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Know What Your Lips Say About You (Part 2)

Do you know that the most beautiful feature of your face, Lips, can tell a lot about your personality? We talked about some of the types of lips and their character in our first part. Now our astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’ will explain more about lips and the personality they reveal.

Know your personality through prediction based on your lips

In the first part of ‘Know What Your Lips Say About You’, Pt. Hanumman Mishra, talked about different types of lips and their significance. Here, in the second part, he is talking about lucky lips and less fortunate lips. In this part, he has also explained the significance of the shape of lips in married life. Let’s explore what phrenology says about different types of lips:

Fortunate Lips, According to Phrenology

  1. People with mole on their lips can easily influence others. But, the desire of luxury is relatively high in such people.
  2. People with red lips get opportunities to enjoy comforts and luxuries. 
  3. Lips which sit well on each other, signify beauty and fortune.
  4. Tightly bounded lips are considered lucky. 
  5. Healthy lips are the sign of good fortune.
  6. People with long lips have the instinct to reap luxury and their fate also helps in achieving the same. 
  7. If the corners of upper lips are bend downwards, making an arc, then the concerned person is said to be lucky.
  8. Lips which are red like the rose petals, signify good fortune.
  9. If a mole is just below the lips, then such people are hard working. They do not get money easily. However, they get profit with their hard work.
  10. Palpitation of lips is the sign of getting something desired or meeting a loved one.

Less Fortunate Lips, According to Phrenology

  1. If the lips of a person are conjoined in such a manner, as if he/she is trying to keep the mouth close, such a person has mysterious behavior and fortune.
  2. If both the lips are away from each other and the upper lip is protruding outward, then such a person is considered less fortunate.
  3. Lips which are out from the surface of chin, are thick and have dark spots; represent weak fortune.
  4. Vertical lines on lips are said to inhibit good fortune.
  5. Small lips are said to bring bad luck and sorrow.
  6. Dark and rough lips are the signs of bad luck.
  7. Person with dried, black, spotted, cracked, and thick lips suffers from lack of funds.
  8. A person having the lower lip inclined this way as if it is more heavier than the other corner, then the concerned person falls under the category of: thief, betrayer, or criminal.

Lips In Context With Married Life

  1. Red, thin, and well patterned lips are considered to be the sign of a prosperous married life.
  2. If the lower lip is red, round and thin lined, it signifies good luck and wealth.
  3. Women with thick, heavy and wide lips are said to have a suspicious character.
  4. Thick and dark colored lower are considered to give doubtful behavior and character. They also signify problems with spouse. 
  5. If the lower lip is dry, long and thin then it signifies some disease.

Remember, accurate personality of a person can be identified only after studying their whole body structure. Every body part has its own importance. The possibilities discussed here, may vary in accordance with the structure of other body parts of a person. Therefore, avoid making any pre assumed conceptions about someone on the basis of only one particular trait. 

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