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February 2014 Horoscope: The Valentine’s Month Predictions

February 2014, the month of love - the Valentine’s month, has come with its horoscope. I will tell you, how the love filled month of February will be for you. You must be expecting me to say something on your love life in this Valentine’s month. So, here I go…
 February 2014 monthly horoscope, the horoscope of the Valentine’s month, is here.


Arians, the entire month seems to be backed up by the angels. You will do wonders in your work or business. Your seniors will prove to be a helpful hand this time. However, I would suggest you to stay cautious seeing the positions of Saturn, Mars & Rahu in your fourth house. You need to stay really careful in personal matters as well as with partnerships. However, your financial situation seems to be getting better and some business tours are coming your way. On the other hand, the second half of the month will come with favors for you. This Valentine’s month won’t get wasted, as you will get time to spend some beautiful moments with your life partner. If you face any tough time or see a tough time ahead, donate black grams to a needy person. 


Taureans, the beginning of the month seems quite adventurous. It looks like a blend of sweet moments with the sour difficulties in life. You may have to go on some long distance journeys. You will become quite daring and more hard working, as 3 afflicted planets are posited in your sixth house. Ultimately, you will end up finishing everything properly. Your ascendant is in eighth house calling your attention toward health. Second half of the month will be quite beneficial for work. You will also get rid of financial troubles. However, you may think about making an investment, as the lord of your wealth house or second house i.e. Mercury is posited in your tenth house. If you see any tough time, serve your father or a fatherly figure. 


Days coming in the first half of the month seem not so friendly with you. A lot of your hard work may not show colors. Computer system or vehicle may also show some technical trouble. If you are planning to do something new during this time then I would suggest you to give it a second thought. Any type of risk in case of children or education is not advisable. Apart from all this, it seems that this Valentine’s month, you may also not be able to celebrate your love life properly. However, the second half of the month may rule out all the hindrances of your way. You will be successful in your work. Financial situation will also improve. You will also get chance of reading a special book. To eliminate the bad effects of afflicted planets, offer water to the Sun God. 


Cancerians, you need to stay quite alert throughout the month. If you have a business, please take each decision after giving a proper thought. Some troubles may come through your spouse or business partner. Saturn, Mars and Rahu are combining in your fourth house. This may give you some stress. It seems that the time is bringing you some challenges. Hence, you need to take care of yourself properly. Also, avoid having sodas or junk food. Even the second half of the month is coming in coordination with the first one. So, in this time too, you need stay quite managed. In times of troubles, offer water mixed vermillion to the Sun God. 


Beginning of the month seems to be bringing the blessings of heaven for you. You will get rid of old troubles. Your self-confidence will be amazing. You will be successful in defeating your opponents. You will get success in everything. Working conditions will also improve. Name & fame will also expand. But, you will have to avoid any argument or breach with your friends or relatives. You need to take some precautions in the second half of the month. Keep a control over yourself while shopping. Along with work, you also need to take care of the health of your family. As a remedy to tough times, I would suggest you to recite Bajrang Baan. 


Although this entire month is wonderful for you, but you need to stay cautious of your speech because 3 afflicted planets are in your speech as well as wealth house i.e. second house. You also need to avoid making any unnecessary expenditure; though you will cherish your life beautifully due to your favorable planets. You may also go on a journey, suddenly. If you were facing a problem related to love life or children, it will come to an end in this duration. Second half of the month will usually keep all your troubles at bay. Situations at work or business will improve. As a remedy to tough times, it would be better to donate oranges at the temple of Lord Vishnu


This month, you may have to work harder to fetch good results. Additionally, you will have to keep yourself in control. You may become agitated or violent because Saturn, Mars and Rahu are coming together. You will have to take special care of your health during this time. You may think about selling your old card this time. Though things will get better in the second part of the month, yet caution is always required. Some tensions related to children or loved ones may prevail. Don’t take any decision in haste and drive carefully. For difficult times, I would suggest you to offer cloth to Lord Hanuman


You will get many auspicious results in the first half of the month. However, you need to keep a good control over your expenditure this time. Your electronic assets may give you some trouble. Drive carefully and your feet need special attention because you may get them hurt. Don’t do anything that may disturb your sleep. Any journey is also possible during this time. Second half of the month may seek more work from you. Your energy may lower down during this time. Take each decision quite carefully. In troublesome times, offer food to the little girls. 


Though you will try to complete everything quite cautiously, yet the beginning of the month might not fare well as per your expectations. Your speech may also become a little rough. It would be better if you can keep a balance while speaking. Although you will cherish a month backed up by good finances, but a good control over expenditure is required. Some financial issues may also creep in between. However, the second half of the month will be eliminating all the troubles of your life. You may get benefit out of a journey. You will also see improvement in financial matters. Health will also stay fine. In the times of trouble, donate red colored fruit or vegetable in the temple of Lord Hanuman. 


February looks like bringing excitement in your professional life. 3 planets at your tenth house may get you in contact with powerful people. Due to your better relations will big personalities, you may plan of doing something big. Though some hindrances may keep on bumping in due to the transit of Sun, yet you will stay full of confidence. You may get honored by the government or an organization. Even in the second half of the month, you need to stay cautious in the matters related to wealth and family. Health related issues may stay during this time too. As a remedy to difficult situations, offer honey to the Shivling. 


At the start of this month of cupid, I would suggest you stay alert in everything. Keep your crazy meter down during this time. Try to avoid journeys and traffic as much as possible. It would be better to avoid any heated argument at a spiritual place or with a spiritual person. Additionally, you also need to avoid useless journeys. Keep a check on your behavior at work. Avoid unimportant expenditures. Your troubles may lower down to quite a good extent. Your name & fame will increase. You may have to go on a beneficial journey. But, in this time too, you will have to take proper care of your health as well as the health of your family. As a remedy to tough times, recite Gayatri Mantra 11 times everyday. 


Though the placement of 3 afflicted planets in your eighth house may cause you some trouble, yet the first half of the month is quite fruitful for you. Due to the placement of Sun in your beneficial eleventh house, you may make some really awesome deals! As this is the month to get cupidstruck, you are going to be lucky! However, you need not experiment any adventurous situation in love life and avoid heated arguments. You may get some really nice benefits from the journeys. However, the second half of the month will be full of expenditure. In this time, you will also have to take good care of your health. As a remedy to difficult situations, offer green fodder to the cow.

I hope these predictions would be helpful to you to get prepared for the upcoming hardships of life. These will also help you to take proper advantage of the beneficial situations. Stay tuned to AstroSage and be blessed!


By Pt. Hanumman Mishra

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