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Yoga: The Origin And Significance

Everyone knows about Yoga, but very less knows about its origin. You must be curious to learn all about Yoga. Here we are providing the answer to your question. Read this article to know about the Origin Of Yoga.

Yoga is a word which describes the union of individual with the universal spirit.

Yoga is a very popular practice today, but how many of you knows about its origin? Here we are going to tell you about Yoga and its Origin. First of all you should know about the meaning of Yoga.

The Meaning Of Yoga

The word Yoga has come from a Sanskrit word ‘Yuj’, which means ‘union’. Thats how Yoga is said to be the union of an individual and the universal spirit. Yoga is mediator to achieve the peace and tranquility. It is spiritual, mental and physical practice to get peace of mind. 

When one’s spirit unites with the cosmic consciousness, then only it can attain the state of peace in its life. One another meaning of Yoga is ‘connection’, the connection of one’s soul and the supreme soul. Yoga lets you learn about your soul and its peace. It is the path to achieve the goal of Moksha (liberation).

The Origin Of Yoga

Yoga was found during the excavation of Indus Valley Civilisation.India is known to be the place, where Yoga evolved and ‘Sat Yuga’ is said to be the time of its origin. The discovery of Indus Valley Civilisation unfolded so many stories about the old age of India. Yoga was also discovered at that time. Many sculptures found during the excavation of Indus Valley portrayed different poses of Yoga. 

Bhagvat Geeta shows the evidence of Yogic practices at the time of Mahabharata. Lord Krishna had talked about Karma Yoga and Bhakti Yoga.

Gautam Buddha is also said to start Yoga as a practice all over. Gautam Buddha used to sit in the posture of Yoga. Meditation was one of his daily activities. 

Yoga flourished at the time when spirituality was all around and everlasting peace was in the atmosphere.

The Significance Of Yoga

As we talked above, the main goal of Yoga is liberation (Moksha). The practice of Yoga makes an individual peaceful and happy. A healthy body and mind gives happiness to every person. Yoga is the practice in which health and peace is what is desired for a human.

There are eight limbs of Yoga. Let’s talk about them one by one:

Eight Limbs Of Yoga


  • Nonviolence (Ahimsa)
  • Truthfulness (Satya)
  • Non Lust (Asteya)
  • Non Stealing (Brahmacharya)
  • Non Covetousness (Aparigraha)


  • Cleanliness (Saucha)
  • Contentment (Santosha)
  • Sustained Practice (Tapas)
  • Self Study (Svadhyaya)
  • Surrender To God (Isvara pranidhana)

Asanas are certain postures which keeps your body and mind healthy.

Following the exercises related to breathing process are called Pranayama.

Pratyahara means to leave the distraction of exterior World. 

Concentrating over the practices and no distraction from the existing atmosphere is called Dharana.

If one follows Dharana then the next step becomes Dhyana i.e Meditation.

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Samadhi is the next level to Dhyana. Meditation and concentration takes one’s soul to meet the super soul.

Yoga And Modern Era

If we talk about the world today, we all are in rush for success and happiness which ultimately takes our life away. Yoga is a practice which gives you health and happiness both and if these things are there in your life wealth will also follow you. 

So practice Yoga and achieve the goal of peace. We hope that this article about the origin of Yoga is helpful to you. For more such information stay tuned with

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