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Chennai Express: Numerology Analysis

Chennai Express movie review

ShahRukh Khan and Deepika starrer Chennai Express was released in India on 9th August 2013. Chennai Express has earned Rs 100 crore at the box-office over the opening weekend, the fastest Rs 100-crore earner in the history of Indian cinema.

Whenever a Shahrukh movie is on the floors, it is expected to create hype and controversies. Chennai Express is no exception. Ever since the first promo hit the screens across the country, people have been waiting for the releasing date of the movie. People were also looking forward to see the Shahrukh Khan and Deepika Padukone together after a really long time. Before Chennai Express, Shahrukh and Deepika were seen together in Om Shanti Om. The audience loved their chemistry then, and is yet again excited to see them. It is star studded film loaded with love, drama, romance with a sprinkle of comedy.

Before talking about the astrological aspects, let us talk a little about the main attraction of the movie - King Khan. The major reason of attracting such huge crowds to theaters is Shahrukh Khan. His name is enough to make a difference. Shahrukh is famous for using an aggressive promotion policy. Earlier also he aggressively promoted RaOne, which went on to become a huge success. With the same zeal and strength, he went on to promote Chennai Express and the the results are here. Many people feel that his ways are too over the top and but all his strategies were rendered successful. Joining him on screen is the sizzling beauty Deepika Padukone. With this they expected to repeat their first success of Om Shanti Om. She also commands a huge fan following and there are a of people who go to the theater to watch her. Like expected Chennai Express has become a huge success by crossing the 100 crores benchmark.

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A part of the audience cribbed about the film's content but Chennai Express refused to slow down. Let’s see what astrology and numerology reveal about the success of Chennai Express.

Astrologically speaking, the film was released on Shukla-Trithiya tithi. This is considered as an auspicious day to start any important businesses. The Karana on that day was – Taitula, which is very auspicious to start any venture to get name and fame. It seems like this factor has worked really well in their favor.

Let’s see the magic of release date 9th August 2013. Number 9 is very lucky for ShahRukh Khan as number 9 rules over Mars, which is ShahRukh Khan’s birth month November’s number.

The date totals to 5 (9+8+2+0+1+3). Number 5 is birth number of both - the Heroine Deepika and Director Rohit Shetty. Deepika was born on 5th Jan and Rohit Shetty was born on 14th March.

Last but not the least, the film’s title Chennai Express numerologically totals to 56, which further totals to 2, which is King Khan’s birth number!

Well! It can very well be said that the magic of Shahrukh Khan, Numbers and Stars worked together to make Chennai Express a huge success.

The film was destined to get mega success. The analyses show that all the factors worked in the favor of Chennai Express. All this explains the gigantic success of the film. We wish all the very best for the future of the movie and hope that it continues fare well. Enjoy your weekend with friends, pop corn and Chennai Express.

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prasant nair said...

It earned well because of its paid previews initiated on aug 8 itslef... even the overseas release... otherwise,if the movie was released purely from 9th...the film wouldnt have earned more than 43 crs...

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