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How Will Sachin Tendulkar Perform In His 199th Test Match?

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Sachin Tendulkar started his cricketing career in 1989. After leaving the world awestruck with his outstanding performance, this greatest batsman ever is taking retirement from cricket with his last domestic test series. This is a ‘West Indies Vs India’ series, which has 2 test matches and 3 ODIs. Sachin Tendulkar will be playing the 2 test matches. The first test match of this series will be played from November 6, 2013 at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Sachin lovers must be excited to see his final performance. Hence, the astrologers at AstroSage thought of taking up this event as an important topic. So let’s see, what analysis came out for Sachin Tendulkar.

Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin’s Horoscope Analysis

Born on April 24, 1973 in Leo Ascendant and Gemini Navamsa, Sachin Tendulkar is going through Rahu’s Mahadasha (major period) and Moon’s Antardasha (sub period) right now. The astrology experts consider Rahu & Moon’s combination inauspicious. Therefore, Sachin will have to put in a lot of hard work for a better performance, but Saturn as well as Rahu (both) are posited in the fifth house of his Kundali. Fifth house is considered as auspicious. Hence, Sachin’s performance will not be disappointing either. So ultimately, as per Mahadasha (major period) and Antardasha (sub period), his performance will be considered as average. But, the effect of Moon’s Pratyantar Dasha (sub-sub period) will prevail during the match. Moon is posited in the Venus’s constellation and Venus being third as well as tenth is posited at Bhagya Sthana (ninth house). Hence, auspiciousness is increasing even more here. During match, the effect of Jupiter and Saturn’s sub-sub-sub period will prevail. Jupiter is posited in the sixth house of his birth chart, which is positive for competition but may also give some illness; whereas Saturn is posited in tenth house and is the significator of big name and fame. Therefore, Sachin is getting the support of Dasha (period) to a good extent. Let’s now put some light on transits too.

Effects Of Transits On Sachin

From November 6 to 10, Moon will transit between fourth and sixth house. It means that Sachin’s performance may hamper during November 6 and 7. But, if Sachin plays during November 8, 9 & 10; then his performance could stay better. If this astrology report on Sachin is taken in the luck percentage, then there are 75% chances that Sachin will be playing good.

So, this was all about Sachin’s 199th test match. Stay tuned to AstroSage for his 200th test match prediction.

Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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