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Flowers: Not Just Beauty But Healers Too

The beautiful creation of nature, flowers, are not just for beauty. They can heal the spiritual and emotional imbalances in your life. It is the part of meditation and heals depression & stress. Read this article to know more about healing through flower essences.

The energy of flowers used as a healing tool for humans.

Flowers act as a mediator between universe and microcosm organisms. They give you happiness, when you see them or smell them. That’s how they connect with you. You feel loved and pampered with flowers. The imbalances in life can be cured from the essences of flowers. Looking at a flower is same like looking at your soul which is pure and clear. You can find your soul with the help of flowers. So, when flowers are so important, let’s understand their role and importance in healing the mankind.

What is Flower Essence Healing?

Flower essences are the herbal mixtures which are prepared from the flowering units of the plants. It is believed that flower essence helps in dealing with mental and emotional stress. 

These essences work from the vibrations of flowers. The traditional use of flowers in healing is known as Flower psychometry. These essences link our mind to the flowers and reduces the pressure from brain; thus, healing your depression. There are certain species of flowers which are used in healing your body and mind. The essences are known to be vibrational medicines which heals through vibrational energies.

How To Use Flower Essences?

It is very important for you to know the correct way of using flower essence. Here are the points:

  1. Flower essence can be taken orally (under the tongue from the dropper).
  2. It can be taken after mixing in little quantity of water.
  3. Flower essence can be imbibed directly by the skin, if mixed in the bath tub.
  4. After making the essence dosage, you can spray it in your surroundings. 

Some Flowers & Their Healing Properties


Helps to cure wounds, insect bites, burns, pimples, and acne. 



Effective against skin allergies, cold, and wounds. 



Is used for skin problems and minor wounds.



Improves blood circulation and is effective for heart diseases.



Reduces stress, anxiety, fatigue, and lowers swelling.



Soothes the tired eyes.

Role Of Flower Essences

Flower essences are said to be very effective and safe. They are applied in a liquid form. Flower essences have no side effects. The combinations of mixed drops of flowers acts well in healing depression. 

A flower dies soon, but the positive energy can be utilized by the therapy of flower essences. Sunlight acts as a basic source of converting the energy of flowers into the benefic form. The power of flowers is captured in the colors. These colors are used to act as a healing tool for humans. Different colors have different benefits. The blue color of flowers create an essence which works as a soothing medication and even antiseptic. Yellow color essence is good for digestion and helps in fighting fear.

Benefits Of Healing Through Flowers

Benefits of flowers or flower essences help you to be in flow with day to day life. Let’s have a look at some of the benefits of flower essences:

  • Flower essences help in fighting fear
  • They increase the level of confidence 
  • Flowers heal depression and anxiety
  • They build up good digestive system
  • Flowers give motivating energy
  • They overcome emotional issues
  • Mental disorders can be cured through flower essences

The colors of flowers are not just the reason for its benefits. Every flower has a particular energy, your body chooses the one for your wellness.

So, this was all about the healing through flowers and flowers essences. Utilize this energy of flowers and live happily every day. We wish for the best of you.

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