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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (June 23 - June 29) - Predictions About Zodiac Signs!

AstroSage brings you the predictions for June 23 - June 29. Know about these seven days of the week, through astrology. This week, our expert astrologer Pt. Hanumman Mishra will tell how will this week treat you. Read on to know more...

Weekly Horoscope 2014 from June 23 to June 29 for all the Sun Signs.

This week you will plan some trip. However, this trip may not be to a far off place but, somewhere nearby. Traveling done with loved one’s will be pleasing and full of fun & enjoyment. People who are traveling because of some official work may mix fun with it. During this week, you will make some new friends. You will gain support from your spouse. But, do not indulge in any kind of argument with anyone!

Your week seems to be filled with unnecessary expenditure. As per our expert astrologer try to control your expenditures and be extremely careful. Hence, you may have to face some situations where your expenditures may rise. So, work smartly and try to save your money. In the middle of the week, if you plan to go for some party or trip, keep yourself prepared for the same. Over the weekend, keep a check on your opponents plans.

At the beginning of week, your dreams will come true. People will agree with you say and they will offer their support, during this week. You will get love and blessings of the elderly people. Your seniors will be happy with your work. During the middle of the week, stay careful! Restrain your unnecessary expenditure. However, weekend seems good! You may also go out with your friends bringing a good time for you. 

As per our expert astrologer you should finish your pending works at the beginning of the week. Try to use your maximum energy in your office work. During this time, deal politely with your colleagues. If you are planning to make some modifications in your savings account, this seems to be an appropriate time. There may be some tensions in the middle of the week. But, weekend seems favorable.

At the beginning of the week you will be designated some more responsibilities. You may receive some official news through phone or email. A business deal may get finalised during this time. You are facing some troubles in your domestic life. Though the middle of the week seems to be a good time. During this time, it is important to listen to advice of your loved one’s. Over the weekend, try to avoid any unnecessary expenditure. 

The beginning of the week is not so favorable. During this time, you will stay occupied with work, but their is a possibility that you may not get the desired results. However, in the middle of the week, things will work out. At this time keep a control on your emotions, especially in matters related to work and romance. You will spend a good time with your friends. Your past work will bring you positive results.

At the beginning of the week you may catch up with an old friend. During this time listen to everyone’s advice but do what you feel is correct. During the midweek do not indulge in any kind of argument with anyone. If someone provokes you and force you to indulge in argument, simply avoid it be keeping quiet! By the weekend you will be free from all the tensions and everything will be under control. You may also grab a profitable deal.

This week is favorable for you. You will win over opponents and all the arguments! You may get your lent money back. If you are planning to finalise a financial deal, this is an appropriate time. You may attend a party or function near to your place. Your friends or lover may give you some surprise. However, the middle of the week is not favorable. But, by the weekend, things will be under control and will be in your favor.

The beginning of week is filled with fun. You will have a lot of time to relax. You will listen to your heart in the matters related to your professional or personal life. During this time, you may go to your favorite destination for relaxing. During the middle of the week, you will be filled with enthusiasm. Time is favorable for partnership deals and personal life. However, you need to be careful over the weekend. Maintain your patience in matters related to finance. 

In general this week will be in your favor. But, during the initial days you may feel worried or tensed about some matters. However, this a good time to deal with money related matters. You may get an opportunity to earn some extra money. During the midweek, you may witness a change in the attitude of some close relative. However, by the weekend, tensions related to legal matters will get resolved. Your personal life will be filled with happiness!

The beginning of the week is favorable. Be it a short trip or any business proposition, it will bring fruitful result. Your relationship with your spouse will improve and become stronger. During the midweek, take care of your relatives health. Do not share your personal problems with anyone. By the weekend, you will not give any oppurtunity to your opponents to win. Work with full enthusiasm and dedication & you will get positive results. This is the right time to pay your past debts. 

The beginning of the week will be good for your personal life. All the past confusions with your spouse will get resolved. There will be peace in the family. But, it is important to take care of your finances! During the midweek, your enthusiasm will be commendable. But, you may feel worried about the health of a younger member in your family. You will feel happy and delighted on the matters related to love and education. 

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