Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome Winter With Astrology

Welcome to AstroSage’s Weekly Newsletter. The cold breeze has entered your city. Quilts and sweatshirts are coming out. Mesmerizing foggy environment is calm, bringing peace all around.

Winter WelcomeYes, we are talking about winter. As this season comes along the Holy Hindu month of Kartika, it is also auspicious. Hence, the welcome of winter season should be grand. Apart from this, the sudden arrival of chilly wind sometimes makes us cold giving some seasonal diseases. So, in this newsletter, we will talk about all the important events of the week along with some significant services of AstroSage that may come handy in going through the initial stage of this changed season.

Occult Healings Demystified

Occult HealingsAs we are focusing on health right now, we would like to introduce you with our healing section that contains information about some healing therapies. In order to keep you updated, we keep on improving our content and adding new significant articles to the website. So, stay tuned to AstroSage for updated information.

Click here to reach AstroSage’s healing section: Healing

Yoga For Better Lifestyle

Yoga Now, we would also like to introduce you with our Yoga section, where you can find some amazing articles on the unraveled secrets of Yoga. Click here: Yoga

Also, we would like to mention some complementary articles of AstroSage.

Rudraksha: Shiva’s Blessing For Better Health

Rudraksha Rudraksha is the bead that is originally a seed that comes out of a fruit. It is the holiest seed ever, which is also used to create rosaries for chanting powerful mantras. Wearing Rudraksha may solve many problems. Generally, it is considered quite useful for curing diseases. Rudraksha come in various forms. Most of them are available at AstroSage’s AstroShop.

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Amongst all, Ek Mukhi Rudraksha is considered as one of the most health benefic Rudraksha. You may read more about it on AstroSage or may ask an expert. 

The Health Expert Astrologer

Health Expert AstrologerAstroSage is blessed with some proficient astrologers who have good command over their expertise. Some are good at finance related issues, some predict about career, some are the expert of share market and some deals in health sector. So, click below mentioned button to reach AstroSage’s health expert astrologers.

Enough about health, let’s move on to the important events of the week.

Important Dates This Week

12 November - Kansa Vadh
13 November - Devuthan ekadashi
14 November - Tulsi vivah
16 November - Vrischika Sankranti, Sun Transit in Scorpio
17 November - Kartik Purnima

It seems that the week is full of Holy events. You are getting ample of chances to please the Almighty for fetching blessings. Let’s now see what your stars tell about this week. Find your weekly horoscope below:

Horoscope 2014

Now, we would like to introduce you with our new update for the year 2014. Horoscopes for the year 2014 are now available at AstroSage. Now, read your horoscopes in various languages. All you need is just to reach In order to ease you, we are offering you the links of most desired horoscopes.

Apart from Vedic Astrology, we have also done Chinese Astrology for you. Click here to read your Chinese Horoscope: Chinese Horoscope 2014

So, this was all we had for you this week. Stay tuned to AstroSage. We will keep on updating you with most of the informative stuff related to our domain. Utilize the best of our services and stay blessed!

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