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Sun Transit In Scorpion (November 17, 2013): Effects On You

On 17th November, Sun, the Lord of planets will transit to Scorpio. With this transition, effects on the country and all the 12 signs will be seen. Fortune and gains will chase some signs; whereas some problems may approach the remaining ones. To know the effects, this change is going to bring, let’s read this article...

Zodiac sign ScorpioOn 17th November, Sun is transiting to Scorpio. Scorpio is a fixed sign and is ruled by the planet Mars. Its element is water. During this time, Sun will cross constellations of Jupiter, Saturn, and Mercury. On 16th December, it will enter Sagittarius in the Mool constellation ruled by Ketu. On 20th November, Sun will enter into Saturn’s constellation, Anuradha; and on 3rd December it will change to Jyeshtha, ruled by Mercury. On 27th November, Mars will be coming to Virgo. For almost 10 days, Sun will be getting the warmth of Mars; thus will be more prominent in giving its effects. Then, from 16th December, this aspect will fall again.

In Kaal Purusha chart, Scorpio falls in 8th house which deals with anus, genitals and allied things. It is also the house of death, dowry, ancestral property, insurance claims and gratuity, to name a few. Scorpio rules over places like butcheries, toilets, residence of prostitutes, mines, shoe stores and explosive warehouses. Sun is the King of planets in planetary combinations. In the horoscope of India, Sun, the Lord of the masses and 10th Lord of opponent will be aspecting the ascendant Taurus. Some consider Sun as a Kroor (cruel) planet; whereas some consider it as Satvik (pure). In any case, it is showing the wish of the masses being fulfilled, as far as the result of assembly polls are concerned.

In general, it will have effect on all the 12 signs. The probable ones are given below:

1) Aries: You will travel a lot. You may face bad luck initially, but soon there will be progress in work. Lot of paperwork is waiting for you. You may face troubles from legal matters, contracts and enemies. However, you will clear all these problems with the ferocity of Mars. It will be good if you take care of the elders of the family. 

2) Taurus: Opponents will try to take over but won’t succeed. Later, you will have good time and there will be happiness in the family from your family members or kids’ side. In this period, you will gain financial profits. 

3) Gemini: During this time, you will be revolving around work and family only. There may be illness in the family and pressure at your work front. For few days, you will feel suffocated due to lack of opportunities; but suddenly things will get better. Romance will also trend in your heart. The drainage system of the house can give trouble to you.

4) Cancer: You will be having problems all around. Losses, setbacks and bad news may trouble you. However, do not be disheartened as the time coming later is very promising and positive for you.

5) Leo: You will gain money and friends, but personal life will be erratic. You will not be able to make right adjustment between work front and home. You will be harsh to people which may go against you. Initially, luck may go against you; but in the later half, will become favorable.

6) Virgo: Your kids may fall ill and thoughts of making new relations may strike you. There will be gain of money but quarrels with family members is also possible. Someone may fall seriously ill in your family. Chances of eye and tooth problems are also there.

7) Libra: This is a good time, there will be good atmosphere in the family, irrespective of small differences in opinions. You will have financial gains and you may also buy gold. Luck will favor you and victory over opponents is also indicated.

8) Scorpio: Initially, everything will go good, but things may become unfavorable as the time will pass. The last part of this transit will be causing problems to you. Viral diseases and skin infections to family members is possible. There are chances of unexpected money gain. You may go away from home for few days. Any contract or commitment may become the reason of a problem. 

9) Sagittarius: You may have eye problems and luck may become unfavorable. Increase in expenditure is also possible. You can also go on a long journey for leisure. Servants may give problems and theft is also possible. The last part will be good for you, when Sun will be in the star of Mercury.

10) Capricorn: After initial losses, you will get your wish fulfilled. Health will be good. Work front will be progressive. Luck will be favorable in the last part. You may face problems related to digestion and a minor accident may happen. There are chances of unexpected gains.

11) Aquarius: Overall, this period is good and new purchases are possible. There will be progress on professional front. New works or deals can also come up. However, partners may be dominant.

12) Pisces: Gains will drain initially, but later on there will be stability. Servants may give you problems. Opponents will be giving way to you. Younger brother/sister may face some problems in their personal life. Health of father should not be overlooked.

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