Thursday, August 29, 2013

Awadhe Warriors vs Mumbai Masters - IBL 2013 Astrology Prediction

Indian Badminton League
By Acharya Raman

Like IPL, We are now witnessing IBL – India Badminton League. It is indeed good for the players and all are wishing that it gathers TRP to continue, online and offline. It is a good initiative and such things should also start for hockey and football. Hockey is our national game and is cornered due to the popularity of cricket. There were in fact, no sincere efforts ever made to make hockey popular. There will be several matches in this tournament and I am again trying to offer the results of the matches of this newborn IBL.

Every match will be a best of three games, with the third game a race to 11 points. In the first two games, the two-point gap rule has been dropped, so the first player to reach 21 points wins. There’ll be a minute’s break after the seventh and 14th points in the first two games and after the sixth point in third and final game.


Awadhe Warriors Vs Mumbai Masters
Bangalore, 29th August, 20:00

Ascendant Lord: Jupiter: 21
Moon star lord: Mars: 9
Moon Rashi Lord: Venus: 9
Day Lord: Jupiter: 21

Winner : The result is 0 so team 2 Mumbai Masters will win the match

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Unknown said...

It did not happen. Where we missed out in the predictions. . .