Monday, November 18, 2013

Vastu For Modern Living

Welcome to AstroSage’s Weekly Newsletter. Today we have brought you a very interesting topic, Vastu. Vastu is an ancient architectural science that converts a house into a channel of cosmic energies. Here, we will give you all the important tips, some interesting facts and uses of following Vastu. Topics like Vastu for modern homes, office buildings and so on will take the lead here.

Vastu For Modern Homes

Vastu for homeLiving life in style! This is exactly what people now-a-days want to follow. This shows effect in not only how they appear but also in where they live. Gone are the days of simple planning, it’s all about modern, stylish and unique designs that matter. With the help of AstroSage’s Vastu knowledge we can help you make that a possibility. 

To know more about the basics of house construction, click here - Vastu For Home

Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen
Kitchen is like the core of the house. Women spend their maximum time here, so building a kitchen with the appropriate details will have the utmost effect on that person. For example - according to Vastu, the position of the gas stove should not be facing the South or North. Likewise, the position of the kitchen in the house will play an important role in maintaining the peace and harmony at home. 

To know more about the points to be taken care during kitchen construction, click here - Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom
Finding the right spot for a bedroom is very important. That is the place which talks about intimacy, bonding and privacy. A person’s mood can be very easily influenced if the right kind of bedroom is built. This can be achieved by following the tips and methods mentioned in Vastu. 

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Consult The Vastu Expert 

AstroSage is blessed with a team of proficient astrologers choosen from different corners of India. Among them, some are expert in the science of Vastu Shastra. Pt. Hanumman Mishra is one such astrologer who has a good command over the principles of Vastu Shastra. You may consult him for personalized Vastu readings. Click here to reach him - Pt. Hanumman Mishra

Now that Vastu has been covered with all the details, let’s move onto other important things for the week. Find your weekly horoscope below:

AstroSage’s Vastu Service!

Planning to build a house? Or, planning to redecorate? We say, whatever may be the plan, make sure you take the expert’s advice before starting it. To help you with that, AstroSage provides you with the most useful component, Vastu Service.

AstroSage’s Vastu Yantra!

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So, this is all for the week, wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

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