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Weekly Love Horoscope 2014 (August 11 - August 17) - Want To Be Charmed By Your Beloved?

Love is all about tenderness and adoration. But where would your beloved’s tender fingers take you to? We are here to tell you about your love-life for the coming week through Weekly love horoscopes. With predictions from astrologer Rekha Kalpdev, it’s your time to discover what your heart speaks.

Weekly love horoscopes tell you about romance, marriage and possible affairs for the upcoming week.

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If we talk of time, it acts like a fluid. It flows with a perennial momentum. If you try to hold water, your hands would definitely get moisted down, although you won’t be able to hold it. Similarly, one can never hold time. Now, let’s talk more about time.

Time is like a container of nostalgic moments, which can be either good or bad. Even if we cannot alter our past time, we can definitely change the time that is going to arrive in future. Want to know how? Through the Weekly Love Horoscopes, you will get to know each and everything that will occur in your love-life in the coming week; hence, you can act accordingly. This will tell you about romance, marital life, and also the remedies needed to protect our love get eroded down by negative forces.

During the starting of this week, Moon will be in your eleventh house. Such a celestial position of Moon will help in intensifying your love relationships. Hence, you will be able to carrying out an affair, with seriousness. If you are involved with someone for pleasure, this time will be favorable and enjoyable for you. This is a good time to get attracted to the opposite sex. In short, the starting phase is predicted to be good for you. While in the mid phase of this week, you are likely to face some fractional issues in love. Although, situation will be under your control. This is an auspicious period for married couples. Chances for your marriage are arising. You are advised to keep a check on your speech, by end of the week.

The position of Moon in your tenth house will bring in auspiciousness in your love-affair. This is a good time to start new relations. You are likely to spend pleasant and romantic moments with your beloved; you may also take him/her for an outing. Conversations are likely to be filled with jolliness and zist, during this week. Things will get accomplished if they are related to love. However, this is not a very favorable time for married couples. Ego is likely to affect your relationship with your spouse. Hence, you should be clear and frank while resolving issues with your partner. You are advised to take utmost care of your spouse’s health. The end days are not prone to provide satisfaction to the lovers.

Moon will be in variations in your sign ranging from ninth, tenth, and eleventh house. Being in your ninth house, Moon might prove to be troublesome for love related matters. During this period, Moon is aspected by Mercury and Sun. Therefore, the first half will not be satisfactory for love affairs. This will dump an overload of tasks on you, which is not related to love. `In the next few days, you may befriend someone and the friendship will soon grow into a deeper relationship. You are still inclined toward people of opposite gender. The mid part of the week is auspicious for married ones; this will make relationships intense. To inculcate better understanding, there should be two-sided effort in a marriage keeping in mind the likes and dislikes of each other.

In the starting of the week, Moon is in your eighth house. Hence, you might not feel the magic of love and romance, as expected. Mars, the lord of the fifth house, is in fourth house in conjunction with Saturn; hence, irrelevant rifts are likely to come into light. In general, this is likely to be an adverse period for you. You may also get troubled by a past relationship. Hence, you should be cautious to avoid further problems. During the end phase, love related matters are likely to improve, but, with some efforts. Married persons are likely to be gifted with familial pleasure from his/her spouse. Thus, we can say that this is predicted to be the comeback of romance in your life. Don’t miss out to fetch the benefits of such an auspicious period.

This week will bring in mixed results, if we talk about love related matters. Moon is in your seventh house, in the starting of this week. Hence, this will be a pleasant time for married ones. A love relationship may bloom into the ceremonial knot of marriage, if they have regarded their relationship with seriousness. You are likely to get busy in marriage related stuffs, the whole week. For your delight, you will get the chance to express your feelings to your beloved with love and pleasantness. Although, the mid days of this week are not very favorable. Your interest in persons of the opposite sex is likely to be on an incremental note. This will be the perfect time to get absorbed in moments of happiness and entertainment. The end days are likely to bring in some pleasant moments for both, married life and love affairs.

Days of the mid part of the week are predicted to be auspicious and pleasant for love. The starting of the week might not be very satisfactory, although, the mid phase will fetch you benefic moments in love related matters. Relationships will get intense, during this period. You are likely to exchange emotional experiences with your beloved. You are suggested to have faith in love; do not let distrust overpower your relationship. The time is favorable for marital life, as well. Although, you should take care of your spouse’s health. New love affairs are right down the corner for you. You might have thinking to pamper your beloved with a pleasing gift; hence, expenses may rise a bit. The end part of the week will not be very good. Take care of your tone while you talk to your partner, as it may disappoint him/her.

Overall, this is likely to be an extremely satisfactory week for love, although, the first half of this week will not be very favorable. During the first half of this week, you may have doubts on your love or relationship. This might bring in stressful situations in your life. During the end days, your aspirations and desires are likely to be fulfilled. Marital life will be pleasant and refreshing. You will get more involved with domestic tasks; your spouse will play an important role in this. A new relation is likely to enter your life. Your love life will move on smoothly in a jolly manner. A long conversation on phone is likely to take place, during the period. Sexual desires are also in an enhanced stage.

You are suggested to take special care of your closest being i.e. your lover. This will intensify your relationship; you are likely to come closer to your beloved in distressed situations. There is a suggestion for the married couples that you should try to keep a check on your anger. There is a possibility to go on a pilgrimage with your spouse. Try to avoid discussing work related matters at home. You should not discard even the minute details related to your life-partner, be it a suggestion, advice or a problem. The mid part of this week is not very favorable for love related matters. Hence, you should not be over-enthusiastic and you are advised to deal things with maturity. Try to act patient and at peace to overcome opposite circumstances.

The first half of the week is favorable for romance and fun. You are likely to share your feelings and experiences with your friends; you may also get into a nostalgic mode. You are likely to befriend a person, who resides in a distant place. You are advised to take care of your health and cut your expenses made on friends. You will get busy with matters other than love in the mid part of the week; hence, your love relations might not sustain. For the married ones, this might be a great time to travel places with your spouse. Material pleasures might bring a stagnant momentum in your marital life. Troublesome conditions will finally end in the end days of the week; you are likely to intensify your relation with your spouse.

During this time, Moon is in your second house. This might be a stressful week ahead, if we talk of romance and love affairs. You are suggested to avoid being aggressive and egoistic while talking to your beloved. Do not blame your partner as a part of false accusations on him/her. It’s the time to act with patience even if you are not at fault and address yourself to your lover with a lot of patience and maturity. You can distract him/her to another topic, as this might ease off the situation. This is likely to be a fair week for married couples; however, they might feel the lack of friends’ circle. The mid part of the week might bring in a pleasant time in some relationships. You are advised to have a control on your feelings. During this week, you should try to avoid having conversations that might hurt your partner.

This will be a week of ups and down; in short, a mixed week ahead for you in love related matters. The first and the end part of the week will be favorable for you. However, during the mid-part, you might feel that the magic of love is missing somewhere and this is likely to hurt your tender feelings. Being cautious will be good for you, keeping in consideration the predictions of this week. However, luck might favor your love affair this time. Hence, things will turn up to be normal by the end days of the week. You should try to stay away from taking multiple feedbacks in your marital life; this will delay the inauspicious time in your relationship. Try to please your life-partner by being consented with each of his//her decision or feelings. Lovers should try to overcome minute problems that might otherwise be a hurdle in their relationship.

You should handle relations with extreme care and caution. Things are likely to be serious , owing to the unfavorable celestial positions of planets. Hence, you should deal things with maturity and sensitivity. The starting of the week might not be very favorable for love, although, things will change by the second half of the week. You may start a new chapter in your love-life. You are likely to face pleasing moments in your domestic life. During the end part of the week, an exchange of ideologies, thoughts, and feelings will take place between you and your beloved. This will bring in moments of happiness and pleasure in your life. In such a situation, trust will increase between the two partners. You are advised to stay alert from opponents; they might be trying hard to add a hint of bitterness in your relationship.

By: Rekha Kalpdev

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