Saturday, August 9, 2014

Astrological Day Planner (09.08.2014)

Get the complete planner of the day with horoscope predictions, auspicious-inauspicious Muhurats, lord of the day, Rahu Kaal and much more only at one place - AstroSage. Get to know what can be done to make your time more favorable.

Auspiciousness Of The Day!

Today is Saturday, the day of Lord Shani. This day is considered auspicious for undertaking activities like justice, legal issues, training and education related to engineering, donating mustard oil and donating black color items. Saturday is not considered favorable for bringing any iron item at home or office.

The time of today’s sunrise in Delhi is 05:46 and for sunset is 19:06.

To know the time of sunrise and sunset for your city, click on the given link:

Sunrise & Sunset Time Of Your City

Let’s now have a look at today’s Panchang.
  1. The day is under Shukla Paksha (bright fortnight) of Shravan month in Shree Samvat 2071; Shak Samvat 1936.
  2. Sun is is transiting into Dakshinayana and rainy season is going on.
  3. Today is Tyayodashi Tithi (thirteenth day in a Hindu calendar’s fortnight) and Uttar Ashad Nakshatra (Uttar Ashad constellation).
  4. Today, Moon is transiting into zodiac sign Capricorn after 09:58.

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Today’s Rahu Kaal

The duration of Rahu Kaal is considered inauspicious. Therefore, this particular time interval is not favorable for performing anything auspicious. To increase the positivity of tasks and to remove the hurdles while doing them, Rahu Kaal period is avoided. It would be good to cross check today’s Rahu Kaal before beginning anything important.

Today’s Rahu Kaal period in Delhi will be from 09:06 to 10:46.

To check Rahu Kaal period of your city, click on the given link:

Check Rahu Kaal Of Your City Here

Fast Of The Day

To prevent the troubles related with planet Saturn, saturday fast is observed. Donating things related to Lord Shani on this particular day, helps in overcoming malefic effects of Saturn. Natives who are under the effect of Shani Dhaiya and Shani Sade Sati, get extreme benefits by observing fast on this day. Today is Masik Shivratri. To seek glory of Lord Shiva on this pious day, you can observe Masik Shivratri Vrat.

Tithi Of The Day

The Lord of today’s Tithi is Lord Kamdev. To get the best of this day, you should worship and honor Lord Kamdev.

Best Trading Time

You can increase the success rate of activities to be done today by checking the auspicious and inauspicious Muhurat of the day. Be it shopping for home, going for business tour, selling or purchasing goods, accumulating wealth or signing any important deal or contract, you can use Chaughadia Muhurat.

In Delhi, auspicious Chaughadia are as follows:

07:26 - 09:06
12:26 - 14:06
14:06 - 15:46
15:46 - 17:26

Auspicious Chaughadia for evening for sale and purchase is as follows:

19:06 - 20:26
21:46 - 23:06

Click Here To Know The Chaughadia Of Your Place

General Muhurat

Whether you have to attend an important meeting, have to take a major decision, showcase your work or be it anything, you must be curious to know the auspicious and inauspicious Muhurats of the day. The auspicious Muhurats of today can help in every thing. Let us throw some light on the auspicious Muhurats of the day. These Muhurats provide results as per their names.

Sarvartha Siddhi Yoga - From 24:45 till sun rise

Inauspicious Muhurat

Like each day is having some auspicious Muhurats, similarly it is also having an inauspicious Muhurats too. We should use auspicious Muhurat and avoid the inauspicious ones. Anything done under such Muhurat leads to disappointments and failures. Today also there is one unfavorable Muhurat. Try to avoid doing anything during this time period.

Bhadra Tithi - From 27:36 till 13:38 of next day

Stock Market Forecast For Today

As today is Saturday; therefore, stock market is closed today.

How the stars and constellations faring according to your Moon sign today?

Event Of The Day

Today is Quit India Day. Mahatma Gandhi delivered a speech on Quit India on the eve of Aug 8, 1942 during Quit India Movement.

Today is International Day of World’s Indigenous Peoples. This day is dedicated to protect and improve the rights of these people.
Have a nice day!

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