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Transit Of Venus In Aquarius (March 31, 2014)

Venus will transit in Aquarius on 31st of March. Predictions have been made for each zodiac sign. So, what are these predictions? How will this transit effect you? Read this article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ and get the answers. 

Transit Of Venus In Aquarius and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Venus, the significator (Karak) of luxury, is transiting into Aquarius on 31st of March 2014, after leaving Capricorn. Both these signs are associated with Saturn, and Saturn shares friendly bond with Venus. As it is moving from an earth element to an air element, so this transit will yield favorable results. Good time ahead for those couples who were facing some disturbances in their married life. The women victimization will decrease. Film and cosmetic industries will get profitable results, during this time. 

Let’s know the effects of this transit on all the zodiac signs:

Aries: During this period, you will get extreme pleasure in your family life. An increase in the number of family members is foreseen. Siblings will also perform well in their fields. Your much awaited desires and wishes will come true. Every endeavor will produce fruitful results. Friends and relatives will support you completely. Journeys will be favorable. You will share good rapport with your colleagues and friends. Although expenses may increase, but flow of income will remain good. 

Taurus: You will see an enormous increase in your reputation and honour. Behavior of family members will remain good toward you. Some business related trips are possible. You will get considerable success at workplace. Relations with business partners and customers will improve. You will accumulate several things and might spend on some luxurious items. During this period, you will easily deal with unfavorable situations. 

Gemini: During this period, even your small efforts will lead to an increase in income. Your family life will remain happy and prosperous. If you are expecting a promotion, favorable results are possible. You will get honor and appreciation from senior officials. You will share harmonious relation with parents and teachers. During this time, you may go on some long distant journeys. You might get attracted toward spiritual or philosophical activity.

Cancer: In this duration, you will get constant support from your relatives. There is possibility of sudden financial gain. Try to keep your expenses under control. You need to be more careful about your actions. Don't do anything which can harm your status. Don't let sensual thoughts dominate your mind. It is suggested to take care of your health. Try to avoid unnecessary travelling.

Leo: During this period, you will see an increase in your earnings. Family life will give you pleasure. Your social nature will help you in connecting with different people. You may get attracted toward music, fine arts or beauty. You may go for entertainment. You will get benefit from the company of females. You will do well in your business. However, you may face some minor health issues.

Virgo: During this time, workload may make you restless; however, conditions at your workplace will be your favour. You need to be careful from your opponents. Try to keep your expenses under control. During this time, make sure not to spoil relations with females. Avoid sensual thoughts and take care of your health.

Libra: Your social pride and happiness will increase during this period. Your social circle will increase, and you will get a chance to meet old friends. Some good news is also expected via communication medium. You will feel attracted toward females. Family life will give you happiness. Your much awaited desires will get fulfilled. At this time, you may inclined toward music and arts. 

Scorpio: During this period, there is possibility of an increase in family members. Your family life will give you happiness. There is possibility of some family get together. You will get benefit from travelling. Opponents will not be able to harm you. There will be an increase in your honor and reputation. You may get any profitable deal. You will get success in your efforts. Overall, this time will remain in your favour.

Sagittarius: During this period, your social circle will increase. Small trips and family life will be pleasurable. Situations at workplace will improve. This proves to be a fortunate period and your every desirable work will accomplish. You will feel highly enthusiastic and active.

Capricorn: There is a possibility of some auspicious activity in your family. You might spend on some household products. You will enjoy quite good time with family members. Income will increase. You will get an increase in your income. You may gain money from via some shortcuts. You will spend quality time with females. You will feel tempted for expensive and delicious food. You will deal with circumstance very smartly. 

Aquarius: During this period, the environment around you will remain cheerful. You will also feel joyous and happy. You will show interest in fine arts, music, and literature. You may feel inclined toward females. This time is good for married couples. A little effort at work front can help you to increase your earnings.

Pisces: During this period, you will experience extreme pleasure in your love and married life. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. But it’s better to keep a check on your spending nature, otherwise it may lead to some problems. Be careful from your opponents and enemies. This time has mixed results from financial point of view. 

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