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Astrology Has The Power To Affect Our Lives Directly: Usha Saxena

AstroSage is once again back with an interview of an expert astrologer. Today, we will talk to our expert astrologer ‘Usha Saxena’. The lady with expertise in countless fields, be it career, marriage, education, health, gemstones, or Muhurats. So, what are we waiting for? Let’s begin...

Astrologer Usha Saxena’s interview is now here to enlighten you about the mysteries of astrology.

Q#1: How did you get interested in astrology initially? What made you come into the field of astrology as a profession?

Astrology is the science of intangible questions of unknown and unpredictable situations. Why is it so, what will happen tomorrow - these are the common questions everybody wants to know about. As far as I am concerned - how I got interested in astrology - we have to go back a few years. "bookworm" is the word which describes me best as it suits me well (Jupiter in fifth house, Saturn in ascendant). With the age, my subjects of interest got changed and my focus shifted to philosophy, homeopathy and astrology (Jupiter in fifth house, all these subjects are indicated by Jupiter). With the time, people got to know about my interest in astrology and they started coming to me asking for advice. When my predictions proved to be accurate and number of people approaching me for solutions started increasing, it greatly boosted my level of confidence. To continue with this work smoothly, some discipline was necessary and, therefore, I took it as my profession sincerely.

Q#2: What astrological system do you use and why?

I use Vedic Astrology, as it is the base of every other astrology system.

Q#3: Any incident related to astrology in your life or your prediction, which created impact and that you want to share with our readers?

I would like to share an astrological incident related to me. Around 30 years ago, an astrologer from Agra predicted after considering my Kundli (birth chart), “Why is she not in the astrology field? She would have made a big name for herself if she was in this field.” And it’s true that my interest grew more in astrology after it and my efforts toward mastering it increased.
Talking about any of the predictions made by me, which proved right, would be vanity. However, there is an incident that can help understand the accuracy of astrology. In 2008 while on my way to America, I met a very popular woman. She continued talking to me during the whole journey. During the conversation, she mentioned that she was very upset about her son who had left home because of his girlfriend. She gave me his birth-details and after going through his Kundli after 3-4 days, I assured her that her son would come back to her as the relation between him and his girlfriend has no future. After few days, she called me and informed that the girl had died due to some health issues. I didn’t get a chance to analyze the girl's birth-chart. That lady, after some time, got me interviewed on “Voice of America” radio-station.

Q#4: What are your suggestions for budding astrologers or for those who’re interested in this subject?

A piece of advice from my side for the people who are interested in astrology or are looking forward to pursue it as a career - astrology needs very profound study and one should take it quite seriously in order to advise people correctly as it has the power to directly affect others’ lives. And, therefore, one might charge for rendering one’s services, but one should never prescribe remedies just for the sake of making more money. Do not confuse people and spread superstitions.

Q#5: According to you, which are the best astrology books that one should read?

To build a strong foundation, the best books referred are the astrological classics such as Phaladeepika and Saravali etc. These are the must-read texts. If you develop sound understanding of underlying astrological principles, you will be able to tread the right path later.

Q#6: What would you like to say to the users of

To all the AstroSage readers, I want to say that many changes and developments are taking place, several researches are being carried out in astrology with the changing time. Even more research is required. Keep a scientific view toward astrology and then accept it; do not accept is as a superstition.
वेदस्य चक्षु: किल शास्त्रवेतत प्रधानत अंगेषुयुक्ता ।
अंगेंन्यर्तोन्येरपि पूर्णमूर्ति चक्षुर्विना क: पुरुषत्वमेति ॥
Vedasya Chakshuh Kil Shastravetat Pradhanat Angeshuyukta |
Angenyartonyerapi Purnamurti Chakshurvina Kah Purushatwameti ||
So, this was how and when astrologer Usha Saxena entered into the field of astrology. We hope, this interview has inspired you to know more about astrology.

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