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Mass Destruction Is About To Happen - Part 1

Earth has witnessed many faces of mass destruction, but this one will be the biggest. Even dinosaurs didn’t face such a horrible scene when they got extinct. Yes, it was the doomsday on earth. Another mass destruction is coming our way, let’s see what Pt. Deepak Dubey says about it.

Mass annihilation will happen in future.

Mass destruction will happen! The universe will start thundering! We will witness the most dreadful face of nature! Such a planetary conjunction didn’t occur in last thousands of years! It will be like as if the creator himself wants to destroy it all! On the basis of known facts and planetary conditions, I can say that things were not this much horrible even at the time of Mahabharata, both world wars, most fearful cyclones (or any other destruction caused by ocean), most drastic earthquakes, the condition of planets was never so terrifying as it is this time.

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According to geologists and scientists, earth changes its pole regularly, which happens once in lakhs or millions of years. Himalayas and islands of this time were once hidden under the water; and now mountains bigger than Himalayas are veiling inside the water bodies. Taking the statement of scientists as basis, we can say that whenever this kind of situation had arisen, nothing was left on earth.

On the basis of known facts, the most horrifying destruction happened at the time when dinosaurs got extinct. Dinosaur,s who maintained their dominance on earth from almost 20 crore years to almost 6 crore years ago, were the most dangerous and horrid creatures. The direct collision of earth with a meteor is considered to be the reason for the extinction of dinosaurs.

At that time, almost 95 percent of creatures on earth got abolished. At that time, the amount of water on earth was also lesser than the present time. Today, nearly 70% of the earth is occupied with water. It means that if such incident happens again, far more destruction will take place by water than earthquakes or volcanoes.

It is a well known fact that high tides mostly come on Purnima (Full Moon Night) and Amavasya (New Moon Night). There are numerous examples that show the occurence of calamities on or around the time of eclipses. The more the power of Grahan (eclipse) is and the effects of Rahu-Ketu along with other malefic planets over Sun and Moon, the more horrible is the result.

Now, I would like to discuss some major incidents and planetary situations from the history:

If we look at the planetary positions and coincidences of situations, a very horrendous and dreadful situation occurred at the time of Mahabharata. At that time also, deadly bloodshed happened and earth was shuddered. According to the historians, the great war of Mahabharata took place in the month of October, 3104 BC. Three eclipses took place at that time, six planets - Sun, Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Rahu, and Saturn were either very close or together. Sun was adversely affected by Rahu, over that Ketu and Mars were forming Angarak Yoga together. Along with this, both of these Marak Graha (deadly planets) were directly aspecting on Sun, which was already affected by eclipse and the aspect of Saturn. As a result, a fierce war took place. There are some descriptions of natural disasters too. All this was not the result of one-day-planetary-situation, but such planetary situations were forming since a long time.

Almost similar situation was there from 1942 to 1948, when not only India but the entire world was under the grasp of World War II. In the year 1947 also, solar and lunar eclipse took place, on 12th and 28th of November, respectively. Sun, Rahu, Mercury, Mars, Moon, and Saturn were very close in the Month of June that time; and infact, they remained closer for sometime before and after June.

I would also like to mention here that the most monstrous cyclones also happened during the same year, in the month of October. The speed of that cyclone was almost 250 km per hour. The most frightful and horrible cyclones were witnessed by the world in the year 1945 and 1947. As per the known facts, in between the years 1942 and 1947, more than 10 crore people died on earth, because of second world war and natural disasters.

The same kind of gruesome situation occurred again in the year 1971, when partition of Bangladesh took place. According to an estimation, almost 3 to 5 lakhs of people were dead and lakhs of people were displaced.

The war of Bangladesh was started in March, 1971. Right before its 4 months, the most disastrous cyclone ‘Bhola’ came in the eastern Pakistan, in which almost 5 lakhs people were died. All the harvest, birds-cattles, everything was wrecked. Let me also tell you that in 1971, a disastrous cyclone, tsunami, and an earthquake of 8.1 measure on richter scale occurred. Let’s now take a look on the planetary conditions.

Onece again Sun, Ketu, Moon, Mercury, and Venus are together; Sun, Moon, Ketu together in Grahan Yoga (eclipse conjunction); Rahu and Mars together; and full aspect of Saturn, Mars, and Rahu over Sun and Moon.

Number Of People Died
Condition Of Planets
December 26, 2004
Sumatra, the most disastrous tsunami of history in Indonesia, earthquake of 9.1 measure of richter scale
Almost 2 lakhs 30 thousands

Ketu, Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus very close, Saturn-Moon close to each other. Moon in the Nakshatra (constellation) of Rahu, Sun in constellation of Ketu, Mars in the constellation of Saturn and Ketu in the constellation of Mars. It means horrendous destruction.
August 27, 1883
The most dreadful volcano eruption, tsunami, and earthquake in Indonesia.
More than 40 thousands
Ketu, Saturn, Mars, Moon, Jupiter very close to each other. Sun, Rahu, Mercury and Venus also very close.
Sun in the constellation of Ketu, Moon and Mars were in the constellation of Rahu, Venus in constellation of Ketu, and Saturn in Moon’s constellation. Additionally, Rahu in Ketu’s constellation and Ketu in Rahu’s constellation.
August 9, 1138
One of the disastrous earthquake in Syria
Almost 2 lakhs 30 thousands
Mars, Ketu, and Moon together. Aspect of Mars and Ketu over Sun and Jupiter.
Sun in the constellation of Ketu, Moon in the constellation of Rahu, Saturn in the constellation of Rahu, and Ketu in the constellation of Sun, which means Sun in Ketu and Ketu in Sun.
January 23, 1556
One of the deadliest earthquake of the history in China
8 lakhs 30 thousands
Sun, Moon,and Mars in the sign of Saturn, Moon and Mars in the constellation of Rahu. Mars in Rahu and Rahu in Mars’s constellation. Mars and Saturn, the aspect of both on Rahu.
Ketu, Sun, Jupiter, Mercury, and Venus very close. Mars, Moon, and Saturn close and forming aspect relationship with Rahu.
May 22, 1927
Disastrous earthquake in China
More than 2 lakhs
Sun, Rahu, Mars, Mercury, and Venus all within 10 degrees approx. Moon and Ketu together and very close to Saturn.
August 6 and 9, 1945
Hiroshima-Nagasaki, nuclear bomb attack in Japan
More than 3 lakhs of people died instantly and lakhs are affected even today
Sun, Moon, Mars, Rahu, Saturn, and Venus all under 30 degrees approx. It means that 6 planets very close to each other.

From the given examples, we reach to the conclusion that whenever most of the planets are close to Rahu-Ketu, Sun and Moon are also under the influence of Rahu-Ketu, or if they are into any kind of relationship with Mars or Saturn, some disastrous annihilation is definite. I discussed everything in detail with date and condition of planets, so that it will be easy for you to understand the things.

Now, I am going to tell you about that date on which the planetary conjunctions are even worse than the Yoga given above. The chart given below is showing the planetary conditions of that day:

Take A Look On The Conjunction Of Planets:
  1. Debilitated Sun with exalted Saturn, along with Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, and Ketu. That means, 6 planets are together (it is a very rare Yoga, when these six planets come together).
  2. Sun is under Grahan Yoga because of Ketu.
  3. Moon is with Rahu and under the effect of Grahan Yoga.
  4. Mars is debilitated.
  5. Full fourth aspect of debilitated Mars over Sun, Ketu, and Saturn, means deadly destruction.
  6. Full tenth aspect of exalted Saturn over Mars.
  7. That means among nine planets, six planets are together, two planets are together and debilitated Mars is alone.
  8. Moon is in the constellation of Ketu.
  9. Mercury, Jupiter, and Venus, all these three auspicious planets are in the constellation of Rahu and are also combust.
  10. Saturn in the constellation of Mars.
  11. Rahu is in the constellation of Ketu and Ketu in the constellation of Rahu.
  12. Vyatipata Yoga (extremely unfortunate planetary conjunction) and the Tithi is Purnima.
I haven’t seen this kind of miserable Yoga, even in the deadliest situations on earth. Now, you must be thinking about this highly disastrous date. So, let me tell you that this deadliest situation of planets will occur almost 27 years from now.

The date of this deadly devastation is November 7, 2041.

The annihilation occurred after the birth of Lord Krishna and Krishna is considered as the complete manifestation. The prediction that I previously made about the birth of a godly manifestation on September 14, 2014 is somehow related to this event for sure.

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What can happen on this day, I will try to predict about that in my next article: Mass Destruction Is About To Happen - Part 2
By Pt. Deepak Dubey

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