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Weekly Horoscope 2014 (August 4 -August 10) - How To Get Success In The Coming Week?

What are the secrets of becoming successful in the coming week? How to manage your work to get maximum advantage of time? Know about all this by reading the weekly horoscope given by ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’. Read on to know more about your fortune.

Read weekly Horoscope 2014 for all the Zodiac Signs from August 4 to August 10.

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There will be some domestic troubles in the beginning of the week. Some worries are possible regarding the life partner’s health. You may have to work hard in the middle of the week but, it will not produce the expected results. Spend some time in worshiping god and perform charity, it will be good for the peace of mind. Weekend will be favorable for work at workplace.

This week will give you mixed fruits. Application of planning will take place on a slow pace during the beginning of the week. Although you are ready to fulfill all your dreams. All your worries and energies will be engaged in that direction only. Possibilities of sudden travelling are there in the middle of the week. But, take special care while driving. Attachment to religious work is possible during weekend.

You will get benefitted by your eloquence in beginning of the week. Your aspirations will become extreme now. You will get support from friends. Middle of the week will alleviate your problems, specially, job related problems. Sudden financial gain is possible. It is a good time for investment. But, take care of mother’s health as it might get affected. Be careful while doing any work during the weekend.

Glumness is possible during the beginning of the week. Some domestic issues can give you worries. Although, you will be successful in management related works and social issues in middle of the week. Success in assured in any competition during the weekend. You will feel extreme enthusiasm in yourself, due to some thought. Small distance travel is possible. Old friends and plans will be there to help. Differences going on between your and your partner will get resolved.

You will feel energetic in the beginning of the week. Short distance travelling is possible. In the middle of the week, your mental energy will remain on a good level. Success is assured in the fields of progeny, education, politics, travel, and property. Success is also possible in discussions but taking care of your health is also important. It will be beneficial to control your speech. Weekend will be pleased if you can do this.

The starting of the week is less favorable for financial matters. The time is not favorable for any big expense. It is also very important to control your speech this time. The more social you are, the more success you get. Relations with seniors or officers will improve during the middle of the week. You will get different opportunities of success in career. You will get support of friends and relatives during the weekend but, take care that you don’t hurt your dear ones.

Your may get news of achievements made by your near ones. You will be highly enthusiastic by their success. A bit pressure will prevail on you in office in the middle of the week. There should be carefulness in conversation with seniors. Unwanted expenses are needed to be controlled. You will be benefitted by the hard work, but you will have to take unwanted decisions. Domestic issues are also possible.

You may face problems by the sudden and unwanted expenses in the starting of the week. But, if you are associated with hospital, foreign and custody, the time is favorable. You will step up in right direction in the middle of the week. You will be motivated by new techniques and plans. There is a massive admiration in the weekend due to your efforts. You will get opportunity to spend time with brothers and friends.

Beginning of the week is quite good for the people of this sign. You will get opportunities showcase your talent to everyone. But some unwanted issues and expenses can prevail in the mid of the week. You are required to control your diet during this time. You will become creative by the middle of the week. Gain of wealth is foreseen in the weekend. However, you may have to face mental troubles.

Success is foreseen in the business matters, but you may face problem in coming to any decision. However, it would be good to go ahead with strong determination. Incomplete work will be completed by the middle of the week. A new coordination will be there between you and your new and old friends. Your prestige will increase. Expenses are likely to increase. You will be able to achieve targets by your continuous struggle, by the weekend. Don’t take decisions emotionally.

Success is foreseen due to hard work and manhood in the beginning of the week. You will also be benefitted by your destiny. News that you will get, are going to be really important for you. Although there can be a lot of work, but you will be able to complete it. Gain of wealth is foreseen in the middle of the week. Respect and reputation will increase. In the weekend, there can be stomach related problems or you can also face mental disturbance.

Beginning of the week is less favorable comparatively. You may face some problems during this period. However, you will get a job if you are searching for one, by the mid of the week. Prepare yourself for future and try your luck in every possible situation. You can also be searched or asked for a special work. Unexpected gain of wealth is foreseen. Business opportunities will come on your way and love relationships will become strong. Result of your hard work will come by the weekend.

By  Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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