Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Pranayam: Wake up to a Glorious Sunshine

Tired and exhausted? We wake up in the morning complaining of total lack of energy. Like life has nothing bright to offer. Like all colors have lost their charm and color. Bring back that lost color and wake up to a glorious sunshine every morning. Though being an ancient science, Yoga has become the buzzword in the past few years. And though everyone is talking about it no one knows how exactly should we make that a part of our daily life. Let us try beginning with the basic Yogic Practice which is called Pranayam.

The word Pranayam is made up of two words, Prana meaning vital energy and the Ayana meaning flow. Therefore we get that it means to intentionally direct that flow in a way which can provide us with maximum results. God has blessed us all with immense energy. But during the course of life we tend to forget that we are nothing but a storehouse of energy. Pranayam is that method which first makes you realize this fact and then helps you walk down that path.

Prarayam comes with a horde of benefits. It regulates the body temperature and helps it to inhale more oxygen. Also it is soothes the mind and develops a calm demeanor. Pranayam is also a perfect start before you go into meditation. It sets the mode for the body and the mind to begin the journey of meditation. There are different types of Pranayam.

Prana is the vital energy, to control it would mean to control the self and the universe alike as the entire universe is made up of Prana. Come, explore and harness the treasure of energy that you have. Give a sweet turn your life. Flow in harmony with nature and you will begin to enjoy life like never before.

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