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Transit of Sun In Aquarius (12 February, 2014)

Sun is transiting into Aquarius on February 12, 2014. Predictions say that this transit will affect the political leaders, media and may result in inflation. But, how will it affect you and your sign? To get the answer, read the article and the possible estimations.

Transit of Sun in Aquarius is on February 12, 2014.

On 12th of February, Sun is transiting into zodiac Aquarius and will stay here till 14th of March. Zodiac sign Aquarius represents Saturn. Sun is considered to be the King of planets and Saturn is believed to be the servant. So, we can say that a King is going to a servant's place. This transit is clearly pointing toward political ups and downs. Further, it is taking place on Wednesday; hence, increase in unusual comments from political leaders are also foreseen. Volatile situations may also pop up in politics. Along with this, due to news or media, some problems may also rise up. Inflation, disputes in ruling parties and disharmony are highly possible. Diseases may also spread. Let’s take a look on the effects of this transit on the zodiac signs.

These predictions are based on your Moon sign, please click here to know your Moon sign: Moon Sign Calculator

Aries: Sun is posited in your 11th house; therefore, your wishes and desires will come true. Also, you will get immense benefits from contracts and deals. Increment in salary is also possible. During this phase of time, you will enjoy harmonious time with your lover. 

Taurus: Transit of Sun in your 10th house will give you success in business or job. This time is good for promotion as well. In this duration, you will get support from your seniors. Business trips will bless you with fruitful results. Financial troubles will come to an end.

Gemini: As Sun is transiting in your 9th house; therefore, you will get mixed results. You will meet senior officials, which will prove fruitful. You may also go for some religious journeys. It is important for you to take care of your parents. This time is good for financial matters as well.

Cancer: Sun is transiting in your 8th house; therefore, some unfavorable situations may suddenly pop up. During this time, you should refrain from illegal activities and suspicious deals. You may have to deal with traffic many times. It is suggested to maintain caution while driving.

Leo: Movement of Sun in your 7th house is indicating troubles from your business partners. Avoid getting into conflicts with your spouse. You may feel stressed and mentally ill. We suggest you to take care of your health.

Virgo: Transit of Sun is happening in your 6th house; therefore, improvements at job front are expected. Troubles will end. Reputation and position will increase. You will get victory in disputes.

Libra: Sun is transiting in your 5th house; hence, avoid confusions and deep thinking. This transit will raise your zest and hilarity; however, this time is not that favorable for love and romance. Unexpected trip is also possible.

Scorpio: Transit of Sun is happening in your 4th house. As a result, your workload may increase and you may feel restless and tired. Concern for health of parents is also possible. Any household machinery item may stop working.

Sagittarius: Transit of Sun in your 3rd house will result in harmonious domestic life. Relation with friends and relatives will also improve. During this period, you may plan to buy an expensive phone. Health will remain good. Short trips will prove fruitful and will result in prosperity.

Capricorn: Sun will reside in your 2nd house; therefore, this time is to take caution about the financial matters. Family life may get affected. Your computer or laptop may face some technical problem. Trouble related to eyes and mouth may affect you.

Aquarius: Sun will stay in your 1st house; hence, your temper may increase. You may visit eye specialist. Short trips are possible. You may get benefits from public sector or government.

Pisces: Sun is in your 12th house; therefore, avoid taking decisions emotionally. Relation with friends and relatives will improve. During this time, you may face traffic while traveling. Expenses will rise up. Be careful in investment matters. 

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