Sunday, August 10, 2014

Astrological Day Planner (10.08.2014)

Do you want to know what this day will bring in your life? Want to know the astrological aspects of the day? Know the effect of planets on your Zodiac signs. Get everything at one place, AstroSage! Check everything along with today’s Panchang in detail.

Auspiciousness Of The Day!

Today is Sunday. Today’s day is dedicated to the Lord Sun. It is auspicious to complete all the government related tasks today. Including that, the day is also suitable for paying taxes and tax scheduling.

The time of today’s sunrise in Delhi is 05:47 and for sunset is 19:05.

To know the time of sunrise and sunset for your city, click on the link given below:

Sunrise & Sunset Time Of Your City

Let’s now have a look at today’s Panchang.

  1. The day is under Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) of Shravan month in Shree Samvat 2071; Shak Samvat 1936.
  2. Sun is is transiting into Dakshinayana and rainy season is going on.
  3. Due to the termination of Chaturdashi Tithi (Fourteenth day), today is Purnima Tithi.
  4. Today, Moon is posited in Shravana Nakshatra (Shravana constellation) and is transiting in Capricorn.
  5. Today is Ayushman Yoga and Vishti Karana.
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Today’s Rahu Kaal

Starting any new work in Rahu Kaal is considered inauspicious not only in South India, but all around the country. Rahu Kaal period is cross checked everyday before commencing any important task. Before undertaking any work, keep in mind today’s Rahu Kaal. Rahu Kaal does not show its effect on work that has started before the beginning of Rahu Kaal.

Today’s Rahu Kaal period in Delhi will be from 17:25 to 19:05.

To check Rahu Kaal period of your city, click on the link given below: Check Rahu Kaal Of Your City Here

Fast Of The Day

As per beliefs, worshiping Lord Sun on this day blesses with promotion, improvement in relations with seniors and increase in self confidence. Today, Shravani Purnima Punyakaal will remain in Shravana Nakshatra till 22:38. Purnima Vrat can be observed during this period.

Today is Raksha Bandhan, a festival that celebrates the sacred bond of brother and sister. Sisters observe fast and tie Rakhi around their brother’s hand. Narali Purnima is celebrated in Maharashtra on this day. Jhulan Yatra will end today in Pradosh Kaal and today is Hayagriva Jayanti. Today, Balbhadra Puja is performed in Orissa. Including this, toady is Saloni Rakshi Bandhan and Sanskrit Day.

Tithi Of The Day

Today, the God is Lord Chandra (Moon). Worshiping Lord Chandra is auspicious for the betterment today.

Best Trading Time

Completing activities of daily life according to the right Muhurat is not easy. But, if we consider auspicious Muhurat during an important work, it not only gets completed easily, but the objectives related to the work are also achieved. Chaughadia Muhurta can produce favorable results for traders, merchandisers, wholesalers, share brokers, wealth appropriators and import - export traders.

In Delhi, auspicious Chaughadia are as follows:

07:27 to 09:07
09:07 to 10:46
10:46 to 12:26
14:06 to 15:46

Auspicious Chaughadia for evening for sale and purchase is as follows:

19:05 to 20:25
20:25 to 21:46
21:46 to 23:06

Click Here To Know The Chaughadia Of Your Place

Inauspicious Muhurat

Every day has an auspicious Muhurat; likewise, every day has inauspicious time also. We should work in auspicious Muhurat and avoid working in inauspicious Muhurat. There is an increment in the distractions and failures in the work done under inauspicious time. The inauspicious Muhurat for today is given below, try to avoid this time as far as possible.

Bhadra Tithi
- Stays till 13:38

Stock Market Forecast For Today

As today is Sunday; therefore, stock market will remain closed today.

How the stars and constellations faring according to your Moon sign today? Let’s see here at:

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