Saturday, November 9, 2013

Use Vastu To Make Your Home A Wealth Magnet!

‘Vastu Shastra’ is the only tool that can gratify your desire of getting wealthy. Are you really looking out to bring some more wealth in your treasure box? You should definitely go with this time honored and universal remedy adopted by billions! 

Vastu Shastra to attract wealth

Money is an essential part of our lives. Anxiety, hopelessness and tension, which have become a part of our daily life can be abridged with financial consistency. So, to magnetize more wealth, adopt the below mentioned vastu tips. These measures can actually lend you a hand in transforming a sinking business into a lucrative one. The key source of prosperity and flourishing wealth totally depends on the north-east corner of the house, as according to the Hindu ethics, it is considered as the corner of God. 

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10 Vastu Tips To Become Wealthy

  1. Keeping fish aquariums is good to attract more wealth and prosperity. The aquarium should have healthy and active fishes. It is believed that constant movement of fishes regulates positive flow of energy which in turn is very good for financial gains .Water inside the aquarium should be clean and aerated.
  2. Entrance to the home toward the end of a long corridor, fetches negativity and financial loss. In such case, keeping a plant halfway down the corridor can reduce the negative effects. 
  3. The color of the front door should be distinctive. Coloring it differently from the neighboring walls is very auspicious in attracting wealth. 
  4. Windows should be kept neat and bright, as dirt on the glass of window restricts the flow of money. 
  5. Placing pebbles, decorative gravels or curved pathways around the building. This increases the flow of financial energy in the business suffering from continuous loss. 
  6. To control the expenses that are going beyond control, keeping grains or live plants in the toilet is very helpful. If your expenses are spiraling beyond control, keep live plants or grains in the toilet. It is believed that doing this saves the money from going down the drain. 
  7. Keep a mirror in such a manner that it reflects the locker or cash; hence doubling the opportunities and wealth. 
  8. North wall is the ideal location for keeping the jewelry and important papers as well as valuables, as it is believed to bring good fortune. North is the direction of Kubera, the Lord of wealth. It is more beneficial if your worship place is close to the North direction. The North direction is considered to be a protection for the assets of the house owner.

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  9. The color ‘Purple’ represents wealth. To gain financial profits, keeping a purple-colored plant in the southeast corner is considered beneficial. Growing money plant in a purple colored pot; and place it in the northeast corner of the drawing room or office is also very fruitful.
  10. Drainage pipes should be fitted in north or east area of residence, office or factory. 

Vastu is one of the best ways to improve your financial status without putting much efforts. It is like one time investment of time and energy to adjust your valuables according to the tips mentioned above, and you are on the right path to become wealthy. Following these simple tips will not only help you in pleasing Lord Kubera, but will also increase your wealth within a short span of time. Well being and prosperity chases those who live in structures that attract positive cosmic forces.

As soon as you will follow the above mentioned tips and start getting benefits, you may also start getting indications about upcoming wealth via dreams. In order to help you decode the auspicious signs that may come at night, we would like to introduce you with one of our most read articles - 30 Dreams To Make You Rich!

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