Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Vastu Shastra & You!

Vastu Shastra
Home is the only place, which gives us ultimate peace and serenity. A home is the place where we spend most of our time. However, in this time, the trend has been changed a bit. Due to globalization, work culture and environment is changing everywhere. Mostly people are working for some organization, spending a major chunk of the day at work. They come home just to sleep; hardly 4 to 5 hours they spend while awake, that too just for cooking their food or managing stuff. So, ultimately, people spend most of their times at home as well as work.

Now, let’s get deeper. At home, bedroom is the place where we spend most of that time. As we sleep and relax in bedroom only. Now-a-days, most of our tasks are shifted to bedroom besides sleeping; for example, reading, watching TV, working on laptop and many more. Who sits in the living room?

Another major corner of our homes is kitchen. As we cook food here; our health therefore is totally dependent on this area. So, ultimately, main areas to focus are – Home, Bedroom, Kitchen and Office.

Hence, we need to make these areas 100% compatible to give us comfy life. Check here if your place of living suits you:

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Vastu Shastra is the ancient science of construction consisting of the precepts of the nature’s law that affects human dwellings. Since ages, these precepts are being followed (especially in India) for constructing various Hindu temples and buildings. The Vastu Shastra not only covers the architecture of a building, but also the interiors; say – paintings, vessels, furniture, sculpture, vehicles and many more. This age old structures are still standing tall with grace due to their divine construction strategy, that is, Vastu Shastra. Who would not like to use this science to create divine vibes around?

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