Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Reiki: The Power of God

Reiki is an occult healing art, discovered by Mikao Usui. Though the roots of Reiki lie in India yet the discovery of its methods lie in the various corners of this world. Gautam Buddha, Jesus Christ or Lord Krishna, as per mythologies only God has the power to do such miraculous things. However, we all have this thing in us - that just needs to get activated.

We humans have everything in us, but only few of us collect the guts to accept this fact. Unless you accept that you are special, nothing can be done. Once you start believing, the powers of entire cosmos seems to be generating in you. As we are concentrating on Reiki here, let’s start with it.

First of all, most of you must be wondering - What is Reiki?

We have a solution for your trouble, click here - What Is Reiki?

Though Reiki power lies in everyone, but it is very difficult to activate. Till date, self activation method is unknown. However, you can get attuned by a Reiki Grand Master, who has enough power to create Reiki healers. Apart from attunement, one has to learn the techniques of performing this art and only a right master can do that. A small mistake in the procedure may waste your efforts of healing as it will be ineffective.

Click Here To Learn Reiki

So now you know how to become Reiki healer. What after that? Obviously, you will heal. But, what is Reiki healing - do you know that? Click here - What Is Reiki Healing & How To Heal With It?

So, this was enough to initiate Reiki. If you wish to know further, you may click here - About Reiki

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