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Children’s Day Special: How ‘Nehru’ Became “Chacha Nehru”?

Children’s Day comes with a question - why Jawaharlal Nehru is known as “Chacha Nehru”. Many people love children, but why is he so eminent among the tiny tots? Pt. Hanumman Mishra has tried to find the answer with the help of Astrology. Let’s now know - how ‘Nehru’ became “Chacha Nehru”?

Chacha Nehru with kids

The first Prime Minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru is known as the creator of modern India. However, he got comparatively more fame as the Chacha (Uncle) of all the children of the nation. Renowned as “Chacha Nehru” amongst the people of all ages (not just children), Nehru was born in the Cancer ascendant as well as sign. His birth constellation is Ashlesha, which is ruled by Mercury. Planet Mercury has helped him a lot in becoming “Chacha Nehru”. Let’s now know, how?

Who Made ‘Nehru’ - The Chacha Nehru?

Generally, Chacha (Uncle) is considered from the 11th or 12th house of the chart. It works like this – The astrologers who consider father from ninth house, take Chacha (Uncle) from 11th house. Similarly, if an astrologer considers father from 10th house, he takes Chacha from 12th house. Saturn is considered as the significator of Chacha. Let’s now see if Nehru’s chart has the effects of these houses and planets.

Tenth house of the birth chart signifies fame or defame. It means that we can find out how a person is getting fame and what the source of this fame is, by the tenth house & its Lord. Nehru has Aries sign in his tenth house and this sign is ruled by Mars. Planet Mars also signifies age. As Mars is posited in the Mercury’s sign (Virgo), it is natural that Lord of the tenth house will be affected by Mercury. However, Venus is also affecting tenth house, but it won’t be appropriate to discuss about Venus because we are talking about Chacha. This is how we found that tenth house and its Lord are affected by planet Mercury. Now, let’s see if the houses and planets that are considered for Chacha are affecting Mercury. In Nehru’s Kundali, Mercury is the Lord of 3rd as well as 12th house. Like I said before, 12th house is considered for Uncle (Chacha); therefore the Lord of the house of Chacha is Mercury. If we talk about 11th house then its Lord (Venus) is affecting tenth house being posited with Mercury. Venus is in the constellation of Rahu and Rahu is posited in the twelfth house that is Chacha’s house.

Let’s now discuss about the significator planet, Saturn. In Nehru’s birth chart, Saturn is posited in the second house, which is considered as the house of the family; and the reality is that the Nehru’s family wasn’t very big. Whereas, it is said for Saturn that it gives a huge family. If this planet sits somewhere, the increment in prosperity is assured there. In this birth chart, Saturn has done this work via Mercury. Saturn has third aspect over Mercury and planet Mercury is posited in fourth house with Saturn’s friend, Venus. Hence, Shani (Saturn) created a huge family for Nehru with the help of Mercury; and he is known as Chacha in the entire India.

This is how we saw that Mercury is affecting tenth house & its Lord, twelfth house & its Lord and eleventh Lord. Hence, Nehru Ji earned a lot of fame as Chacha Nehru. Apart from this, third house signifies interests and third house is affected by Mercury & Mars. Hence, Nehru had special interest and affection with his young friends, with whom he had relation of Uncle-Nephew. Hence, planet Mercury played a significant role in making him “Chacha Nehru”.

Wish you a very Happy Children’s Day 2013!

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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