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Friday, August 31, 2018

Venus Transit in Libra Tomorrow, Know Its Influence

Important astrology predictions for 12 Zodiac signs! Venus will transit in Libra on September 1, 2018. Read here to know its astrological significance and influence on your life.

In Astrology, Venus planet signifies all worldly pleasures including art, love, beauty and materialistic comforts. Its strong presence in a person's Birth Chart brings comforts in their life, vehicle, foreign tour and happiness in marriage. Venus is also the main factor for life partner, therefore, it influences their marital life.

On September 1, 2018, Venus will transit in Libra at 11:46 PM in the night. It will remain in this sign till 08:58 PM in the night on January 1, 2019. This transit will be highly significant and fortunate for some of the natives, while may create problems for others. Take a look at how Venus transit will influence the lives of the natives of all 12 Zodiac signs:

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Venus Transit In Sagittarius: Effects On You

Venus, an indicator planet of amusement, is transiting into Sagittarius on 6th January, 2014. Just like other transits, this transit will also bring favorable and unfavorable results for all the 12 signs. Let us see what are these effects.

Venus is entering into Sagittarius on 6th January, 2014. Let’s see the effects of this transit on every sign.

Aries: During this time period, you will achieve immense success on work front. Your relation with your business partners, professionals or customers will improve. You may go for business trips during this time period. Along with this, your pride & honor will increase. Your family members will come closer to you. 

Taurus: Due to Venus transit, there are possibilities that you will get promotion as per your expectations. This transit indicates that family life will be good for you. Also, you will come closer to your parents and mentors. There are bright chances that your mind may divert toward religious acts and life related philosophy.

Gemini: During this time, try to stay away from wrong activities. Do not involve in any activity which may harm your image. There are chances that you may get money all of a sudden. However, you have to keep a watch on your expenses. You need to avoid unnecessary journeys. Remain cautious about your health.

Cancer: During this transit, you will perform well in your job and business. Your income will increase. Also, this transit is bringing good time for you and you will enjoy a journey. You will connect with new people, due to your extrovert nature. Your family life will be happy; however, some health problems may give you a bit of worries. 

Leo: You will perform well in job; however, extra work may make you feel restless. You need to have control on your expenses as well. Do not deteriorate relations with females. Try to stay away from wrong activities. Your opponents may try to harm you; therefore, stay alert. You need to take care of your health also, during this period.

Virgo: During this duration, you may get attracted toward opposite gender. Your family life will be happy. Your most awaited wishes will fulfill during this transit. You may get good news through phone. You will get interested in arts and music. Your social circle will increase as well.

Libra: During this period, you may get a good opportunity which will increase your income. Your domestic life will be happy. Your efforts will be successful, during this transit. Your rank and prestige may increase; therefore, your opponents will not get success in their plans. Journeys will give positive results. Overall, it is a good time for you.

Scorpio: At this time, luck is in your favor; therefore, you will get success everywhere. Your job circumstances will improve. Also, you will feel enthusiastic and energetic. Your social circle will increase. Short journeys and family life will give you happiness. 

Sagittarius: During this time period, your income will increase. You may get unexpected funds; however, domestic expenses may arise. You will enjoy good time with females. Some auspicious event may take place in your family. You will deal with unfavorable situations very smartly.

Capricorn: During this period, the more you work hard, the more your income will increase. You will find interest in music and literature. You will feel happy from the positive environment around you. You will remain happy all the time. You may get attracted toward opposite gender. Married or love life will also be good. 

Aquarius: In this duration, you may spend money for amusement. You will enjoy your married and love life. But, keep a control on useless wishes and desires as they may harm you. You will become financially strong due to this transition. Stay alert from your opponents and competitors.

Pisces: All your efforts will give positive results, during this transit. Addition of a family member is also possible. Your most awaited wishes will get fulfilled. Your friends and well wishers will support you. Journeys will prove good for you. Though, there will be expenses, but your income will stay constant.

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Friday, September 27, 2013

Venus Transit in Sagittarius: Effects on You

By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

On 30 October 2013, Venus, the significator of luxury will enter into the sign Sagittarius which is the sign of its enemy planet Jupiter. Therefore, there will be ups and downs in the market. Agriculture may be harmed to some extent. People of the country may face a few diseases but let's know the effects of this transition on your sign.

Aries: With continued efforts your income will rise. Family life will be happy and favorable. You may get promotion according to your wish. You will get honor from senior officials. Relations with parents and elders will be harmonious. In this period of time journey to distant places is possible. Your mind may divert towards spirituality.

Taurus: You will get continued support from relatives. There is possibility of sudden financial gain still your expenses need to be controlled. Avoid doing any activity which can harm your reputation. Don't let romantic thoughts disturb you. Avoid unnecessary journeys. Take care of your health.

Gemini: There would be rise in your income. Company of females would be beneficial. Your socializing nature will help you to connect with many people. Family life will be happy. You will do great in your job and business. You would be inclined towards music and fine arts but you may face minor health problems.

Cancer: You may feel tired due to excess work but things on your work front will improve. Keep a check on your expenses and take care that your relation with any female does not get affected. At this time you should avoid romantic thoughts and should take care of your health. Opponents may get strong so be careful. 

Leo: There will be increase in social honor and prosperity. Social centre will increase and you may meet old companions. You will be attracted towards towards the opposite sex. Family life will be happy. Awaited desires will be fulfilled. You will take interest is arts and music. You may get any good news through any source of communication.

Virgo: Benefits from journeys are likely. There may be increase in the number of family members. Family life will remain happy. There might be some sort of celebration in the family. Opponents won't succeed in harming you. You may get any beneficial deal. Success in efforts is assured. There will be rise in your position and honor and income will also increase. 

Libra: During this time period there will be benefits from short journeys. There will be benefits in work front too. Your contacts will increase. Everything in the family will be prosperous. You will remain excited and energetic. Your wishes will turn true as luck is in your favor. With the support of siblings and friends you will get success in your work.

Scorpio: Income will increase. You will enjoy the company of females. Fondness for delicious and costly food will increase. An auspicious event will take place in the family. You may also spend for personal commodities. You will dwell well with family members. You will handle situations very cleverly.

Sagittarius: During this time the atmosphere around you will be prosperous. With little hard work you can increase your income to a great extent. Interest in arts, music and literature is there. You will feel attracted towards females. You will feel happy and joyous. The time is also good for love and marriage.

Capricorn: Time is ordinary for financial aspects. You should be careful from enemies and opponents. You will enjoy extremely good married and love life. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. But it would be good if your control spending on materialistic things, otherwise some problems may arise. .

Aquarius: You will get happiness from family. Siblings will be helpful. Journeys will be beneficial. Relations with friends and associates from every sphere of life will be good. Though expenses will be more but also there will be earning. Awaited wishes and desires will be fulfilled. There will be success in every effort.

Pisces: There will be increase in your reputation and honor. Behavior of relatives will be good. There are possibilities of business trips. Spending on luxury items is assured. During this time you will deal successfully with unfavorable situations. You will get immense success on work front. Your relations with business associates will improve.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Venus Transit in Libra on 6th September 2013: Effect on You

हिन्दी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus indicates luxury and glamour. It is entering into its own zodiac sign Libra on September 6, 2013 leaving Virgo, which is considered a debilitated sign for Venus. It is going to be in Libra till October 2, 2013. Those who are facing dissonance in their married life might get some respite. Women related crimes may seem decline too. Those associated with showbiz and cosmetic industry will reap benefits. Let’s see how this transit is going to affect you:

Note: These predictions are based on your Moon signs. Click here to know your Moon sign.

Venus transit in Libra

Venus Transit for Aries

Your income will be on the rise. You will also witness harmony in your family life. You have a very friendly nature that will help you connect with many people. You may also feel attracted toward music, arts, different fragrances and cosmetic products. Also, a sojourn for pleasure is also on the cards. You are going to be benefitted by accompanying the persons of opposite sex. You will do well in your business. Though, you might face some diseases during this period that are not going to be serious in nature.

Venus Transit for Taurus

You might have to toil a lot during this period, but the conditions are going to improve at your workplace. Your opponents might strengthen, so stay cautious. Keep a check on your spending and do not let any strife take place with the persons of opposite sex. Try to avoid sensual thoughts and pay more attention to your health.

Venus Transit for Gemini

You will get fame and happiness during this period. Your social circle will expand and you will meet your old friends and colleagues. Some good news may also reach you in this period. Attraction toward someone from opposite sex can also be felt. Family life is going to be harmonious. This time may also fulfill some old desire. You will feel inclination toward arts and music.

Venus Transit for Cancer

The number of your family-members may increase during this period. Family life is going to happy. There are possibilities of some function taking place at your home. You will be benefitted by travelling. Enemies will not be able to cause any harm. You will gain better position and fame along with increase income. Some beneficial opportunity might also come your way. Your efforts will yield results. All in all, this is a very good time for you.

Venus Transit for Leo

During this time, your social circle is going to expand. Everything will be good while travelling and in matters related to family. You will witness better job conditions. Being a good time, it will fulfill your several desires. You will feel full of energy and enthusiasm.

Venus Transit for Virgo

An auspicious function may take place in your family during this period. You might spend for domestic things. You are going to treat your relatives well and will become a source or their joy. Income may increase. You might get some fast money too. You will feel attracted toward persons of opposite sex. Your appetite for expensive and tasty dishes might ignite. All the circumstances will be faced by you with intelligence.

Venus Transit for Libra

Your surroundings are going to be full of happiness during this period. Arts, music and literature would attract you. You will feel inclination toward persons of opposite sex. This is a good time for marriage and romance. If you can put in some hard work, this time may prove to be beneficial for reaping more income too.

Venus Transit for Scorpio

During this period, you will feel marital bliss and get sensual pleasures. You might spend on luxurious items. However, it is going to be better if your exercise some restraint on your passion or it might create some trouble for you. You should stay cautious from your opponents and competitors. Economically, it is going to be an average time for you.

Venus Transit for Sagittarius

You will enjoy a happy family life during this time. There may be increment in numbers of your family members. Siblings would perform better in their respective areas. Some of your desires may be fulfilled. Efforts are going to be successful. Friends and associates will help you. Travelling will be beneficial. You will have a good relationship with friends and associates in different spheres of your life. There may be some increment in expenses; still it will be leveled by your income.

Venus Transit for Capricorn

Your fame will rise and people will respect you. Behavior of family members is going to be very positive. Business related travelling is a possibility. An important success is awaiting you in your career during this period. Your relationship with those related to business and trade would improve. You will pile up several things with the time and might spend on luxurious items. You are going to face difficult situations adroitly.

Venus Transit for Aquarius

Even a bit of hard work on your part will increase your income manifolds. Family life is going to be happy and harmonious. You might get the much awaited promotion as per your desire. Those who are higher in positions and your seniors may help you. A good relationship with parents and mentors is also quite evident during this time. Long-distance travelling has a strong possibility for you. You might get inclined toward religious things and higher philosophies related to life.

Venus Transit for Pisces

Family members are going to be quite helpful during this time. You can get some money suddenly. Still it will be wise if you control your spending. You need to stay cautious. Refrain from any such act that can spoil your name. Do not let lustful thoughts overcome your intellect. Give some more time to your health and fitness. Also, try to avoid travelling without definite purpose.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Venus Transit in Cancer

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
Venus Transit
हिंदी में पढने के लिये यहाँ क्लिक करें।

Venus is considered the significator of beauty, enjoyment and luxury. Venus will transit from Gemini to Cancer on 23rd June at 1 A.M and will remain there till 7:32 P.M of 17 July 2013. Let us see the transit’s impact on different Zodiac signs.

Aries: The time is great for you as your reputation and income will increase. There will be happiness and prosperity in your family. Short travels will be favorable for you and you will succeed in your attempts. Also, your mother will support you in all your attempts. It can be said that this time period will be fruitful for you from every aspect.

Taurus: During this time period you will be highly enthusiastic and energetic. You will interact with a lot of people and will progress professionally. Short travels will be comfortable and fruitful. Prosperity will spread in the family and siblings will stay happy.

Gemini: Relationship with your family will strengthen and there will be increment in your income. Your family will organize an auspicious event. Further, you will enjoy the company of women. You will indulge in eating expensive and delicious food. Also, you will spend a lot of money in buying things for your house. There will be general atmosphere of happiness and bliss with all members being together.

Cancer: You will be happy and blissful during this time. The atmosphere around you will also be positive. You will interact with a lot of women. Work a little harder and it will increase your income. You will take a serious interest in music and literature. Good times for you as you will get the support of your family.

Leo: You will spend a good amount of money in luxuries of life. Attraction to opposite sex will increase. Further, there are chances that your rivals will try to harm you. Do not take them lightly. Though this is not a bad time for you financially yet it is advised that you should avoid spending too much money.

Virgo: You will succeed in all your attempts during this period. Friends and well wishers will be supportive. Most awaited desires and dreams will get fulfilled. Prosperity in the family and compatibility between siblings will flourish. Your expenses will increase but income will be enough to handle them.

Libra: This time will come to increase your reputation and respect. You will achieve a great amount of success in your profession. With time you will start saving money but will simultaneously spend on luxurious items. Your family will be supportive and caring. It is likely that you will travel a lot due to work commitments. Further, you will be able to get out of all the odds due to your consistency and determination.

Scorpio: Your relationship with parents and teachers will be cordial and sweet. You will be appreciated and felicitated by people who are well placed in life. During this period your capability to fight with unfavorable situations will increase manifold. If there is an expected promotion then it will be exactly as per your desire. You will be tilted toward performing religious and philosophical activities.

Sagittarius: This time period is not very favorable for you. It is likely that your reputation might get maligned due to a controversy or scandal. This time is not good in terms of your health as well. However, there are chances that you might have a sudden financial gain but your expenses will also increase simultaneously. You will enjoy the support of your family.

Capricorn: During this period your behavior with everyone will be that of courtesy and respect. You will stay away from arguments and controversies. There is a high probability of an enjoyable journey in this time. You will work diligently in your business or job. Due to hard work you will achieve a substantial increase in your income. There are chances that you will fall sick but overall the time will be prosperous for you and family.

Aquarius: This time is not very favorable and it is advised not to get involved in immoral activities. Your work and daily routine will be affected due to some health related issues. You will rise professionally. It is advised that you should develop the skill of resistance during unfavorable conditions. Also, keep a check on your expenses.  

Pisces: Venus is in your 5th house, which will attract you towards the opposite sex. It is likely that you will experience good times ahead. In addition to this, you reputation and prosperity will increase. Family life too will be happy and blissful. Dreams and desires will get fulfilled during this time. Further, it is likely that you will meet old friends and socialize a lot.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Venus Transit Beneficial for Film Industry?

By Pt. Hanumaan Mishra
On 17 March 2013, 3 planets are conjoining in Pisces. Mars is already posited in Pisces since 4 March, whereas Sun has transited there on 14 March. Now, 3 planets will conjoin on 17 March when Venus will enter Pisces on this date.

Each planet has its own features and affect the subject in a unique way. This time, the article is describing the saga of this unique planetary conjunction. Mars, Sun and Venus; all are considered as very strong planets. Impact of these planets affect one’s life in quite a unique way, especially when all 3 of them will combine together. Let’s know what effect this conjunction will put on you and world as well as nation.

Amongst 5 elements of the universe, each planet is associated with one element. Sun and Mars are the planets of element fire, whereas Venus belongs to the element water. Now, we will throw some light on the effects of this conjunction over nation.

If Medini Astrology is taken into consideration, this conjunction (especially position of Sun) is painful for Northern India. Recent terrorist attack on Srinagar has proven this fact correct. In South, some controversial situations may arise. Some international relations might get weaken. Transformation in certain policies and agreements are possible. Situations like fights and wars may arise at some places.

It seems that nation is going through a hard time under this conjunction. Let’s move further to know how this conjunction will affect our environment.

Possibilities of cyclones are there. At some places, it would be a little cold due to rain, but this will not continue for long. Conjunction of 2 fire element planets will make 1 water element planet suffer, hence heat will increase dramatically in weather. It means that weather would be cold in between at times but for a very short span of time, whereas heat will increase rapidly.

Bollywood is a buzzword in India. Everybody is always keen to know about the happenings of Tinsel Town. That is why we have also predicted for Bollywood and Bollywood lovers.

For Film Industry too, this time doesn’t look very positive. Films releasing in this time should not be expected to be providing a huge business. Even after performing well, viewers will feel that artistes are not performing well.

Venus is in conjunction with Mars, therefore people allied with Film Industry should drive carefully. Especially, actresses need to stay more cautious because a film artiste might become the victim of an accident, or life may fall in risk. A film artiste or actress might get trapped in a legal trouble. Controversy may arise due to a film in South India. Therefore, people allied to the film industry should take each step carefully.

Finally, we close the predictions on this conjunction here. Everything seems disturbed. However, it is also good for some. We cannot take this coincidence entirely negative. Everything has its brighter side. Just keep your hopes high and put best efforts, you will come out with flying colors in all facets of life. Even planets support the ones who carve their destiny with hard work.