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Transit of Mercury In Aquarius: March 12, 2014

On 12th of March, 2014; Mercury is Transiting into Aquarius. Predictions say that the transit is favorable for students and may hit the prices of gold and silver. To know how will it affect you, read the article by astrologer ‘Pt. Hanumman Mishra’.

Mercury In Aquarius

Though, Mercury has already transited into Aquarius on January 26, 2014; but, it moved into Capricorn on February 18, after undergoing retrogression. It became direct in Capricorn leaving retrograde motion on February 28, 2014; and, is once again transiting into Aquarius on March 12, 2014. The zodiac Aquarius is the zodiac sign of Saturn. Here, Mercury will remain aspected by Jupiter; therefore, this time may prove favorable for learners and students. Religious thoughts will develop among the masses. Political leaders will get conscious about their responsibilities. They will work for the betterment of common people. Prices of gold and silver may fluctuate, unexpectedly. Same can be said for the prices of food grains. Now, let throw light on the effects of this transit on our signs:

Aries: In this duration, friends and colleagues will help you. You wishes and desires will get fulfilled. You will get good news about your brother or best friend. During this time, you will make many friends.

Taurus: During this period of time, you will show hard work & dedication in every aspect. Your business might also expand. You will enjoy some auspicious event at home. Environment in family will be quite harmonious. Gain of vehicle is also possible in this time.

Gemini: Due to your intelligence, you will get immense profits. You will perform better in your business. During this time, you will get good results from any journey. Due to your influential way of speaking, you will be able to convince others.

Cancer: This period of time may ask for hard work. Your workload will increase and you may feel frustrated. This time demands hard work from you. Due to work overload, you may feel frustrated to some extent. It is suggested not to make mess over small issues. Avoid unnecessary journeys. Take care of your family. 

Leo: During this time, your business will expand and will do wonders. You will get support from females in your work area. Fruitful journey is also possible. You will make profitable deals and your partners and colleagues will support you.

Virgo: Due to transit of Mercury, things at your job front will improve. However, health issues are possible. We suggest you to keep a check on words while you speak. Avoid going on journeys.

Libra: During this time period, you will get immense respect due to your intellectual abilities. You will get success in new business. This time is also good for love and romance. Harmony will prevail on domestic front. Friends will support you.

Scorpio: You will work in an organized manner. Your business skills will develop. Relation with parents will improve. Prosperity will be witnesses on domestic front. You will spend on luxury goods.

Sagittarius: In this period of time, you will get support from siblings. Short distant journeys will prove fruitful. You will meet some old friends. Your artistic abilities will also improve. You will get favorable results, if working in association with publication or agency.

Capricorn: Your way of speaking will be quite influential; therefore, you will remain popular in this period. This time is also good on financial front. Behavior of family members will also be good. Your interest in occult science will increase.

Aquarius: During this time period, your name and fame will increase. You will feel happy and contented. Domestic life will be satisfactory. You will work hard to achieve your wishes and desires. Health will also remain good.

Pisces: In this time, some health issues are possible. Prepare yourself to face troubles and tensions. To deal with issues of domestic life, patience is needed. It is possible for you to get inclined toward spirituality.

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