Friday, August 16, 2013

Dreams: My Communication With Brain

“I was thinking about you and night was doing its job. I was being enveloped in the gothic sleep gradually. And, without my consent, I was pushed into a dream. A dream of you, holding my hand. Alas, I am in my room. Sun is bright and the night has left. Will that dream ever come true?”

Dreams and brain

Sleep is the part of our everyday life. It is like charging up our body for day-to-day tasks. But, even while sleeping, we don’t relax. As soon as we close our eyes, we are taken to the world of dreams. Our brain never stops. A sleep may relax our body, but dreams keep our brain awake. Brain is very powerful. No human has yet identified its efficiency. The power of brain is still unexplored; and dreams are the part of this extraordinary being - brain!

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Dreams have always been a topic of discussion amongst psychiatrists, physicians, philosophers as well as occultists. You dream, wake up and everything repeats as you had seen in dream... It feels so weird and awestrucking, but you ignore it considering it a coincidence. It happens to you various times, but you ignore. Sometimes, you see a dream and understands its meaning after some days or years. With the help of dreams, your brain tries to communicate with you and let you know all what it has analyzed. Your fear, anxieties, bliss or tensions; brain analyses everything and tells you the possibilities analyzed. Still, we keep on underestimating the power of brain.

 Dream interpretation
We all have got brain, but the composition differs as per our bringing up. Hence, some become good artists, some scientists and some nothing. Today, at this space, we will concentrate on the dreams. Dreams are the easiest way to read the analysis of our brain.

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It is never bad to be a dreamer. Everybody has a dreamy side. Being dreamy is not about being irresponsible or lazy. It is about working hard in imagination for something. So, utilize your dreamy side and start dreaming! Now, sleeping for 8 hours won’t be a waste because now you know that - that is the only time to communicate with your brain.

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