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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Transit Of Venus In Aquarius (March 31, 2014)

Venus will transit in Aquarius on 31st of March. Predictions have been made for each zodiac sign. So, what are these predictions? How will this transit effect you? Read this article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ and get the answers. 

Transit Of Venus In Aquarius and its effect on all zodiac signs.

Venus, the significator (Karak) of luxury, is transiting into Aquarius on 31st of March 2014, after leaving Capricorn. Both these signs are associated with Saturn, and Saturn shares friendly bond with Venus. As it is moving from an earth element to an air element, so this transit will yield favorable results. Good time ahead for those couples who were facing some disturbances in their married life. The women victimization will decrease. Film and cosmetic industries will get profitable results, during this time. 

Let’s know the effects of this transit on all the zodiac signs:

Aries: During this period, you will get extreme pleasure in your family life. An increase in the number of family members is foreseen. Siblings will also perform well in their fields. Your much awaited desires and wishes will come true. Every endeavor will produce fruitful results. Friends and relatives will support you completely. Journeys will be favorable. You will share good rapport with your colleagues and friends. Although expenses may increase, but flow of income will remain good. 

Taurus: You will see an enormous increase in your reputation and honour. Behavior of family members will remain good toward you. Some business related trips are possible. You will get considerable success at workplace. Relations with business partners and customers will improve. You will accumulate several things and might spend on some luxurious items. During this period, you will easily deal with unfavorable situations. 

Gemini: During this period, even your small efforts will lead to an increase in income. Your family life will remain happy and prosperous. If you are expecting a promotion, favorable results are possible. You will get honor and appreciation from senior officials. You will share harmonious relation with parents and teachers. During this time, you may go on some long distant journeys. You might get attracted toward spiritual or philosophical activity.

Cancer: In this duration, you will get constant support from your relatives. There is possibility of sudden financial gain. Try to keep your expenses under control. You need to be more careful about your actions. Don't do anything which can harm your status. Don't let sensual thoughts dominate your mind. It is suggested to take care of your health. Try to avoid unnecessary travelling.

Leo: During this period, you will see an increase in your earnings. Family life will give you pleasure. Your social nature will help you in connecting with different people. You may get attracted toward music, fine arts or beauty. You may go for entertainment. You will get benefit from the company of females. You will do well in your business. However, you may face some minor health issues.

Virgo: During this time, workload may make you restless; however, conditions at your workplace will be your favour. You need to be careful from your opponents. Try to keep your expenses under control. During this time, make sure not to spoil relations with females. Avoid sensual thoughts and take care of your health.

Libra: Your social pride and happiness will increase during this period. Your social circle will increase, and you will get a chance to meet old friends. Some good news is also expected via communication medium. You will feel attracted toward females. Family life will give you happiness. Your much awaited desires will get fulfilled. At this time, you may inclined toward music and arts. 

Scorpio: During this period, there is possibility of an increase in family members. Your family life will give you happiness. There is possibility of some family get together. You will get benefit from travelling. Opponents will not be able to harm you. There will be an increase in your honor and reputation. You may get any profitable deal. You will get success in your efforts. Overall, this time will remain in your favour.

Sagittarius: During this period, your social circle will increase. Small trips and family life will be pleasurable. Situations at workplace will improve. This proves to be a fortunate period and your every desirable work will accomplish. You will feel highly enthusiastic and active.

Capricorn: There is a possibility of some auspicious activity in your family. You might spend on some household products. You will enjoy quite good time with family members. Income will increase. You will get an increase in your income. You may gain money from via some shortcuts. You will spend quality time with females. You will feel tempted for expensive and delicious food. You will deal with circumstance very smartly. 

Aquarius: During this period, the environment around you will remain cheerful. You will also feel joyous and happy. You will show interest in fine arts, music, and literature. You may feel inclined toward females. This time is good for married couples. A little effort at work front can help you to increase your earnings.

Pisces: During this period, you will experience extreme pleasure in your love and married life. You will spend on comforts and luxuries. But it’s better to keep a check on your spending nature, otherwise it may lead to some problems. Be careful from your opponents and enemies. This time has mixed results from financial point of view. 

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Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Sun Transit In Aquarius (February 12, 2014)

Sun, the King of all the planets, will transit into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that it will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, bringing some positive results. To know what this transit has for you, read this article. 
Sun transit in aquarius is taking place on February 12, 2014.

The King of the planets, ‘Sun’ is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. It will turn Uttarayan on February 14, 2014, when it will transit into Capricorn. Sun in Uttarayan has been praised to deliver benefic results. Following would be the likely effects of the transit on the different zodiac signs (as seen from the rising ascendant/Lagna):


Benefits from education/academic front are foreseen. In case you are married, then benefits from/to the children are very much there. Pleasant change in the income pattern are possible. It is a good time to showcase your talents to your boss and seek related benefits.


Excellent transit with regards to professional life. Sun would be casting its extreme brilliance to deliver professional excellence. You may get benefits from your seniors/boss. The family atmosphere would be very charged up and there may be some auspicious occasion in the family.


There may be some long distance pilgrimage taking place during this transit. Your efforts are likely to bear good results and you would be lucky all round. You would be running high on energy level. This is also a time for fresh activities/endeavors.


Sun would be transiting in 8th house; therefore, you may face some problems in issues related to placement. We suggest you to take good care of your father, during this time. Also, you should act smartly at professional front, keeping an eye on your boss/senior’s behavior. Avoid getting into any conflict. 


Now is the time when you will spend some quality time with your spouse. Do not focus on small issues, as they may hamper your happiness. It may be a good time for those who are looking for suitable alliances to get married.


Your enemies would be at bay. You would inculcate a complete fighting back spirit. Before making any expenses, seeking advice from someone will help you. At this time, take good care of your father. Spend wisely and act competitively in all situations. Avoid any kind of nasty encounter with the law.


Your children are likely to gain importance during this transit. You should appreciate your children, if they make you feel happy. Also, it is a good time for conducting Puja/Hawan and Mantra recitation. You may gain financial profits from speculations. 


During this time, be careful while driving. You may find difficulties in balancing your professional life and personal life. It is advisable to seek support from your father regarding your decisions. Praising your boss during this time period will help your professional life.


Some short distance journey is on the cards and don’t be surprised if it happens to be a pilgrimage. During this time, you may become short tempered. It is advisable to focus on unfinished business/tasks. This is a good time to enter a government project, if you are into business. Your father is likely to get benefit, during this transit.


You should stay close to your family and take good care of them. Some sudden events are likely to take place. During this period, keep a check on your words. Trying unnecessary efforts to impress others to get your work done will not help. It is advisable to stay low during this transit.


Your spouse is going to act a pillar of strength and support. Appreciate his/her closeness, during this transit and reciprocate in similar manner. If you are into business then your business partner will act as a strong ally. At this time, try to spend more time with family and friends rather than in isolation. Appreciate all the good things around yourself.


During this period, be careful in your loan/debt transactions. Also, be cautious while lending money to someone. This is a good time to get rid of your enemies. Your father is likely to go on a journey/tour. At this time, take good care of your father’s health. 

Stay Blessed !

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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Retrogression of Mercury in Aquarius (February 7, 2014)

Mercury will retrograde in Aquarius on February 7, 2014. Till February 28, 2014, it will reside in the same sign. This retrogression will bring favorable results for some signs, and non-favorable for others. To know what these effects are, read this article. 

Mercury transit in Aquarius

Mercury will be getting retrograde in Aquarius on February 7, 2014. Till February 28, 2014; it will last in the same sign. Being a humane planet, Mercury takes the attributes of planets conjoined with it. This time Mercury will be joining Sun from February 13, 2014. 
Let’s read the general effects of this retrogression on the natives:

Aries: At this time, luck may not favor you much and legal matters might get delayed. It is suggested to be careful, as conflicts with friends and younger siblings are possible. Keep control on your expenses or they might rise up. You may feel annoyed from your servants. Take care of your communication gadgets, as they may not work properly. 

Taurus: During this time, be careful and refrain from making speculations and trusting anyone blindly. We suggest you to invest carefully. Windows of your house may need renovation. Your children may feel physically weak, which may affect their academic performance. It is suggested to carefully analyze the electrical wiring of your house and office. Love life may see some ups and downs. 

Gemini: You may find difficulty in making decisions. During this time, your popularity will increase. You will do good deeds and will get good results in return. We suggest you to take care of your mother’s health. Due to your own laziness, your work may get delayed. 

Cancer: There will be an expenditure on trivial things. You may overcome from your debts, with time. It would be good if you stay self-dependent, as friends may not support you. You may feel distracted and therefore, you may not pay attention in family activities. Be careful, as conflict with spouse is possible.

Leo: During this time, you may get short tempered. You may spend on your spouse. There may be some delay in getting finances. Friends may not support you and differences may pop up. Your partner may become demanding. You may enjoy pleasure of union.

Virgo: At this time, take good care of your health. Children of this sign may face some problems. You may face some troubles in your personal life. Secret desires may inculcate within you. Authorities may not support you.

Libra: This time is challenging for those who are into entertainment media industry. You may face some troubles in your personal life. At this time, luck may not prove much favorable for you. You may find duality in choosing your future steps.

Scorpio: During this time, you will witness progress at work front. You may plan about selling your current home and buying a new one. It is suggested to take care of your thighs and ankle, during this period. You may get money from scrupulous sources.

Sagittarius: You may go on some short trips with your family; though, these trips may not yield fruitful results. You may go to a holy place. Problems in personal life are foreseen, at this time. Workfront may give you some challenges; however, things will get resolved soon. 

Capricorn: During this time, you may gain through debts. It is suggested to take care of your father’s health. Luck may not favor you, as per expectations. Your maternal uncle may visit you. You may face some issues with your subordinates. 

Aquarius: This time demands wise thinking. You may face troubles in concentrating. You may feel annoyed and restless, during this time. 

Pisces: You may go for a leisure trip. This transit won't be having much effects on you, be it favorable or unfavorable. There will be travels due to work. You may face There may be some problems in getting things in order. You may also face problems while communicating with others.

Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Transit of Sun In Aquarius (12 February, 2014)

Sun is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that this transit will affect the political leaders, media and may result in inflation. But, how will it affect you and your sign? To get the answer, read the article and the possible estimations.

Transit of Sun in Aquarius is on February 12, 2014.

On 12th of February, Sun is transiting into zodiac Aquarius and will stay here till 14th of March. Zodiac sign Aquarius represents Saturn. Sun is considered to be the King of planets and Saturn is believed to be the servant. So, we can say that a King is going to a servant's place. This transit is clearly pointing toward political ups and downs. Further, it is taking place on Wednesday; hence, increase in unusual comments from political leaders are also foreseen. Volatile situations may also pop up in politics. Along with this, due to news or media, some problems may also rise up. Inflation, disputes in ruling parties and disharmony are highly possible. Diseases may also spread. Let’s take a look on the effects of this transit on the zodiac signs.

These predictions are based on your Moon sign, please click here to know your Moon sign: Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: Sun is posited in your 11th house; therefore, your wishes and desires will come true. Also, you will get immense benefits from contracts and deals. Increment in salary is also possible. During this phase of time, you will enjoy harmonious time with your lover. 

Taurus: Transit of Sun in your 10th house will give you success in business or job. This time is good for promotion as well. In this duration, you will get support from your seniors. Business trips will bless you with fruitful results. Financial troubles will come to an end.

Gemini: As Sun is transiting in your 9th house; therefore, you will get mixed results. You will meet senior officials, which will prove fruitful. You may also go for some religious journeys. It is important for you to take care of your parents. This time is good for financial matters as well.

Cancer: Sun is transiting in your 8th house; therefore, some unfavorable situations may suddenly pop up. During this time, you should refrain from illegal activities and suspicious deals. You may have to deal with traffic many times. It is suggested to maintain caution while driving.

Leo: Movement of Sun in your 7th house is indicating troubles from your business partners. Avoid getting into conflicts with your spouse. You may feel stressed and mentally ill. We suggest you to take care of your health.

Virgo: Transit of Sun is happening in your 6th house; therefore, improvements at job front are expected. Troubles will end. Reputation and position will increase. You will get victory in disputes.

Libra: Sun is transiting in your 5th house; hence, avoid confusions and deep thinking. This transit will raise your zest and hilarity; however, this time is not that favorable for love and romance. Unexpected trip is also possible.

Scorpio: Transit of Sun is happening in your 4th house. As a result, your workload may increase and you may feel restless and tired. Concern for health of parents is also possible. Any household machinery item may stop working.

Sagittarius: Transit of Sun in your 3rd house will result in harmonious domestic life. Relation with friends and relatives will also improve. During this period, you may plan to buy an expensive phone. Health will remain good. Short trips will prove fruitful and will result in prosperity.

Capricorn: Sun will reside in your 2nd house; therefore, this time is to take caution about the financial matters. Family life may get affected. Your computer or laptop may face some technical problem. Trouble related to eyes and mouth may affect you.

Aquarius: Sun will stay in your 1st house; hence, your temper may increase. You may visit eye specialist. Short trips are possible. You may get benefits from public sector or government.

Pisces: Sun is in your 12th house; therefore, avoid taking decisions emotionally. Relation with friends and relatives will improve. During this time, you may face traffic while traveling. Expenses will rise up. Be careful in investment matters. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Transit of Mercury In Aquarius: March 12, 2014

On 12th of March, 2014; Mercury is Transiting into Aquarius. Predictions say that the transit is favorable for students and may hit the prices of gold and silver. To know how will it affect you, read the article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’.

Mercury In Aquarius

Though, Mercury has already transited into Aquarius on January 26, 2014; but, it moved into Capricorn on February 18, after undergoing retrogression. It became direct in Capricorn leaving retrograde motion on February 28, 2014; and, is once again transiting into Aquarius on March 12, 2014. The zodiac Aquarius is the zodiac sign of Saturn. Here, Mercury will remain aspected by Jupiter; therefore, this time may prove favorable for learners and students. Religious thoughts will develop among the masses. Political leaders will get conscious about their responsibilities. They will work for the betterment of common people. Prices of gold and silver may fluctuate, unexpectedly. Same can be said for the prices of food grains. Now, let throw light on the effects of this transit on our signs:

Aries: In this duration, friends and colleagues will help you. You wishes and desires will get fulfilled. You will get good news about your brother or best friend. During this time, you will make many friends.

Taurus: During this period of time, you will show hard work & dedication in every aspect. Your business might also expand. You will enjoy some auspicious event at home. Environment in family will be quite harmonious. Gain of vehicle is also possible in this time.

Gemini: Due to your intelligence, you will get immense profits. You will perform better in your business. During this time, you will get good results from any journey. Due to your influential way of speaking, you will be able to convince others.

Cancer: This period of time may ask for hard work. Your workload will increase and you may feel frustrated. This time demands hard work from you. Due to work overload, you may feel frustrated to some extent. It is suggested not to make mess over small issues. Avoid unnecessary journeys. Take care of your family. 

Leo: During this time, your business will expand and will do wonders. You will get support from females in your work area. Fruitful journey is also possible. You will make profitable deals and your partners and colleagues will support you.

Virgo: Due to transit of Mercury, things at your job front will improve. However, health issues are possible. We suggest you to keep a check on words while you speak. Avoid going on journeys.

Libra: During this time period, you will get immense respect due to your intellectual abilities. You will get success in new business. This time is also good for love and romance. Harmony will prevail on domestic front. Friends will support you.

Scorpio: You will work in an organized manner. Your business skills will develop. Relation with parents will improve. Prosperity will be witnesses on domestic front. You will spend on luxury goods.

Sagittarius: In this period of time, you will get support from siblings. Short distant journeys will prove fruitful. You will meet some old friends. Your artistic abilities will also improve. You will get favorable results, if working in association with publication or agency.

Capricorn: Your way of speaking will be quite influential; therefore, you will remain popular in this period. This time is also good on financial front. Behavior of family members will also be good. Your interest in occult science will increase.

Aquarius: During this time period, your name and fame will increase. You will feel happy and contented. Domestic life will be satisfactory. You will work hard to achieve your wishes and desires. Health will also remain good.

Pisces: In this time, some health issues are possible. Prepare yourself to face troubles and tensions. To deal with issues of domestic life, patience is needed. It is possible for you to get inclined toward spirituality.

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