Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Android Users Get FREE ‘Kundali Predictions’ App Now!

AstroSage’s “Kundali Predictions” Android App is now available for FREE at Google Play Store! Create birth chart, save Kundalis on cloud, get detailed predictions, create Kundali from current position, and many more! Loaded with mind-boggling astrological features, “Kundali Predictions” Android App is here to be your FREE Personal Astrologer!

AstroSage Kundali Predictions App for Android will let Android users surf astrology 24*7 without any inconvenience.

Android users, AstroSage has got something really useful for you. Something that will make you cheer with joy and will let you enjoy the very best of astrology, instantly. After getting enormous response from iPhone and iPad users for AstroSage “Kundali Predictions” iOS App, we feel proud to announce our FREE “Kundali Predictions” App for Android as well. The App is a perfect combo of tradition teamed up with modernity. Our “Kundali Predictions” Android App is available in English as well as Hindi. Take a look at the below mentioned outstanding features of AstroSage’s “Kundali Predictions” Android App.

AstroSage’s Kundali Predictions App Features

  1. Kundali: Create your detailed birth chart or Kundali based on Indian astrology, Hindu astrology, and Vedic astrology. 
  2. Mangal Dosha/Kalsarpa Dosha: Know whether Mangal Dosha and/or Kal Sarp Dosha is present in your birth chart or not. Also, get to know the useful remedies.
  3. Life Predictions: Read predictions about your character, happiness, career, personal life, health, and every other aspect of life. 
  4. KP System Functioning: Krishnamurti Paddhati, KP horary, planet signification, house significator, ruling planets. Planetary and cuspal planets’ positions up to sub-sub lord, KP new Ayanamsa.
  5. Planet Positions: Analyze the planetary positions, which were there at the time of your birth. It will also tell about the planetary positions prevailing at the time of query. 
  6. Gemstone report: Know which gemstone is lucky for you, as per Vedic Astrology.
  7. Transit Horoscope: Know the effect of each Gochar and the remedies suggested with Gochar Phal report.
  8. Horary Astrology: Cast Prashna Kundali based on Krishnamurti Paddhati (KP System or KP Astrology).
  9. Shani Sade Sati Report: Know the effect of Shani (Saturn) Sade Sati on you for whole life. 
  10. AstroSage Cloud Storage Space: Save and store your charts and reports on AstroSage Cloud and open it conveniently on your mobile, tablet, and laptop anytime and anywhere you want. 
  11. Vimshottari Mahadasha Phal From Birth Till Lifetime: Know the impact of planetary cycle on you. 
  12. Shodashvarga Chart Details: Get the accurate details about all the sixteen divisional charts.
  13. Nakshatra Report: Unveil what your constellation (star) tells about you.
  14. Ascendant Details: Know astrology reading for your rising sign or ascendant.
  15. Daily, Monthly, & Yearly Horoscope: Get your genuine daily, monthly, yearly, and life predictions with a single touch. 
  16. GPS Support: Create your Kundali on the basis of your current location. This is very useful for horary astrology. 
  17. Planet Predictions: Know the predictions of each planet for you. 

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AstroSage’s “Kundali Predictions” App is absolutely FREE! The app has already received immensely high response from iPhone and iPad users. We hope to get the same response from our Android users too. Download AstroSage’s “Kundali Predictions” App and give us your valuable feedback. We promise to serve you with every astrological aspect, time to time.

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