to stay alert and careful while driving. Though you may spend money during this time, but these expenses will be genuine. Venus transit will let you enjoy familial life along with entertainment.

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