Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Venus Transit in Cancer (August 7, 2014) - Will Venus Bring The Auspiciousness?

The transit of Venus in Cancer will be seen on August 7, 2014. Venus is an influential planet for acquiring materialistic pleasures. Let us read and know the effects which will prevail on all the zodiac signs, as described by astrologer ‘Rekha Kalpdev’.

Transit of Venus in Cancer is on July August 7, 2014

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On August 7, 2014, Venus is transiting from zodiac sign Gemini to zodiac sign Cancer. Jupiter, Sun and Mercury are already present in this zodiac sign. Jupiter is inimical with Venus, cordial with Mercury and also, Venus is cordial with Mercury and shares similar bond with Sun. Venus is considered an influential planet for acquiring materialistic pleasures. But, its association with Jupiter leads to mental stress. The association of these four planets will bring some unexpected results. It is necessary to inform you that this conjunction will be short lived, but its result will be sudden and unexpected for sure.

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The result will vary according on different zodiac signs as per their Bhava (house) and Dasha (period). People of some zodiac signs will be benefited, while others with Gemini, Sagittarius, and Aquarius zodiac signs might face negative consequences.
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