Thursday, February 20, 2014

Know What Your Lips Say About You

Ever wondered that ‘lips’, the most catchy feature of your face reveal a lot about your character? No matter how you portray yourself to others, pattern of your lips speak a lot about your true personality. Our astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ has tried to explain the connection between your lips and your identity. 

Know your personality through prediction based on your lips

Lips, the most attracting feature of face, says a lot about feelings and personality. After reading this article, you will easily get to know the nature of anyone you will meet. 

I am not saying this on the basis of astrology only, but as per psychological studies also, pattern of one’s lips can reveal a lot about him/her. For example, lips can tell whether a person is involved in a crime or about one’s outlook toward a particular profession. If you are interested in astrology or phrenology, then this article is very useful for you.

हिन्दी में पढने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें।

We all know that when we meet any person for the very first time, then we find difficulty in mingling with them as we know nothing about them. However, when we get to know some important details about them then it becomes easy to interact with them. According to phrenology science of astrology, there are some signs which helps in knowing the nature and important details of a person. As we all know that lips of every person are different and these variations in their lips can help in predicting a lot about their personality. Let’s throw some light on the behavior of people according to the pattern of their lips: 

While meeting someone, the first thing we notice is his/her face. We feel good when we see smile on someone’s face. After analyzing lips of a particular person, their behavior, ethics, and working attitude can be easily predicted. Many things get cleared when we carefully notice lips of someone. 

Pink lips:

Individuals with pink lips are well behaved, kind, and intelligent. With their well mannered nature, they get success in influencing others. For this reason, they have many friends.

Long lips:

Some people have longer lips than the usual ones or have comparatively bigger mouth. These people like to eat well and love exploring varieties of delicacies. However, these people are short tempered, but their temper settles down soon. 

Small lips:

Small lips are the lips which are small, thin, and pale. These individuals love showing off. Also, they keep on making efforts to impress others. 

Tempting lips:

According to phrenology, such lips are red, even and gentle. These lips indicate interest in artistic things. People with these lips are beautiful, art lover, and well mannered. They earn respect and honor in society and family.Their aim in life is to reach height in their profession and gain achievements.

Thick lips:

People with thick lips than usual are very aggressive by nature. Their mood changes instantly i.e. at one point they seem very loving and suddenly, become aggressive. We can say that these people are quite stubborn and get angry over small issues. Such an attitude lands them in troubles many times. For women, these lips are not good as their obstinate behavior results in domestic issues. 

Embossed lips:

Individuals with embossed lips have lack of courage. Such people find difficulty in dealing with a tough situation. Sometimes they find difficulty in tackling even the minor issues. 

Narrow lips:

It is very difficult to identify the people who have lips. These individuals have mysterious nature. However, they are very good at planning, but they keep their plans hidden. 

We are sure that after reading this article, you will get to know yourself more closely with the knowledge of your lips. This was for today. To know more on lips according to phrenology science, don’t forget to read tomorrow’s blog. 

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