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Monday, January 6, 2014

Vastu For Choosing A House/ Plot

“Home is where the heart is”, as such put your heart out in choosing the best home for you and your family. Vastu Shastra will help you in choosing the perfect home to live a happy life. Read on to know more about Vastu tips for choosing a perfect home or plot.

vastu for home

What is Vastu? 

Vastu Shastra is basically the study of structures and directions associated with the constructions of the structure. Constructing according to the Vastu Shastra principles ensures the flow of positive energies inside the building and also removes all the negative forces. Constructing a house as per Vastu Shastra cannelizes all the positive energy from the five elements of the cosmos (such as air, water, sky, fire and earth) to the people residing in the house. By following Vastu Shastra principle while choosing or constructing a house, prosperity and harmony will prevail in the household. Proper care should be taken in considering every direction and shape that plays a key role in choosing or building a home. Now, let’s get a more detailed information about these directions and shapes that play the vital role in choosing a plot or house. 

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Vastu Shastra Principles For Choosing A House/ Plot

First, let’s get to know the site directions and its associated properties which are deemed as good plots: 

  1. A site which has only one road on the eastern side of the site is called Eastern site. 
  2. A site which has two roads on its south and east side of the site is called a Agneya site (south-east corner).
  3. A site which has only one road on its south is called a Southern site. 
  4. A site which has two roads on its south and west side of the site is called as Nairuti site (south-west). 
  5. A site which has only one road in the western side on the site is called Western site. 
  6. A site which has roads on western and northern side of the site is called as Vayavya site (north-west corner). 
  7. A site which has only one road on the northern side of the site is called as Northern site. 
  8. A site which had roads on northern and eastern side of the site is called a Eesanya site (north-east) site. 

Now, let’s move onto other important aspects that have to be considered while choosing a plot or house:

  1. While choosing a plot or house, we should make sure that the plot or land is always higher in the south, southwest or west direction. 
  2. Another important aspect to consider is to make sure water is always concentrated in the northwest, north or east direction. 
  3. A square or rectangular plot is considered as the best choice while choosing a plot. 
  4. However, a hexagon plot is also considered to be ok, but a T or Y shaped plot is considered inauspicious. 
  5. Further, if the shape of the plot doesn’t match any of the above requirements, then with the help of Vastu principle a geometrical plot line called Vastu fence can be created as a remedy.

Now, let’s have an understanding of how various plots influence people: 

  1. People who are working in departments which provide service to the society, plots facing west is suitable. 
  2. People who are into teaching and knowledge giving professions like scholars, philosophers, priests, teachers and so on, plots facing the east is suitable.
  3. People who are working in the government departments like electricity, administration and so on, plots facing north is suitable. 
  4. And for people who are into business and trading, plots facing south is suitable. 

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These are some of the tips and information related to Vastu Shastra which will help you finding that dream home. Follow Vastu Shastra and live a hassle free life and enjoy all the goodies that life brings to you. 

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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Vastu For Happy Married Life

Marriage, is the most pure bond that seals two hearts together. From that day onwards, they are for each other ‘for better or for worse’. When your marriage goes through rough times, there are many things to think about. One of them is Vastu of your home. With the help of our Vastu Shastra tips, you can find an answer to your problems. 

vastu for marriage

Couples who have a married life filled with contentment can ask for nothing more. They will have the love and trust in each other which will give them the strength to handle any kind of hardship in life. In Hindu custom, marriage is regarded as one of the most holy rituals. Different communities have different customs and rituals, but the bottom line is, all these rituals are done to ensure a happy married life. Even then, sometime things can go wrong in a marriage. The couple who were completely in love with each other can end up fighting for even the most trivial of issues. Well, astrology can help in such times. One of the many possibilities for a unhappy marriage can be, incorrect Vastu of the house the couple reside in. Wrong things at the wrong place can make life a living hell. But, the science of Vastu Shastra will help you put every piece of your beautiful life back to its rightful place. 

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Universe is composed of five elements such as air, water, sky, fire and earth. If there is an imbalance in even one of these elements, it will lead to a disturbance. On the other hand, if all these elements are maintained in their rightful places, there is no chance for a error to occur. Marriage is a bond which requires complete dedication from both the parties. When one falls down, the other should give the hand to get them up back on their feet. Whatever the problem may be, both should stay together are figure out a way to solve it. Vastu has some useful tips that will help you in achieving a happy marriage. By following certain rules of Vastu, you can easily avoid unwanted disturbance in life. 

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Vastu Tips For Happy Married Life

  1. Make sure your bedroom is either in the North or Northwest corner of the house. 
  2. The bed should be either a perfect square or a rectangle. 
  3. It is advised not to paint your bedroom walls with any dark shade. 
  4. Always go for a single big cot, than joining two small ones. 
  5. Keep your bedroom clutter free. 
  6. Having mirrors in the bedroom is a no, as per Vastu Shastra rules. 
  7. Make sure to place the gas and sink in the kitchen at a minimum distance of 4 ft from each other. 
  8. Try using any artifacts or pillows in pairs when kept in bedroom. 
  9. Rose quartz crystals bring peace and tranquility in married life. 

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Venus is the planet of love, romance and relationships. A strong Venus will ensure that the love for each other stays intact. Opal is ruled by planet Venus. Those having a weak Venus can use this product to get the full power of planet Venus. 

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By following the tips given above on Vastu Shastra, you can have a happy married life. 
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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Vastu For Office: Turning Point For Money

Vastu for office proves to be an influencing method that turns loss into profits and bad times to good times. So, if you really want to improve the chances of good luck in your life then imply the changes as per Vastu Shastra principles and see the luck turning in your favor. Let’s see how Vastu can help us in our office...

Vastu Shastra: Ancient Architectural Science 

Vastu Shastra is amongst few of the ancient teachings of Indian civilization. It is a bridge connecting mankind and nature. It makes a suitable environment at the place of living or work resulting in betterment in everyday's life.

Vastu for Office

Vastu for OfficeVastu has been considered as a wheel of fortune that turns money in your favor. So, by applying few of the Vastu Shastra techniques at your office, the profit and increment in your income will be yours. Components like location, exteriors and interiors of office, staircase, seating arrangement, reception area and many more; has to be taken in account if you want all the positive energies to flow in your office.

Tips On Vastu For Office

Most of our time is spent at office and that turns it into an important place in our life. It is recommended to implement Vastu Shastra at the time of construction. But, if the office has already been built; Vastu is still open for you to implicate benefits. Below are the tips mentioned to consider in mind while you are setting up an office:

1. No Obstruction At Entrance: In order to advance the number of opportunities, it has to be certain that there should be no obstruction at the entrance

2. Keep Central Part Empty: The central part of the office space should be kept empty. A circle should be made by the cubicles you are working in and be sure that no work is done in that circle. Since, circle indicates an unending figure so always avoid working within a circular area.

3. Reception Area: The reception of the office should be made in the North-Eastern part of the Office as it is the direction of birth and revival or new opportunities as well.

4. Images Or Idols Of God: Keeping pictures of God increases the chances of good luck and prosperity.

5. Staircase: While constructing staircase, keep in mind that the stairs should be constructed towards South of the building.

6. Eating Area: The best locations for the pantry are South-East or North zone of the office since food is the way of taking in energy. This may create positive energy.

7. Coloring theme: Bright colors should be avoided as per Vastu Shastra. Try using white, grey and blue. While choosing color theme, remember that they help cheering up the mood of the person

8. Washrooms: The location of washrooms should ideally be in South-West or the North- East direction while designing office.

9. Senior Management Seating Area: It should be ensured that the managers and directors must be seated in West, South or South-Western area of the office.

10. Accounts Department: Accounts Department is an important part of the office as it is related to money matters. Office Vastu strongly recommends that it should be placed in South Eastern part of the Office as this direction indicates prosperity and can bring more returns.

11. Natural Impact of Water: Water indicates the flow which can take all worries with it. So, try using flowing water. They should be kept in North or East corners of office. An aquarium is also good and keeping 1 blackfish and 9 goldfish is an added benefit. 

Hopefully, this information would definitely help you bringing wealth at your place. Just by applying few changes in your working area surely you would get the positive outcome in your business or office. We look forward to help you the best possible way we can for reaping benefits.

‘Vastu for Office’ is amazingly interesting and profitable to attain tranquility and peace of mind. For further information on Vastu you can refer Vastu E-book. Also, you can personally consult our Vastu expert Pt. Hanuman Mishra.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Vastu For Modern Living

Welcome to AstroSage’s Weekly Newsletter. Today we have brought you a very interesting topic, Vastu. Vastu is an ancient architectural science that converts a house into a channel of cosmic energies. Here, we will give you all the important tips, some interesting facts and uses of following Vastu. Topics like Vastu for modern homes, office buildings and so on will take the lead here.

Vastu For Modern Homes

Vastu for homeLiving life in style! This is exactly what people now-a-days want to follow. This shows effect in not only how they appear but also in where they live. Gone are the days of simple planning, it’s all about modern, stylish and unique designs that matter. With the help of AstroSage’s Vastu knowledge we can help you make that a possibility. 

To know more about the basics of house construction, click here - Vastu For Home

Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu for kitchen
Kitchen is like the core of the house. Women spend their maximum time here, so building a kitchen with the appropriate details will have the utmost effect on that person. For example - according to Vastu, the position of the gas stove should not be facing the South or North. Likewise, the position of the kitchen in the house will play an important role in maintaining the peace and harmony at home. 

To know more about the points to be taken care during kitchen construction, click here - Vastu For Kitchen

Vastu For Bedroom

Vastu for bedroom
Finding the right spot for a bedroom is very important. That is the place which talks about intimacy, bonding and privacy. A person’s mood can be very easily influenced if the right kind of bedroom is built. This can be achieved by following the tips and methods mentioned in Vastu. 

To know more about bedroom Vastu, click here - Bedroom Vastu

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Also, we have some extra tips on Vastu, use Vastu to make your home a wealth magnet! Click here - Vastu Shastra For Wealth

Consult The Vastu Expert 

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Now that Vastu has been covered with all the details, let’s move onto other important things for the week. Find your weekly horoscope below:

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So, this is all for the week, wishing everyone a wonderful week ahead.

Friday, November 8, 2013

Design Your House With Vastu Principles

Vastu means blowing away all the negativity and fetching in all the positivity. It has the strength to reward success and fame at any point of life. Nothing good in life is possible if our dwelling place is not prosperous. So, let’s have a look at Vastu for home to achieve all we are lacking. Moreover, it will help to make the corrections, if needed…

Vastu Shastra Vastu not only guides in terms of construction to provide a better life and internal peace. Everyone desires for a blissful life. What can be better than implementing the magic of Vastu in our homes first!


Important guidelines about Vastu for home: 

Pre-construction: One should always perform a Bhumi Pujan before beginning the house construction, as it is considered to be an auspicious beginning and brings a good start to the proceedings. 

House entrance: The most auspicious direction for the entrance of a home is North. 

Kitchen: The kitchen should be facing South-East, which is the direction of Fire God. The person cooking in the kitchen should face the East or North direction. All items related to heat or fire should be placed or installed in the South-East corner.

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Treasury & StrongRoom: Wealth or treasure room should be situated in the North. While keeping or retrieving cash, the individual should face toward North. 

Puja Room: North-East direction should be reserved for constructing the Puja room and Puja should be performed facing the East. One should never sleep in Puja room.

Bedroom: The main bedroom of the house should be located in the South-West. The bed should be placed in such a way that the head stays toward the East while sleeping. Sleeping with legs toward the South is not considered good. Moreover, the divine idols should not be kept in the bedroom.

Click here for more details: Bedroom Vastu

Dining Hall: Dining Room should face the West. West is ruled by Saturn and is in the way of Bhooteshwara, the symbolic representation of the hungry. 

Bathroom & Toilet: The bathroom should be situated in the North-East and toilet should be in South. If it is not possible to build toilet in South then you can shift it little to South-West. 

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Study or Children's Room: Children's room and study room, both can be located in the North-West, West and South-West. 

Doors: The Main-Gate of the house should have two panels and the direction should be North-East. The total number of doors, windows and ventilators should be even in number but should not end with a ‘zero’. The front door frame should not be painted black and cracked or old doors should be replaced.

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Staircase: The staircase should ascend clockwise and should be in South-West. The steps of the stairs leading to the entrance of home should not be cracked.

Interiors: Light colors should be used for painting the house and bright colors should be avoided. For the decoration of house, paintings depicting war, owl, pigeon, crow and sad faces should not be used.

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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Vastu for a Prosperous Home

“A home filled with nothing but yourself. It's heavy, that lightness. It's crushing, that emptiness.” ― Margaret Atwood

What is home, sans the people, sans all the feelings and the laughter? It would be a body without a soul; A mere existence rather than living. Human beings since the time immemorial have been building shelters for themselves. Vastu is an ancient science of construction. It is one of the many gems that we have inherited from our great forefathers. With great effort Vastu was revived so that it could be followed in the modern world. 

For a Happy Home

“A man travels the world over in search of what he needs and returns home to find it.” ― George Augustus Moore

Have you ever wondered why are you never at peace with yourself even if there is nothing much that bothers you. Coming home after a long day at work, you still feel restless. Are you having sleepless and restless nights? Does it look like that in spite of doing everything right, everything is falling apart? May be it is time to have a look at Vastu of your House, office and other places that concern you. The principles of Vastu Shastra are based on the energy of the Sun, the position of the Moon, direction of the wind, Earth’s magnetic field and the influence of the universe on Earth. It is basically a well drawn system that keeps in mind the science of direction, astrology and astronomy.

Bring in Happiness and Prosperity

If we have a heritage to be proud of, then there is no point in making that a part of our modern lives. Bring in Vastu in your home and welcome prosperity, wealth and happiness. The troubled times are over now.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vastu Shastra & You!

Vastu Shastra
Home is the only place, which gives us ultimate peace and serenity. A home is the place where we spend most of our time. However, in this time, the trend has been changed a bit. Due to globalization, work culture and environment is changing everywhere. Mostly people are working for some organization, spending a major chunk of the day at work. They come home just to sleep; hardly 4 to 5 hours they spend while awake, that too just for cooking their food or managing stuff. So, ultimately, people spend most of their times at home as well as work.

Now, let’s get deeper. At home, bedroom is the place where we spend most of that time. As we sleep and relax in bedroom only. Now-a-days, most of our tasks are shifted to bedroom besides sleeping; for example, reading, watching TV, working on laptop and many more. Who sits in the living room?

Another major corner of our homes is kitchen. As we cook food here; our health therefore is totally dependent on this area. So, ultimately, main areas to focus are – Home, Bedroom, Kitchen and Office.

Hence, we need to make these areas 100% compatible to give us comfy life. Check here if your place of living suits you:

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Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of construction consisting of the precepts of the nature’s law that affects human dwellings. Since ages, these precepts are being followed (especially in India) for constructing various Hindu temples and buildings. The Vastu Shastra not only covers the architecture of a building, but also the interiors; say – paintings, vessels, furniture, sculpture, vehicles and many more. This age old structures are still standing tall with grace due to their divine construction strategy, that is, Vastu Shastra. Who would not like to use this science to create divine vibes around?

In order to ease you, we have brought a space to help you find all the answers – Vastu E-book

You may find the Vastu collection of AstroSage here - Vastu

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