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Why Jupiter, Saturn and Mars have additional Aspects?

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By Mrityunjai Ojha

Have you ever heard an astrologer telling you about some planet looking at other planet? Sometimes, they use the term “Drishti” for this action of looking, which is a Sanskrit word. However, in English, when a planet looks at other planet, the process or action is known as ‘Aspect’.

Each planet has 7th or direct aspect. It means that each planet aspects the planet sitting 7 houses across; and is called direct aspect because 7th is always vertically opposite. But, Jupiter, Saturn and Mars has additional aspects; and in this article, we are going to analyze its reason. This is a question that arises into astrology students' minds and astrology books don't answer it well. This question can be answered in many ways and let me share my views on it.

First way to look at it is based on the distance and placement of the planet in solar system. Mercury, Venus and Moon are placed between Sun and Earth. As Sun is the source of energy and light, Sun’s energy comes to Earth directly from Sun, Mercury, Venus and Moon. Due to this, these planets have only 7th aspect.

On the other hand, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn are outer planets, means Earth is placed between Sun and these outer Planets. So, energy from these planets comes to the Earth due to reflection like we throw torch light on mirror and gets the reflection. Due to this reflection, these planets have additional aspects in 3 ways. It depends on their distance from Earth as it becomes wider and squarer as the distance increases, like Mars is 78.3 million km away from the Earth and Mars has 4th and 8th aspects, Jupiter is 624.4 million km away. So aspects from Jupiter becomes a bit much wider, having 5th and 9th aspects.

Saturn is more far away from Earth, that is 1.25 billion km. So, it gets the most wider aspect like 3rd and 10th. We can say that God has placed these planets on a specific position and distance to affect us.

There is another way to understand additional aspects of planet by the way of signification. In astrology, Mars tells about property, happiness, life, death and many more. In astrology, property and happiness are related to 4th house whereas longevity is related to 8th house. That is not all, Mars is a soldier, and protects the land, which is signified by 4th house. Mars is also considered thief that gives unearned and hidden money; these matters come under 8th house. Mars fights with enemy and denotes fight and death, that may be another reason for giving Mars 8th aspect. Seeing this resemblance of Mars to the matters related to 4th and 8th house, I believe that he has been given 4th and 8th aspects.

Similarly, in astrology, Jupiter tells about children, education, intelligence, religion, spirituality, luck etc. Education, children and intelligence come under 5th house; and religion, spirituality and luck come under 9th house.That is the reason Jupiter has been given 5th and 9th aspect.

Saturn tells about will power, Karma and allied things. Will power is attributed to 3rd house in astrology and Karma is attributed to 10th house. No wonder that Saturn has been given 3rd and 10th aspect. Saturn is also about stability, hard-work and patience. These are the matters related to 3rd house in astrology. That may be the reason for giving Saturn additional aspects of 3rd and 10th.

So to conclude, I believe that the placement of planets in solar system is one of the reasons. Another reason could be the resemblance of planets results with certain houses. Astrology is such a vast subject that I am sure there will be more reasons. Still, I hope that I would have been able to satisfy your curiosity to some extent.

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