Monday, August 26, 2013

Balaram Jayanti - “Adi Guru’s Birthday”

This year Balaram Jayanti is celebrated on the 26th of August 2013. Balaram Jayanti also known as appearance day is the birthday of Lord Balarama.

Krishna and balaram

Lord Balarama is the 21st incarnation of Lord Vishnu. It is also said that Lord Balarama is an incarnation of Lord Krishna himself. Hence, Lord Krishna and Lord Balarama are one and the same with different physical forms. Their stories of childhood fun and the adventures in their youth are many.

Lord Balaram was the son of Vasudeva and Devaki. He was the seventh son, while Lord Krishna was the eighth. Legend says that, to kill king Kansa, the cruel ruler of Mathura, Lord Vishnu made Lord Balaram and Lord Krishna took avatar on earth. It is believed that the two were incarnated from two strands of Lord Vishnu’s hair. One was white which incarnated as Krishna in devaki’s womb, while the other one was black, which was incarnated as Lord Balaram. But in order to save Balaram from being killed by Kansa, he was transferred into the womb of Rohini who was the second wife of Vasudeva, hence the name “Rohini Nandan”.

Balaram is also known as “ Lord of beauty and strength”. It is believed to get the blessings and if one has to please Lord Krishna, he first have to please Lord Balaram and get his blessings. This explains why he is called the “Adi Guru”, which means the first spiritual teacher.

Being Lord Krishna’s elder brother, Lord Balaram assists and helps Krishna in executing all the worldly duties. He is known as the creator of both material and spiritual world. It is believed that the foremost incarnation of Lord Krishna was Sankarsana, who is none other than Lord Balaram. This is just to please and serve Lord Krishna is his transcendental pastimes.

Lord Balaram and Lord Krishna are worshipped with the same devotion by one and all. May their blessings be showered on you all !

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