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Kartik Purnima: Let the Almighty Shine the Divine Light

Kartik Purnima is the fifteenth lunar day of the Kartik month. Karthik Purnima in 2013 is on 17th November 2013. In the month of Kartik, the devotees worship both, Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu. Lord Kartikeya is also worshipped on this day. This is the day of great importance to different religions in India. Read on to know more about Kartik purnima.

 Lighting of lamps for kartik purnima

The Significance Of Kartik Purnima In Different Religions

Hinduism: Deva-Diwali or Tripuri Purnima
Jainism: The Nirvana of Lord Mahavira, who was the twenty-fourth Tirthankara
Sikhism: Guru Nanak Jayanti 

Now, let’s know more about the above mentioned ways of celebrating Kartik Purnima festival. 

Deva Diwali ‘Or’ Tripuri Purnima 

For the people of North India and especially Varanasi, this day marks the occasion of Lord Shiva killing the demon Tripurasura. Kartik Purnima means celebrating with fairs, music, lighting of Diyas (earthen lamps) and making the whole place mesmerisingly beautiful. Temples of Shiva are thronged by devotees to get a glimpse of the Lord. Special Pujas and rituals take the centre place on this day. 

The Nirvana Of Lord Mahavira

This is a time of major celebrations for the Jain community as the day marks the occasion of “Nirvana of Lord Mahavira”. Thousands of devotees from all over India make their way to the Sacred Mount Girnar in Gujarat to witness the special celebrations conducted on this day. 

According to the Jain scriptures, on this day, Lord Mahavira attained the complete knowledge (Nirvana) at Pavapuri. Further, it is also believed that Lord Mahavira’s first disciple Ganadhar Gautam Swami also attained complete knowledge on this day. As such this day is celebrated with much pomp and enthusiasm.

Guru Nanak Jayanti 

Kartik Purnima marks the occasion of celebrating the birthday of Guru Nanak Dev Ji. Sikhs all around the world celebrate this auspicious occasion by visiting Gurdwaras and offering prayers to the Guru. The highlight of this day is the grand celebration in the Golden Temple, Amritsar, Punjab; which is considered most sacred by the Sikhs all over the world. On the day of Guru Nanak Dev Ji Jayanti, His teachings and preachings stand tall and wise. 

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Rituals followed On Kartik Purnima

The Ritualistic Nadi Snan Or River Bath: It is the ritual of taking bath in the holy water of river Ganga. It is believed that one would be rid of the sins committed in not only this birth but all the seven births just by taking this bath. The bath taken in the water of Ganga in Varanasi is considered very holy and is called as Tripura Purnima Snan. 

Ekadashi Rudra Abhishekam: Ekadasi Rudra Abhishekam is a special ritual performed in all the Shiva temples on this special day. It is giving a holy bath to the idol of Lord Shiva by chanting the Rudra Chamakam and Rudra Namakam 11 times. 

Lighting Of Diyas: This is a ritual followed by one and all which crosses the barriers of caste and religion. Many devotees light Diyas (earthen lamps) in front of Tulasi plant and some also follow the ritual of donating Diyas, which is called as Diya Daanam.

The Most Auspicious Time: Muhurat 

Anything done at the right time will yield 10 times more results than when done otherwise. Know the right time to reach out to the Gods by performing the Pujas during the auspicious time. 

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Kartik Purnima is an auspicious day where the Almighty answers to the prayers of his children. Wishing one and all a happy Kartik Purnima! 

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