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Lok Sabha Elections 2014: Is ‘AAP’ deviating from its motive?

Aam Aadmi Party has stepped in politics few months back. In a very short span of time, the party has successfully formed its government on the capital of the country. The party has already faced some serious allegations. Let’s see the future of Aam Aadmi Party in Lok Sabha elections. 

Arvind Kejriwal

In the history of politics, it is probably the first time when a political party formed just few months back; makes its government not only in capital of the country; instead, it has also established its offices throughout the country before the Lok Sabha elections. That means AAP is on the path of becoming the biggest party of the country in the coming time. This is definitely not less than a miracle. 

हिंदी में पढ़ने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें...

According to astrology, contribution of Saturn and Rahu in creating wonders cannot be denied. If these planets take a person to new heights, they also show the dips. Astrology says that the exalted Saturn always provokes rebellions. During the formation of AAP, Capricorn was posited in ascendant as well as Aries sign. It means that there was the full effect of movable signs. Also; Saturn, Mercury and Venus are posited in Libra (movable sign). Therefore, it is obvious that the party will speed up its actions, which is apparent. Party has also promoted in the field of politics with an immense speed.

AAP is facing allegations of being dramatic. People believe that the ministers of possessing party never forget to call the media before going on any mission. They never miss a chance of getting publicity. Whether these allegations are right or wrong, let’s try to figure this out with AAP’s Kundali. 

People working in film industry or theatre companies have the influence of Mercury and Venus in their horoscope. This effect is generally seen either on ascendant or on the 10th house. Influence of these planets has also been noticed on 5th house. Let’s find out whether this Yoga exists in the Kundali of AAP or not. 

In the Kundali of Capricorn ascendant, conjunction of Mercury and Venus is situated in the 10th house. This conjunction is also taking place with the lord of the ascendant, Saturn. The lord of the fifth house (Venus) is also giving contribution in this conjunction. Therefore, along with the tenth house, Mercury and Venus are also affecting ascendant, 5th and 4th house. Hence, the Kundali is signifying that the allegations of the people are quite justified. 

I have mentioned earlier also that the exalted Saturn results in rebellion and from January 2014, Rahu has accompanied it. It was this time only when people started supporting the party, which was promising to break the traditions. Whether it was about going against corruption or breaking any other government rule such as not paying the electricity and water bills, they promised it all. This conjunction of Saturn and Rahu will last till July, 2014. Hence, this conjunction seems promising in breaking the traditions. As the allegations say that AAP and Congress have joined hands together, we can say that the AAP has also become traditional. If this is true then AAP could witness downfall with the same speed as it rose high. On the other hand, if this allegation is wrong then AAP would reach the #1 spot before July or November, 2014. 

I have not made this prediction out of any concern or affection for the party. It is undoubtedly clear that AAP if works other than the traditions, conjunction of Saturn (significator of public) and Rahu (significator of acceleration) is going to give them a very big success. AAP will emerge very strong in the Lok Sabha elections. On the other hand, going on the opposite way and supporting hands with corrupt people will result in downfall or you can say public will reject AAP completely. 

Let’s now talk about the Kundli when Arvind Kejriwal took the oath. While he was taking oath, there was the Navamsa of Pisces ascendant, Libra sign and Virgo. Dual natured ascendant, movable sign and dual natured Navamsa; it seems that there is no chance of stability. 

Here, it is important to talk about ascendant, 4th and 10th house. Due to retrogression of the lord of the ascendant, the party is weak. Also, ascendant lord situated in 4th house is in the Mercury’s zodiac, which is ascendant lord’s enemy. Therefore, the party took support from opponent party. Hence, Mercury will play a major role in the government. Also, 3rd house is the house of support and its lord Venus is in 11th house; therefore, Venus will also have a major role in the government. 

Presently, transit of only these two planets has changed. Mercury, which was affecting Jupiter (lord of the ascendant) and the house of the external support (public support) i.e. fourth house, has now taken off its aspect from the fourth house. Also, 4th house lord has shifted in the 8th house from its present house; hence, government is deviating from its issues and aim. As a result of these transits, it is highly possible for many Congress supporters not to support AAP any more. 3rd house too is the house of support, which (especially) indicates support from close ones. Lord of 3rd house i.e. Venus, after undergoing retrogression has returned back to the 10th house. It means that it has the eighth house from its present house. Therefore, during this time, even the closest supporters may leave AAP alone. Throughout January, Venus is retrograde; so personal conflicts will stay on rise during this time. After this time period, things will start getting settling down. However, some supporters may meet the opponents till February end or March. Good news for AAP during this time is that in the month of March, some reports will strengthen AAP to some extent. Therefore, it means that AAP may have to face the malefic results of Mercury and Venus (which are attracting public toward them), if they held the wrong path and hurt the emotions of public. Here, I would like to repeat the same thing once more that if the party will follow the path of truth, honesty and transparency, Saturn and Rahu will keep on blessing. Also, they may create a big history! On the other hand, the same planets which are responsible behind their success may take back their hand, if they moved on to the path of corruption. Overall, these Lok Sabha elections may give very unexpected results. 

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